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Porto Torres (Sardegna)

Porto Torres (Sardegna)



Located on a promontory on the north coast of Sardinia, overlooking the Gulf of Porto Torres this great commercial port in the Gulf, is a major port, that connects with a line of summer, Sardinia to the mainland French.

Holiday spot since Roman times already, the city has an extraordinary variety of attractions, but beyond the extraordinary beauty, a gift of nature and history, Porto Torres has another advantage: a strategic geographical position in which is an attractive route.
Porto Torres ferry or by private operators (charter sailing, fishing, tourism, etc..), You can immerse yourself in a beautiful island where nature has been preserved by its isolation, which lasted more a century, and who has a unique heritage of inestimable value.

Porto Torres is located at the bottom of Asinara gulf.

Porto Torres includes 2 areas: the industrial port, prohibits to the yachtingl and commercial port includes 1 forward port and 3 docks,  port internal dock, the internal dock and new dock where some pontoons are installed.

The entrance is wide about 180 m (oriented NE with depths of 7/8 m) and enters in the outer harbor. The crafts continued to inner quay and new quay where they can moor to the floating pontoons. Give priority to the ferries.

Porto Torres (Sardegna)
Porto Torres (Sardegna)
Situé sur un promontoire sur la côte nord de la Sardaigne, surplombant le golfe de Porto Torres ce grand port de commerce, au fond du golfe, est l'un des principaux ports qui relie, avec une ligne d'été, la Sardaigne au continent français.

Lieu de vacances déjà depuis les Romains, la ville présente une extraordinaire variété d'attractions, mais au-delà de la beauté extraordinaire, un cadeau de la nature et l'histoire, Porto Torres a un autre avantage: une position géographique stratégique qui en fait un itinéraire attrayant.
De Porto Torres, en ferry ou par des opérateurs privés (Voile charte, la pêche, le tourisme, etc.), Vous pourrez vous immerger dans une île de rêve où la nature a été conservée grâce à son isolement, qui a duré plus d'un siècle, et qui en a fait un patrimoine unique d'une valeur inestimable.

Porto Torres se trouve au fond du golfe d'Asinara.

Porto Torres comprend 2 zones: le port industriel, interdit à la plaisance, et le port commerciale qui comprend 1 avant port et 3 quais, le quai du port interne, le quai interne et le nouveau quai où sont installés quelques pontons.

L'entrée est large d'environ 180 m (orientée vers le NE avec une profondeur de 8,7 m) et conduit à l'avant port. Les plaisanciers se dirigent vers le quai intérieur et le nouveau quai où l'amarrage se fait sur les pontons flottants. Attention, il faut donner la priorité aux Ferries.

Porto Torres (Sardegna)
Porto Torres (Sardegna)
Poto Torres lighthouse
Situato su un promontorio calcareo nella costa nord della Sardegna, elegantemente affacciata sul Golfo dell’Asinara, Porto Torres è uno dei principali porti che collegano la Sardegna con il continente e, con una linea estiva, alla Francia.
Luogo di villeggiatura già per gli antichi Romani, la città presenta una straordinaria varietà di attrattive, ma al di là delle straordinarie bellezze, dono della natura e della storia , Porto Torres ha un altro pregio: una posizione geografica strategica che la rendono, fulcro di suggestivi itinerari.
Da Porto Torres, con il traghetto o tramite operatori privati (charter a vela, pesca turismo etc.), è possibile immergersi in un'isola da sogno come l’Isola dell’Asinara, dove la natura si è potuta conservare grazie all’isolamento, durato oltre un secolo, che l'ha resa un patrimonio unico di valore inestimabile.

Il porto commerciale di Porto Torres si trova in fondo del golfo di Asinara.

Porto Torres comprende 2 aree: il porto industriale, vieta al diporto e il porto commerciale che comprende 1 avanporto e 3 darsene, la darsena del porto interno, la darsena interna e la darsena nuova dove sono installati alcuni pontili.

L'imboccatura è larga 180 m circa (orientata per NE con fondali di 7/8 m) e immette nell'avamporto. Le unità da diporto proseguono per la darsena interna e nuova dove è possibile l'ormeggio ai pontili galleggianti. Dare precedenza alle navi traghetto.

Porto Torres (Sardegna)
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Rada di Alghero (W Sardegna)

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An undulating coastal plain, partly under cultivation, lies immediately inland of the head of this bay.This bay is open to ...
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Torre di Abbacurrente (Porto Torres Sardegna)

La tour d'Abbacurente se trouve après la pointe S. Gavino, à l'E de porto Torres. Elle est située sur le bord de mer, et est bien visible.
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Baia di Porto Conte (Sardegna)

Porto Conte is a natural bay between Punta del Giglio and Caccia cape.Along E shore of the bay, on a projecting point, we see Porto Conte village, with the tower Nuova, which is backed by a turret with a light.You can anchor anywhere. The bay offers shelter from all winds.
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The range of the tide in this area is negligible. There are no regular currents along the coasts of Corse, ...
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Isolotto dei Porri (Stintino Sardegna)

Porri islet, S Stintino, 50 m high, looks as conical when it is seen from SW and merges with the landmark view from NW. 
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Torre delle Saline (Stintino Sardegna)

La torre delle Saline, is a part of fortified structures which, since the Middle Ages until the mid-nineteenth century, formed the defensive system of warning and communication of Sardinian coast.

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Marina di Stintino (Sardegna)

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Stintino - Porto Minore (Sardegna)

Port Stintino arises from a peninsula that is split into two parts: the N (Mannu port) and the S (Minore port).

Port Minore: depths are not high. Access is dangerous because is a shoal between the lighthouse and the city.

110 b.  (<30 m)
Quay depth: 0,40 à ...
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Punta Tramontana (Castelsardo Sardegna)

Punta Tramontana is the E end of Asinara gulf.
The coast between this point and Porto Torres is moderately high and steep, with a succession of sand dunes in the E part.
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Super small fishing village composed of two deep 'Calas'.

South Porto Minore frequented by fishermen.
North Porto Mannu, friendly little marina.Mannu Port: can be used by vessels with 2.3 m Max draft. 300 b. incl. 30 visit.(<13 m) T./F. 523381Mail: stintino@guardiacostiera.itThe ...
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Golfo dell'Asinara

The Gulf Asinara opens between Caprara tip, N-terminus of Asinara island, and Tramontana point. Meanwhile W is formed by Asinara island. Its S side is low and sometime swampy.S Punta Negra Stintino harbour offers a good shelter.Between the coast and Asinara island, is Piana island, ...
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Sardegna North West

The Gulf of Asinara has no particular difficulty outside the Mistral blows particularly hard.
The Asinara was declared National Park and homes a penitentiary. The Fornelli pass, located between Asinara island and Piana island, can be very dangerous in rough seas and at ...
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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia was made a self-governing region of Italy in 1948.
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Isola dell' Asinara (Sardegna)

Asinara is the second largest island of Sardinia after Sant'Antioco. A Marine Reserve was created arounds the island and the Fornelli passage.
This island has been declared National Parc. It is a narrow territory stretching from North to South, with a very indented coastline, which ...
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