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Pulau Medang - Pulau Rupat (E Sumatra)

Pulau Medang - Pulau Rupat (E Sumatra)



Pulau Medang and Pulau Rupat are separated from each other by a narrow, winding strait of no importance to navigation. Both islands are heavily wooded.

Pulau Rupat is separated from the coast of Sumatera by Selat Rupat.

Foul ground, with numerous drying patches, extends about 7 miles offshore from the N side of Pulau Rupat and the NW side of Pulau Medang. A shoal with a depth of 14.7m lies 6.5 miles NNE of Tanjung Medang.

Between Tanjung Medang and Tanjung Mambul, the E entrance point of the N end of Selat Rupat, about 11 miles WSW, the tree-covered coast is bordered by a series of shoals which extend up to 5.2 miles offshore.

The NE side of Pulau Medang is tree covered and marked by some native villages. A conspicuous house with a red roof is situated about 4 miles SE of Tanjung Medang.
A detached bank, which dries on its outer side, lies about 2 miles offshore, about 6 miles SE of Tanjung Medang.

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