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The South Region of Brazil (Portuguese: Região Sul do Brasil) is one of the five regions of Brazil. It includes the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.
It is a great tourist, economic and cultural pole. It borders Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay as well as Centre-West Region, Southeast Region, and the Atlantic Ocean.
S Brazil
S Brazil
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Flying distances - Direct line

Baia do Paranagua (Parana)

Between Pontal do Sul and Baia de Guaratuba, about 20 miles SSW, the coast is low and backed by Serra do Prata.
A conspicuous water tower stands on the coast, 10 miles SW of Pontal do Sul, and a similar tower stands on Ponta de Matinhos, 2.5 miles N of the entrance to Baia de Guaratuba.
At ...
19 Jan 16

Port of Itajai (Santa Catarina)

Itajai lies about 2 miles within the mouth of the Rio Itajai-Acu, and is entered between the heads of two moles which lie 1 mile NW of Ponta das Cabecudas, which is a good
radar target for better than 20 miles. It is the main port of the state of Santa Catarina, and the second ...
19 Jan 16

Sao Francisco do Sul (Santa Catarina)

The Rio Sao Francisco do Sul flows into the sea by two mouths situated 19 and 37 miles, respectively, S of Baia de Guaratuba, and separated by Ilha de Sao Francisco.
The N entrance leads to Porto de Sao Francisco do Sul on the NW side of the island. The S entrance is almost entirely ...
19 Jan 16

Iate Club of Paranagua (Parana)

Located on Ilha do Curral, the Iate club offers births with usual facilities and swinging moorings.

Tel:+55 (0)41 422 5622
Fax:+55 (0)41 422 5622
19 Jan 16

Yacht Club of Santos (Sao Paulo)

Call prior to arrival. Visitors' dock. All facilities including haul out and a boatyard with all services. Small supermarket on site. Fuel berth. Note that the restaurant, bar, swimming pool and tennis courts are for members only and visitors are not permitted to use these facilities.

Tel:+55(0)13-3358-2980 ...
15 Jan 16

Port of Santos (Sao Paulo)

Santos lies some 230 NM SW of Rio de Janeiro and is Brazil's biggest and most important port. The city lies partly on the island of St Vncent, and partly on the mainland. This is not an attractive stop but useful for repairs.
The port of Santos is located in the city of Santos, ...
19 Jan 16

Yacht club Ilhabela (Sao Paulo)

Ilhabela is a small city in the southeastern coast of Brazil. It is located in a island, about 2 nm far from the continent. The climate is tropical (most of the time hot - the average temperature is about 28/30 degrees Celsius)
20 Dec 07

Ensenada de Aracatiba (Ilha Grande)

Enseada de Aracatiba is entered between Ponta Grande, 2.5 miles ENE of Ponta Acaia, and Ilha Longa, 1 mile NE and close offshore.
Anchorage is available in the bay, with good shelter, about 0.4 mile S of the W end of Ilha Longa, in a depth of 21m, mud.
18 Jan 16

Ensenada de Sitio Forte (Ilha Grande)

Enseada de Sitio Forte is entered between Ponta Grossa de Sitio Forte, about 2 miles NE of Ilha Longa, and Ponta Aripeba, about 1 mile farther E. The head of the bay is formed by a small cove, the W side of which is foul.

Anchorage, sheltered from all winds, and the best on ...
18 Jan 16

Bahia Ilha Grande N shore ( Angra dos Reis)

Baia de Mangaratiba is entered between Ponta do Bispo and Ponta da Cruz. This shallow bay is exposed to the sea, which breaks heavily on its NW shore. The town of Mangaratiba stands on the E side of the bay and has a small concrete pier.
Laje de Mangaratiba, low, dark-colored, ...
18 Jan 16

Yacht Club Angra Dos Reis

This club, set across the Bay of Angra from the town, is the most protected anchorage in the area.
All facilities of well appointed club with small boatyard with GRP, wood and metal repair facilities. ...
16 Jan 16

Saco do Ceu (Ilha Grande)

Saco do Ceu, a landlocked cove, lies in the NW corner of the enseada da Estrela bay.

