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Punta Trettu (Sardegna)

Punta Trettu (Sardegna)



Punta Trettu is the tip, on the Sardinian mainland, which is NE of the lagoon of Sant'Antioco and that facing Dritta tip on the island of Sant'Antioco.

The tip is made ​​of gravel and water and sandy bottoms are very low.

It  is a Kitesurfing spot where the Mistral blows, but the sea is flat due to little background.

Sardinian coast is low and sandy, from Punta Trettu to Portovesme where you can see the à partir de Punta Trettu jusqu'à Portovesme où l'on aperçoit les cheminées d'une centrale électrique et les installations d'embarquement de charbon.

Punta Trettu (Sardegna)
Punta Trettu est un endroit kitesurf tres connu. Avec une toile de fond basse et eau basse, ce kite spot offres généralement des conditions parfaites tant pour les débutants tant pour les kiters avancés. Pour plus d'infos, cous pouvez visiter le site
Punta Trettu est la pointe, sur le continent sarde, qui se trouve au NE de la lagune de Sant'Antioco et qui fait face à la pointe Dritta sur l'île de Sant'Antioco.

La pointe est formée de gravier et d'eau, et les fonds sablonneux sont très faibles.

C'est un spot de Kitesurf où le Mistral souffle, mais la mer est plate à cause du peu de fond.

La côte sarde est basse et sablonneuse, à partir de Punta Trettu jusqu'à Portovesme où l'on aperçoit les cheminées d'une centrale électrique et les installations d'embarquement de charbon.
Punta Trettu (Sardegna)
Punta Trettu è la punta, sullo continente sardo, che è NE della laguna di Sant'Antioco e di fronte a punta Dritta sull'isola di Sant'Antioco.

La punta è fatta di ghiaia e acqua e i fondali sabbiosi sono molto basse.

Questo è un spot di kitesurf dove soffio il Mistral, ma il mare è piatto a causa di fondali molto bassi.

La costa di Sardegna è bassa e sabbiossa, da Punta Trettu a Portovesme dove si puo vedere i ciminiere di una centrale elettrica e le strutture per l'imbarco del carbone.

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Sites around Punta Trettu (Sardegna)
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Canale di S. Antioco (Sardegna)

Between Punta Dritta (Sant Antioco) and Punta Trettu (on the sardinia mainland) is the canale dredged to 4 m, which leads to the small port of S. Antioco.

Many shoals obstruct the channel and allow passage to vessels with a draugh of less than 4 m.S part of the channel is deep ...
3 Nov 12

Porto Turistico di Calasetta (S Antioco Sardegna)

Calasetta commercial port, with low depth, is E of the marina.
Visitors can accost at the "B" quay, in 4 m.Beware secca del Francese (2,9 m) N harbour, marked by a N cardinal mark. T. 88930 2 b. visit. (<16 m)Calasetta marina:Outside the commercial port, to W is the Calasetta ...
31 Oct 12

Cala Sottotorre (S Antioco Calasetta Sardegna)

Sottotorre cove has a beautiful beach, a few meters from the city of Calasetta.

Sheltered from S, anchor by 5 m far enough from the beach.
31 Oct 12

Porto Ponte Romano (S Antioco Sardegna)

Ponte Romano harbour is the commercial port of Sant'Antioco.It is reached by the S (Gulf of Palmas) with a marked navigable channel which leads to a lateral basin evolution protected by rocks and a large pier.Pleasure boats can approach the inner pair of buoys, allowing free passage. ...
31 Oct 12

Cala delle Saline (S Antioco Sardegna)

After the tip delle Saline is a pond behind the beach, and Delle Saline beach continues to expand with sand dunes covered with abundant vegetation that separates the pond.

This cove is popular with windsurfers who take advantage of the wind blowing offshore.

Well sheltered ...
31 Oct 12

Secca delle Saline (Calasetta S Antioco Sardegna)

Secca della Saline, a shoal area with several rocks awash, lies about 0.2 mile offshore, 1 mile SW of Punta di Manca.
30 Oct 12

Canale di S. Pietro (Sardinia)

Channel S. Pietro is the arm of the sea which lies between S. Pietro island in W, and S. Antioco island and the Sardinia coast to E.

The maximum draugh permitted in the channel is 5m, many shoals obstruct the channel and restrict the passage.

At the level of Caloforte, ...
28 Oct 12

Spiaggia Grande (Calasetta S Antioco Sardegna)

Spiaggia Grande is  a wide arc-shaped inlet closed right from Punta Maggiore, where stands an old tuna fishery over the red rocks, and left Punta della Salina.

Anchor in about 3 m in the SW part where the headland provides shelter from the open sea.
31 Oct 12

Porto di Portovesme (Sardegna)

Portovesme harbour is located 2NM SE Altano cape and in the vicinity of the industrial complex of Portoscuso.The major commercial port is an industrial area not really suitable for yachts, moreover there is no place reserved for boaters.Tel/Fax: 0781 509114
3 Nov 12

Cala Maladroxia (S Antioco Palmas Sardegna)

Cala Maladroxia (or Maladroscia) is bordered by a sandy beach and a small village.

It is not sheltered but might be time to stop bathing.
31 Oct 12

Secca Mangiabarche (Calasetta S. Antioco Sardegna)

At 8 NM NNW of Sperone cape, at about 1,5 NM of the coast, is the "Mangiabarche" rock marked by a light.It's a dive site. The place is particularly exposed to winds and currents, so be very careful and dive a day preferably with a time stable.
30 Oct 12

Baia di Coe Quaddus (S Antioco Sardegna)

Coe Quaddus is a bay located SE of Sant Antioco, in the Palmas gulf.
It is sheltered of W and NW winds.Anchor in 5 m, E of the beach.
31 Oct 12
Local Area

Archipelago del Sulcis (Sardegna)

The archipelago of Sulcis (Italian Arcipelago del Sulcis or Sulcitano) is a short distance from the coast of Sardinia, in the southwest, facing the province Carbonia Iglesias, to which the territory of the islands is connected.Con capo Altano si apre la zona dell'archipelago dei Sulcis.
The ...
4 Nov 12


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia was made a self-governing region of Italy in 1948.
Sardinia offers coves and beaches relatively quiet. In the North as in the South the sailor will find there many anchorages.
The northern beaches are ...
19 Oct 17

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15

Isola Sant'Antioco (Sulcis Sardegna)

Sant'Antioco island is rocky, with the exception of the NE coast lined with saline extending to the Sardinian coast. The island is connected to Sardinia by a causeway. She is overwhelmed by short shoals.
Sant'Antioco island is best best known for its beautiful beaches, but also ...
29 Oct 12

Isola di San Pietro (Sulcis Sardegna)

San Pietro island is SW of Sardegna. Caloforte is the only town and the only harbour of the island.San Pietro island is fairly flat in the S, it is higher in the center and rugged in the center and N. SW coast of the island is rugged and arid. It is very indented and form numerous ...
28 Oct 12
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