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Raffles Marina

Raffles Marina



Raffles Marina offers 158 walk-on wet berths catering for boats up  to 20m, or 65 ft in length. The marina?s solid panel breakwater
provides the calmest marina lagoon in Singapore, with an average lagoon depth of 4 metres at LAT.


  • Single or Double Berths available (one, or two boats to a pen)

  • Potable water at all berths

  • Single Phase 240V / 50Hz / 30A to 50A power supply is provided at every berth

  • Petrol and Diesel pumps handily located in the marinalagoon

  • Car to berth buggy services

  • Wireless internet is available throughout the marina grounds and lagoon

Full service yacht repair and service yard is available, with covered sheds and a 70 ton travel lift.

Raffles Marina dispose de 158 rendez-vous sur les quais mouillés de restauration pour des bateaux jusqu'à à 20m, ou 65 pied longueur. Le port de plaisance? S panneau plein brise-lames fournit les plus calmes Lagoon Marina à Singapour, avec une lagune de la moyenne profondeur de 4 mètres à LAT.


Places simples ou doubles disponibles (un ou deux bateaux sur une panne)

L'eau potable à toutes les places

Monophasé 240V / 50Hz / 30A à 50A est l'alimentation fourni à chaque place

Les pompes à essence et diesel Idéalement situé dans le port de plaisance du lagon

Car pour accoster les services poussette

Le WIFI  est disponible partout dans le port de plaisance motifs et le lagon

La pleine réparation de yacht de service et services cour est disponible, avec des hangars couverts et un voyage de levage 70 tonnes
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Pulau Karimun Kecil (E Sumatra)

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Keppel Marina

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Pulau Assan and Mudu (E Sumatra)

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Tokong Belanda, a low rock, lies about ...
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Boat Quay (S'Pore)

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Cargos anchoring SW of Sentosa.
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Marina Bay

Bay dedicated to the commercial exchanges in the past. Nowdays, it is the center of the business activities and major hotels.The access from the open sea through the Marina channel is now closed and thus it's a fresh water zone due to the singapor river. On the South-East side, Marina ...
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Pulau Pisang (Johor - Malaysia)

Pulau Pisang (English: Banana island) is a small island located off the Western coast of the Malaysian state of Johor. It is about 12 km from the town of Pontian Kecil and 5 km from Benut town. It is the siteof Pisang Lighthouse guiding ships into the western entrance of the Singapore ...
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Pulau Burung (Burung-E Sumatra)

Pulau Burung (Boeroeng), 4 miles NNW of the entrance of the Sungai Kateman, is low, wooded, and separated from the Sumatera coast by a narrow channel.  Pulau Burung is a drying bank extends from 1 to 2 miles from the ends of the island.
Kateman Island and Pulau Burung are ...
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Changi sailing club

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Local Area


Large commercial vessels waiting in front of Singapore.
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Indian Ocean

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Pulau Tekong

Small island on the east side of Singapre, close to Malaysia.Access is reserved to military activities and personnels.
17 May 11
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