Anchorage in depths of 6 to 9 m. A depth of 2,2 m exist near the middle of the entrance to the cove, about 183m N of the S entrance point.
18 Jan 16

Ensenada da Estrela (Ilha Grande)

About 2 NM WNW of ensenada do Abraao, ensenada da Estrela offers anchorage in all parts of the bay, but the swelle sometimes runs into it.
18 Jan 16

Enseada do Abraao (Ilha Grande)

Enseada do Abraao lies about 2 NM NW of ensenada das Palmas. On the W shore of the bay are the large buildings of a disused quarantine station and a small landing pier.

Abraao, a small fishing village, stands at the head of the bay.
Vessels drawing up to 3m can berth at ...
18 Jan 16

Enseada das Palmas (Ilha Grande)

Enseada das Palmas lies 2,5 NM NW of Ponta de Castelhanos.

The bay is separated into two small coves by Pontinha.

Anchorage can be obtained in the SE part of the bay in depths of about 11m, and small craft may anchor off the head of the S cove, in a depth of about 7m.
18 Jan 16

Ilha Pau a Pino (Bahia Ilha Grande )

Ilha Pau a Pino is located about 3 miles N of Enseada das Palmas and rises sheer from the sea. The island has little vegetation, but shows a light. A rocky ledge extends about 0.2 mile SW from the island.
18 Jan 16

La Paloma

Small port.
10 May 11

Ilhas Cagarras

Ilhas Cagarras, about 3 miles N of Ilha Redonda, consists of seven islets. Ilha Comprida is the largest of the group. Ilha de Palmas shows a light.
Sunken rocks extend 183m S of the E end of Ilha de Palmas. Ilha do Pai and Ilha da Mae lie on the NE side of the approach to Baia ...
16 Jan 16

Ilhas Tijucas (Rio de Janeiro)

Ilhas Tijucas is an island in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, situated between Ilha Alfavaca and Ilha do Meio, and nearby to Ilha Pontuda. Ilhas Tijucas, consisting of three islets and several rocks whose least known depth is 2m, and are located about 1 mile S and SE of Cabo da Gavea.

Mariners ...
16 Jan 16

Praia de Sào Conrado

Beach for surfers on its western part and landing of hang gliders and paragliders area.
16 Jan 16

Ponta do Arpoador (Rio de Janeiro)

Ponta do Aproador, about 8 NM of Ponta de Itaipu, closes W entry of Guanabara bay.
10 Apr 15

Praia de Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro)

Beautiful beach located between Ponta de Copacabana and Ponta de Leme.Anchorage is possible but it is often subject at swell.
16 Apr 15

Ilhas Maricas (Rio de Janeiro)

The archipelago of Maricas is located about 13 MN WSW of Ponta Negra and near the entrance to Guanabara Baia.
A fire is on the island N.
17 Jan 16

Iate Clube Rio de Janeiro

The Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro is headquartered in the city of Rio de Janeiro, capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro (Southeast Region of Brazil) and will host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
The club offers complete training structure for sailing and is located at Enseada ...
17 Jan 16
Local Area

SW Atlantic Ocean

Le relief sous-marin de l'Atlantique au Sud de l'équateur est beaucoup plus simple qu'au Nord.On y trouve la dorsale Médio-Atlantique,avec, en vis-à-vis des éléments de reliefs mentionnés,le bassin Brésilien , profond de 6000 à 7000 m, et le bassin Argentin, profond de 5000 ...
23 Mar 15


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17 Jan 08

SE Brazil

The Southeast Region of Brazil  is composed by the states of Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It is the richest region of the country, responsible for approximately 60% of the Brazilian GDP. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais are three richest ...
14 Jan 16


The Argentine Sea (Spanish: Mar Argentino) refers to the sea within the continental shelf off the Argentine mainland. It is a term often related to the Argentine claims to both the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.
11 Sep 07

N Brazil

Brazil is the only country in the world that lies on the equator while having contiguous territory outside the tropics. It occupies a large area along the E coast of S. America.
Brazilian territory also includes a number of islands and islets. Brazilian pleasure slowly takes off. ...
6 Apr 15

NE Brazil

Brazil is the only country in the world that lies on the equator while having contiguous territory outside the tropics. It occupies a large area along the E coast of S. America.
Brazilian territory also includes a number of islands and islets.Southern Brazil has subtropical or ...
6 Apr 15
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