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Praia de Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro)

Praia de Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro)



Beautiful beach located between Ponta de Copacabana and Ponta de Leme.

Anchorage is possible but it is often subject at swell.

Magnifique plage de sable blanc, située entre Ponta de Copacabana et Ponta de Leme.

Le mouillage est possible mais souvent un peu rouleur.

Praia de Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro)
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Sites around Praia de Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro)
Flying distances - Direct line

Ilhas Cagarras

Ilhas Cagarras, about 3 miles N of Ilha Redonda, consists of seven islets. Ilha Comprida is the largest of the group. Ilha de Palmas shows a light.
Sunken rocks extend 183m S of the E end of Ilha de Palmas. Ilha do Pai and Ilha da Mae lie on the NE side of the approach to Baia ...
16 Jan 16

Iate Clube Rio de Janeiro

The Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro is headquartered in the city of Rio de Janeiro, capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro (Southeast Region of Brazil) and will host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
The club offers complete training structure for sailing and is located at Enseada ...
17 Jan 16

Praia Vermelha (Rio de Janeiro)

Red beach, or Praia Vermelha, in Portuguese, is a sandy beach at the foot of "Sugar Loaf" and a busy mooring place at SW of the Sugar loaf .
17 Jan 16

Ponta do Arpoador (Rio de Janeiro)

Ponta do Aproador, about 8 NM of Ponta de Itaipu, closes W entry of Guanabara bay.
10 Apr 15

Praia da Urca (Rio de Janeiro)

Urca Beach is a small, narrow beach 100 meters long, located at the foot of the hill of Urca; It is also the main beach of Urca in Rio de Janeiro, frequented by neighborhood residents.

The water is totally calm but has a dark tone because of pollution and it is considered unfit for swimming.
17 Jan 16

Praia de S João (Rio de Janeiro)

Anchorage in 6 m, at the foot of the Sugar Loaf, in a bay open to the W.
17 Jan 16

Marina da Glória (Rio de Janeiro)

The entrance to the marina is very easy. Once Laje island left port, it takes at NW towards jetties Gloria.
3 pontoons welcome the casual visitor.
The prices are very expensive, but the place is close to downtown. The pontoons are not very well done for.
Possibly stay for ...
17 Jan 16

Ilha da Laje

8 Apr 13

Ponta de Santa Cruz

The entrance of the Guanabara bay lies between Ponta de Santa Cruz, about 6 miles WNW of Ponta de Itaipu and Ponta de Sao Joao, about 0.9 mile to the W.
17 Jan 16

Clube naval Charitas (Niteroi Rio de Janeiro)

The marina entrance presents no difficulty. Once past the narrow that's all right then to starboard in the Bay of Jurujuba, in the territory of Niteroi. The marina is located S of the bay. One can steer to the marina as soon as it comes into view.

The yacht club is superb, ...
17 Jan 16

Ilhas Maricas (Rio de Janeiro)

The archipelago of Maricas is located about 13 MN WSW of Ponta Negra and near the entrance to Guanabara Baia.
A fire is on the island N.
17 Jan 16

Ilhas Tijucas (Rio de Janeiro)

Ilhas Tijucas is an island in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, situated between Ilha Alfavaca and Ilha do Meio, and nearby to Ilha Pontuda. Ilhas Tijucas, consisting of three islets and several rocks whose least known depth is 2m, and are located about 1 mile S and SE of Cabo da Gavea.

Mariners ...
16 Jan 16
Local Area

Baia de Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro)

Baia da Guanabara is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is 31 km long and 28 km wide at its maximum. It contains many islands and islets.
On its western shore lies the city of Rio de Janeiro and Duque de Caxias, and on its eastern shore the city of Niterôi and Sao Conçalo. ...
17 Jan 16

SE Brazil

The Southeast Region of Brazil  is composed by the states of Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It is the richest region of the country, responsible for approximately 60% of the Brazilian GDP. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais are three richest ...
14 Jan 16

SW Atlantic Ocean

Le relief sous-marin de l'Atlantique au Sud de l'équateur est beaucoup plus simple qu'au Nord.On y trouve la dorsale Médio-Atlantique,avec, en vis-à-vis des éléments de reliefs mentionnés,le bassin Brésilien , profond de 6000 à 7000 m, et le bassin Argentin, profond de 5000 ...
23 Mar 15
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