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Pulau Bakung Besar (N Pulau Lingga)

Pulau Bakung Besar (N Pulau Lingga)



Pulau Bakung (Bakong) lies close to the NW end of Pulau Lingga, from which it is separated by Selat Dasi, and has some fairly high hills.
The SW coast of the island trends in a NW direction, the shore being fronted to a short distance by a reef.

Close to the NW extremity of Pulau Bakung lie a number of islets and reefs, extending about 8 miles NW, of which Karoti is the northwesternmost.

The space between that island and Pangele, the N end of Pulau Bakung, is blocked by islets and reefs.

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Flying distances - Direct line

Selat Dasi

Selat Dasi (Dasi Strait) is a passage 4 miles long, separating Pulau Lingga from Pulau Bakung N of it.
There are several islets and rocks in the fairway of the strait, and it is only available to vessels with local knowledge.
27 Feb 12

Pulau Kapas ( Indonesia)

Kapas, a rock, 0.6m high, on the N end of the reef, lies nearly 3.5 miles NW of Bakau.
9 Feb 12

Pulau Pulon (W Lingga)

Pulau Pulon lies about 2 miles NE of Tanjung Datuk; the islet is prominent with a sharp peak.
27 Feb 12

Karang Leman (Indonesia)

Karang Leman (Rifleman Shoal), lying about 1 mile E of Benan, is a patch of hard sand 0.3 mile in extent, with a least depth of 4.9m.
15 Feb 12

Tanjung Labuandadong (W Pulau Lingga)

Tanjung Labuandadong, the NW point of the entrance to Selat Lima, is fairly steep-to; Pulau Labuandadong lies close off the point.
27 Feb 12

Selat Lima (Indonesia)

Selat Lima (Lima Strait), between the N side of Pulau Selayar and the S coast of Pulau Lingga, is a deep channel; parts of the shores are steep-to.Pulau Pandan, a wooded mass of ironstone, lies off the W entrance of Selat Lima. Sunken rocks extend about 0.2 mile S and E of the islet; ...
29 Feb 12

Kepulauan Lima (Selat Lima)

Kepulauan Lima, lying nearly in the middle of the strait, consists of Yu, Panjang, Buntar, and Lima; they are hilly and wooded. Only Lima is inhabited.
About 0.5 mile ENE of Lima is a small, low, stony cay, which is overgrown with brushwood, and is steep-to.
27 Feb 12

Selat Penuba (Indonesia)

Selat Penuba is deep, but is obstructed at its W end and is not used by shipping.
Tengah Islet, about 30m high, is located on a reef in the E fairway of Selat Penuba, about 1 mile SE of the E point of Pulau Selayar.
Serang Islet, about the same height as Tengah, lies about 1 ...
27 Feb 12

Terumbu Haai (Haai Reef) (Indonesia)

Terumbu Haai (Haai Reef), with a least depth of 2.4m, lies 0.25 mile SSE of Pulau Dempo; there is an above-water rock about 0.3 mile inshore of the islet.
It is well W of the track to Selat Riau.
15 Feb 12

Pulau Dempo (Indonesia)

Pulau Dempo, 45m high, lies about l.3 miles SE of the S end of Pulau Galang Baru, and on the N side of the E entrance to Selat Dempo; it is a conspicuous thickly-wooded islet, showing round and bold against the adjacent land, and is one of the most useful objects for recognizing the ...
13 Feb 12

Pulau Ngual (Indonesia)

Pulau Ngual (Ngoeal, lying close off the W side of Pulau Galang Baru, is a narrow island 1.5 miles long, fringed by a reef.
13 Feb 12

Pulau Korekrapat (indonesia)

Korekrapat lies nearly 3 NM SE of Tanjung Maralagan. Dempo Point is the E end of the island.Korekrapat is the easternmost islet of those lying in and fronting the bay formed between the two Galang Islands.
12 Feb 12
Local Area

Sumatra (Indonesia)

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands.
The longest axis of the island runs approximately 1,790 km (1,110 mi) northwest-southeast, crossing the equator near the centre. At its widest point the island spans ...
7 Jan 12

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

Pulau Cempah - Pulau Laut (Indonesia)

Pulau Cempah (Tjempah) is irregularly shaped, hilly and about 5 miles long and 2 miles wide. It is separated from the NW part of Pulau Bakung and Blandok Besar and Karoti by Selat Cempah (Tjempah Strait, 2 miles wide, which has general depths of about 24m.
Pulau Cempah is fairly ...
27 Feb 12

Pulau Sebangka (E Lingga)

Pulau Sebangka lies between Pulau Lingga and Pulau Temiang to the NW. It is 19 miles long between Tanjung Gantong, its SE end, and Oetan Besar, its NW end, with a maximum breadth of about 3 miles.
Reefs, dry at LW, front the N side of Tanjung Gantong; they are visible from the ...
9 Feb 12

Pulau Sikeling - Blanding - Lobam (Indonesia)

Pulau Sikeling, 91m high and about 1 mile long, lies 1 mile S of Pulau Buaya.
Blanding lies about 1 mile NW of Pulau Sikeling; it is the S of three islands located on a reef that extends about 4 miles NW.
Lobam, 84m high, lies on the N part of this reef. Turka lies between Blanding ...
27 Feb 12
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