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S Russel Pass (Florida)

S Russel Pass (Florida)



Southwest of flashing daybeacon, Russel Pass opens into the Northern flank of the Indian Key-Everglades City Channel.
This sidewater offers yet another first-rate overnight anchorage.
Cruisers must avoid a shoal at the pass'sentrance, but you can quickly bypass this hazard and drop the hook in from 7 to as much as 18 feet of water.
Au SW des balises clignotantes, Russel Pass s'ouvre sur le côté N des Indian Key-Everglades City chanel.
Ce chenal offre un excellent mouillage.
Les plaisanciers doivent éviter un banc à l'entrée de la passe qu'il faut contourner.
Profondeur: 2 m à 5,5 m
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Middle Russel Pass (Florida)

In front of the shallow cove cutting into the Southeaterly banks, we can mooring in 8 to 19 feet depth.
Excellent protection.
7 Apr 12

Northern Russel Pass (Florida)

It's the better protection, at the stream curves to the Northeast.
Visiting cruisers can anchor in the 7 to 14 foot waters.
7 Apr 12

Kingston Key (Florida)

Kingston Key is one of the Ten Thousand, USA archipelago, located in Mexico Gulf, in Everglades National Park.Mooring at the Eastern shores of Kingston Key with 6 feet depth.
Open to southwestern winds.
7 Apr 12

Indian Key (Florida)

Indian key is an island of the Florida State Park, located at Kingston Key NW, in Mexico Gulf, on the W side of the entrance to the pass.
The island was inhabited in the middle of the 19th century, but now it is currently a ghost town.Good anchorage is available in Indian Key Pass ...
7 Apr 12

Picnic Key (Florida)

Picnic Key is one of the Ten thousand Islands, located in Florida Southwest, in the Mexico Gulf, in Everglades National Park.Mooring in Southwest of Picnic Key, in 4/5 feet depth.
Open to Southern and Southwestern winds.
7 Apr 12

Jewel Key (Florida)

6 miles NNW from Pavilion Key, marks the entrance to Chokoloskee Pass, the approach to the town of Chokoloskee.
Key is a small flat island.
7 Apr 12

Lumber Key (Florida)

Lumber Key is one of the Ten Thousand Islands, USA archipelago in Mexico Gulf.Mooring in 4,6, feet, at Western of Lumber Key.
Open to western, northwestern and southwestern winds.
7 Apr 12

Port Marina Islands (Florida)

Port marina Island a un accès direct dans le Golfe du Mexique et pour les Ten Thousand Islands.
La marina offre des services complets.Tel: 239 642 3133
Mail: info@portotheIslandsMarina.compl.
140 pl. (<18 m)
25 Feb 10

Pavilion Key (Florida)

Pavilion Key, one of the Ten Thousand Islands, USA archipel, is located 30 miles N of Northwest Cape, in Mexico Gulf and. It's a part of National Everglades Park. It is the first prominent land seen after leaving Seminole Point.Anchorage is available for drafts of 4 to 5 feet off ...
7 Apr 12

Cape Romano (Florida)

Cape Romano is the S end of a large island 78 miles N from KeyWest. Here the coast changes its trend from NW by W to NNW.Cape Romano Shoals, extending 10 miles S from the cape. A series of irregular patches that bare in places near the shore and have depths of 1 to 20 feet over them ...
7 Apr 12

Coon Key Pass (Florida)

Located at E of Neal Key and west-northwest of unlighted daybeacon.Minimum depth: 10 feet.
Open to Southern and Southwestern winds.
7 Apr 12

Sugar Bay (Tripod Key) (Florida)

Mooring in 5 feet depth, located just at the entry of Sugar Bay.
Excellent shelter.
7 Apr 12
Local Area

West Florida

The coast, for nearly 115 miles, from Key West to San Carlos Bay is low, sandy, and generally wooded. Innumerable small islands and keys, interlaced by many small rivers and bayous, make up Everglades National Park and the Ten Thousand Islands. From San Carlos Bay N to Tampa Bay the ...
6 Apr 12

Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is the ninth largest body of water in the world. The shape of its basin is roughly oval and approximately 810 nautical miles (1,500 km) wide and filled with sedimentary rocks and debris. Tidal ranges are extremely small due to the narrow connection with the ocean. Considered ...
6 Apr 12

NW Atlantic Ocean

Entre le Groenland et la mer du Nord, l'Atlantique est séparé de l'Océan Arctique par le seuil de Wyville-, zone relativement peu profonde (entre 300 et 1250 m) et de laquelle émerge l'Islande.
Au Nord, c'est-à-dire déjà dans l'océan Arctique, on trouve le bassin de Norvège, ...
19 Mar 15

Marco Island (Florida)

Marco Island, Caxambas park.
Marco Island est la plus grande des Dix Milles Îles de la Floride. Elle est située sur le golfe du Mexique au SW de la Floride, au S de Big Marco River, à 1 M environ de l'entrée de la passe Capri. Elle est reliée au continent par un pont.
7 Apr 12

The Keys ( Florida)

The Florida Keys are a chain-like cluster of about 1700 islands in the southeast United States. They begin at the southeastern tip of the Florida peninsula, about 15 miles (24 km) south of Miami, and extend in a gentle arc south-southwest and then westward to Key West, the ...
7 Apr 12

Sanibel Island (Florida)

Immergée dans le Golfe du Mexique, l'île de Sanibel, en forme de crochet, est située au large de la côte ouest de la Floride, en face de Fort Myers, ville côtière située sur l?Interstate 75.
L'île est reliée à la ville de Fort Myers par une route construite en 1963.
Depuis ...
28 Feb 10
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