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Pulau Singkep (E Sumatra)

Pulau Singkep (E Sumatra)



Pulau Singkep is located about 20 miles N of Tanjung Jabung on the Sumatera coast. It is an island in the Lingga Archipelago in Indonesia.

The island, about 20 miles in length and the same in breadth, is much indented on its N and S sides.

It is separated from the E coast of Sumatra by the Berthala strait. North of Pulau Singkep is Pulau Lingga, with Pulau Selayar in the channel between. Off the W end of Pulau Singkep is a group of islands separated from Pulau Singkep by Selat Sebayur.
From Tanjung Malang (Perpat), the SE point of Pulau Singkep, the coast has a NE direction for 10 miles to Tanjung Tengku, with Tanjung
Tija (Tidja) about 2 miles farther N.

The coast between these two points is fairly thickly populated; the most important village is Dabo.

Singkep has two ports, Dabo near Dabosingkep and Jago near Sungaibuluh. Singkep also has a small airport capable of handling small 40 passenger aircraft. The airport is currently used by charter flights and the government patrol aircraft. Singkep has many beautiful beaches.

On the W coast of Pulau Singkep and Pulau Lingga the flood current runs to the S and W and the ebb to the N and E, but near the SW coast of Pulau Singkep between Tanjung Buku and Tanjung Sebayur the flood sets N as an eddy and the ebb S at the rate of 1.75 knots.

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