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Punta Moraira (Cabo de Oro) (C Blanca)

Punta Moraira (Cabo de Oro) (C Blanca)



This rocky point N of the bay of Moraira, bears a remarkable watchtower.

Between Moraira cape and Nao cape, the coast is high, steep and with indentations. It is dominated by Isabela mount, conical summit of 442 m high, which is a good landmark.

Cette pointe rocheuse, au N de l'anse de Moraira, porte une tour de guet remarquable.

Entre le cap de Moraira et le cap de la Nao, la côte est élevée, escarpée et coupée de ravins. Elle est dominée par le mont Isabela, sommet conique haut de 442 m, qui est un bon point de reconnaissance.

Punta Moraira (Cabo de Oro) (C Blanca)
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Algar de Almadraba (C Valenciana)

Algar de la Almadraba, centered about 6 miles NW of Denia, is an extensive area of foul ground which lies off this stretch of coast. This area has depths of 25 to 36m and heavy seas are raised over it by onshore winds.
23 May 12

Ensenada de Benidorm (C Blanca)

Ensenada de Benidorm lies between Cabezo del Tosal and Punta de la Escaleta, 3 miles E.  the small hill Canfali, which forms a promontory in the center of the cove of Benidorm, divides the coast into two splendid sandy beaches, the Levant and the Ponant.

This bay affords ...
20 May 12

Ensenada de Javea (C Blanca)

Beyond Cape San Martin extends the Javea cove to Cape San Antonio.
This cove is exposed to winds from SE and NE.

The town of Javea, located in the N of the loop is built on a hill at 0.8 NM from the shore. It overlooks the Rio Jalon or Gorgos that opens near and ...
22 May 12

Ensanada de Moraira (C Blanca)

Between Cabo Blanco (or Estrella point) and Morayra Point (or Cabo de Oro) Morayra cove offers some beaches and a marina. We see Morayra castle W village of the same name.
22 May 12

Mouillage anse de Moraira (C Blanca)

Anchorage in front of El Portet beach, in 7 to 5 m.
Sheltered from W to E winds by N.
22 May 12

Club nautique de Moraira (C. Valenciana)

Situated in N Moraira cove that open between Cabo Blanco and Punta de Moraira, it is protected at S by a breakwater and at E by Punta Moraira promontory. T. 96 574 4461 (port)F. 96 574 4750 (port)M. (port)T. 965 74 43 19 (club nautique)F. 965 74 52 75 (club ...
22 May 12

Punta del Estrella (Capo Blanco) (C Blanca)

Punta del Estrella (or Cabo Blanco), located 3 miles NE of Punta Ifach, slopes steeply down to the sea. The high land standing above this cape is surmounted by a tower.
22 May 12

Club nautico Les Basetes (C. Valenciana)

Located in the bay between Punta de Moraira and Penon Ifach, the nautical club Les Basetes hosts small motor crafts. It offer a sailin school and diving school and offers cofee shop and restaurant.T. 003496-583-1213F. 003496-583-5322M. info@cnlesbasetes.com80 b. (<8 m)50 dry berths
21 May 12

Isla del Descubridor (Cap de La Nao)

Isla del Descubridor, 57m high, lies close offshore, 1 NM WSW of the cape.It is a deep dive site, with slopes and rock formations that create refuge for a great variety of marine life.The narrow channel lying between this island and the mainland cannot be used.
14 May 12

Ensenada del portichol (C Blanca)

N Nao cape, Portichol bay opens between two projecting points, at S the Negro Cape and  San Martin Cape at N. The coast is steep and steep except for a small beach.

Front of the bay, the island of Portichol and a rock at his side ...
22 May 12

Penon de Ifach (C Valenciana)

Calpe cove ends with a remarkable peak, the Piton de Ifach (Penon de Ifach).
This white limestone impressive rock measuring 332 m high, was transformed into a nature park to protect its unique vegetation and over 300 species of animals. It is connected at the mainland ...
21 May 12
Local Area

Ensanada de Moraira (C Blanca)

Between Cabo Blanco (or Estrella point) and Morayra Point (or Cabo de Oro) Morayra cove offers some beaches and a marina. We see Morayra castle W village of the same name.
22 May 12

Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca  refers to over 200 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline in the Alicante province and lies until Costa Càlida, from Cabo de la Nao to Cabo de Palos.The Costa Blanca is located on the mediterranean shore, with 219 km of coast with beaches, coves and ...
14 May 12

Costa Valencia

The Valencian Community is one of the seventeen autonomous communities of Spain. Its capital city Valencia. The second city in population is Alicante and the third is  Elche. Because of its location, Valencia has been for centuries the gateway to the Mediterranean to ...
19 May 12

Espagne Est - East Spain

At S and E, Spain is bordered by the Mediterranean sea, except for a small land boundary with the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.The boundary between Spain and France lies in the vicinity of Punta Falco, which is located 1 mile NE of PortBou. In the Mediterranean ...
14 May 12

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15
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