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Revsnæs - DK

Revsnæs - DK



Revsnæs Lighthouse

West of Kalundborg

Revsnæs lighthouse was built in 1844. After England 1807-14 war ships were increasingly way through the Great Belt and from the Baltics. Thereby avoiding the healthy to pay customs at Helsingør. In 1830 sent the 12 skippers in vain a letter to the Admiralty in Copenhagen to have marked the Great Belt, and again in 1836 complained 45 skippers at the lack of traffic sign. Then there was constructed a lighthouse on Fornæs on Hesselø and Revsnæs. The lighthouse was a 11 meter high square tower which was grouped with lighthouse keeper dwelling. In 1859 the lighthouse was increased by 4 meters to its current height.  

By: Holger Novotny Thomsen


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4 Aug 11

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The Kattegat  or Kattegatt  is the sea area bounded by the Jutland peninsula and the Straits islands of Denmark .The main islands of the Kattegat are Samsø, Læsø and Anholt, where the latter two, due to their dry summer climate, are referred to as the Danish desert belt. ...
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