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Punta Las Animas (Atacama N Chile)

Punta Las Animas (Atacama N Chile)



Punta Las Animas closes S Chanaral bay. It is low and rocky.
A reef extends about 0,5 NM NW from the point.

Punta Las Animas ferme au S la baie de Chanaral. Elle est basse et rocheuse.
Un récif se trouve à environ 0,5 MN au NW de la pointe.
Punta Las Animas (Atacama N Chile)
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Puerto Barquito de Chanaral (Atacama N Chile)

Chanaral is a small coastal city founded in 1833, near a copper mine. It occupies the SE end of the Chanaral bay. It has a small harbour that is important for the shipment of copper and ores. The port is located in the area of ​​Punta Blanca with a length of 38 m by 20 m wide ...
29 Dec 12

Punta Achurra (Atacama N Chile)

Punta Achurra, about 6 NM S of Cabo Falso Punta de Azucar, is low and rounded. The W and S sides of Punta Achurra are fringed with above and below-water rocks, and yachts should remain at least 0.5 NM off the point. A light is shown from Punta Achurra.
28 Dec 12

Isla Pan de Azucar (Atacama N Chile)

Isla Pan de Azucar ("Sugar Loaf") is about 0,5 NM offshore with its E extremity.
The island appears light brown and whitish in color.
There are two peaks on the island, with the highest near the center. Above-water rocks extend nearly 0.5 NM NW from the island. The outermost ...
28 Dec 12

Punta Flamenquito (Atacama N Chile)

Punta Flamenquito is low, rocky and surrounded by several islets which lie 0,5 NM offshore.
30 Dec 12

Cabo Falso Pan de Azucar (Atacama N Chile)

The cape is hilly and moderatly high.An islet lies close off its NW estremity.
28 Dec 12

Punta Obispo (Atacama N Chile)

Punta Obispo, S punta Flamenquito, is overwhelmed by a rock, on its N side, immersed with less than 10 m. Islote Blanco at about 1 NM SW of Punta Obispo, is a good landmark.
30 Dec 12

Bahia de Copiapo (Atacama N Chile)

Bahia Copiapo lies S Punta Vial up to punta Dallas, even more in S. It is bordered to the center by a sandy beach and by rocks at each end.
Copiapo was once a shipping ore port, but it is no longer used such as such because of the poor anchorage and landing ...
9 Jan 13

Bahia Caldera (Atacama N Chile)

Bahia Caldera is located between Punta Francisco and Punta Caldera. Caldera town is S Caldera harbour, SE of the bay.The bay is protected from SW winds. Strong N winds sometimes send a heavy swell into Puerto Caldera, particularly in the S part of the harbor. The port is situated ...
30 Dec 12

Punta Ballena (Atacama N Chile)

Punta Ballena is about 4,5 NM S of Punta Ballenita.
Numerous small rocky islets lie close off the point.
28 Dec 12

Punta Cabeza de Vaca (Atacama N Chile)

Punta Cabeza de Vaca, one of the most salient points along this part of the coast, has two small hummocks near its extremity. East of the hummocks, the land is low for some distance, then it rises to several low hills which form the W extremity of a chain of coastal hills.
30 Dec 12

Punta Ballenita (Atacama N Chile)

Punta Ballenita is 46 m high.Tope Blanco islet, which has a white summit, lies about 1 NM W of the point.The passage between the island and the point is not recommended for navigation.
28 Dec 12

Punta Francisco (Atacama N Chile)

Punta Francisco is the N point of Puerto Cladera. Islets and rocks extend up to 0,2 NM NW and 0,2 NM SW from the point.Roca Chango, with 7m over it, lies about 0.5 NM W of Punta Francisco and is a danger in the immediate approach to Puerto Caldera. In heavy weather the sea breaks ...
30 Dec 12
Local Area

Bahia Chanaral Las Animas (Atacama N Chile)

The wide Chanaral de Las Animas bay lies from N to Punta Achurra and S to Punta Las Animas.
A long white sandy beach borders the bay shore that is exposed and open at the surf.
On the S side of the bay, hills rise abruptly from the sea forming an excellent shelter from S winds.
Chanaral ...
29 Dec 12

From Arica to Punta Lengua de Vaca (N Chile)

Along this coast there are many large and small bays, many points. Many islets and rocks border the coast.
Almost the entire length of the coast is invaded by a desert. The Andes Cordillera advances to the seaand gives a very high and steep coast. There are many natural harbors ...
12 Dec 12


Chile, on the Pacific coast of  S America, is defined by Peru at N, Bolivia at NE and Argentina at E. It extends over 4,300 km long, from Peru to Cape Horn, and 175 km wide on average (350 km to the level of Antofagasta and to the Tropic ...
11 Dec 12

SE Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean, largest and deepest of the world's five oceans, covering more than a third of the earth's surface and containing more than half of its free water. The part south of the equator is called the South
Pacific. The name Pacific, which means peaceful, was given to it by ...
13 Jan 09
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