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Porto Frailis (Sardegna)

Porto Frailis (Sardegna)



S Bellavista cape, between Sud S. Gemiliano point and N Frailis point, leads a small bay with a beautifull sandy beac.
On the W point of the entry we see S. Gemiliano tower, 42 m high. N promontory is the Arbatax harbour.

Beware to numerous rocks present in the bay.

We anchor in 4 to 8 m, at about 0,3 NM SE tower.

Sheltered of NW winds.

Porto Frailis (Sardegna)
Au S du cap Bellavista, entre la pointe S. Gemiliano au S et la pointe Frailis au N, s'ouvre une petite baie bordée d'une belle plage de sable.
Sur la pointe W de l'entrée on voit la tour de S. Gemiliano, haute de 42 m. Sur la face N du promontoire se trouve le port d'Arbatax.

Attention aux nombreux rochers présents dans cette rade.

On mouille par 4 à 8 m, à environ 0,3 MN au SE de la tour.

Abritée des vents du NW.

Porto Frailis (Sardegna)
Porto Frailis (Sardegna)
La tour S. Emiliano
S capo Bellavista, fra la punta S. Gemiliano a S e la punta Frailis a N, si apre una picola baia con una bella spiaggia di sabbia.
Sulla punta W dell'entrata si vede la torre di S. Gemiliano, alta di 42 m. Sulla facia N del promontorio si trova il porto di Arbatax.

La baia è riparata dai venti NW e circondata da scogli piatti su entrambi i lati. Sono molto pericolose le numerose secche e gli scogli presenti in rada, alle quali si deve prestare particolare attenzione.

Si ancora in 4 a 8 m, a circa 0,3 MN SE dalla torre.

Porto Frailis (Sardegna)
Tour S. Emiliano
Porto Frailis (Sardegna)
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Golfo di Tortoli (Sardegna)

Gulf di Tortoli is entered between Isola dell’Ogliastra and Capo Bellavista, marked by a light, 2.5 miles S.
Winds from the NW and NE quadrants come up suddenly and blow with extreme violence in this vicinity.
They may last for 4 or 5 days and are preceded by whitish clouds ...
10 Oct 12

Capo Bellavista (Sardegna)

Bellavista cape is a rugged promontory, 150 m high and connected to the shore by a lower land, so that, seen from N or S, it seems an island.
It has a lighthouse at its peak, crenellated tower 19 m high, backed by a one floor house, painted in black and white horizontal stripes. ...
11 Oct 12

Ansa San Gemiliano (Arbatax Sardegna)

San Gemiliano cove opens at the most northern end of a long beach, sheltered by the promontory of Bellavista cape and a small tip that comes off, at the top of which stands the ruined tower `San Gemiliano.
The western side of the tip is bordered by emerging rocks and shoals and ...
11 Oct 12

Arbatax marina di Arbatax (Sardegna)

The port of Arbatax lies in the S part of Golfo di Tortoli and on the N side of the promontory of Capo Bellavista. It is the only refuge on the E coast of Sardegna to the S of Olbia. Tel. 0782.667405 Fax 0782.664359 Berths: 400 Berths Transit: 150 (<80 m)
10 Oct 12

Isola dell' Ogliastra (Sardegna)

Isola dell’Ogliastra, 47m high, lies 3 miles S of Punta Pedra Longa and is in front of Lotzorai beach. It is reddish, rocky, and covered with scanty vegetation.
Several rocks extend up to 0.2 mile seaward off its NE side.There are many coves that offer tamporal anchorage .
The ...
10 Oct 12

Ancoraggio all'isola dell'Ogliastra (Sardegna)

Anchorage can be taken, in a depth of 15m, sand and weed, about 0.2 mile SSW of Isola dell’Ogliastra or in a depth of 8m, about 200m W of the islet, but these berths are dangerous in SE winds.
10 Oct 12

Baia di Cea (Ogliastra Sardegna)

The large bay of Cea is known and recognizable by the presence to a few meters from the shore, of two red rocks shaped chimneys, called "Is Scoglius Arrubius" (Arrubius means red), particularly popular with divers.

You can anchor near the small cove S of the bay.
12 Oct 12

Santa Maria Navarrese marina di Baunei (Sardegna)

S. Maria Navarrese marina is at 2,5 NM N Arbatax. tel.: 0782 614 198 fax: 0782 614020 email: 350 berths (<30 m)
10 Oct 12

Punta Pedra Longa (Orosei Sardegna)

Pedra Longa tip, with its red rock shaped column is characteristic except of E where it merges with the rocky Mount Ginnircu where it projects.
10 Oct 12

Torre di Bari (Ogliastra Sardegna)

The Bari tower, remarkable, is an ancient medieval tower on the east coast of Sardinia, in the province of Ogliastra, 4.5 km from the city of Bari Sardo.

Bari Tower stands on a rocky promontory, advancing towards the sea, and is bordered by a sandy beach, called Bari beach.The ...
12 Oct 12

Capo Monte Santu (Orosei Sardegna)

Cape Monte Santu (Monte Santo) is a rocky massif that separates Tortoli of Orosei. It rises perpendicularly from the sea.

Nearby is the Grotta dei Colombi accessible by sea.
In these waters is also the wreck of a cargo 50s.
The coast between Capo di Monte Santu and Capo ...
10 Oct 12

Capo Sferracavallo (Ogliastra Sardegna)

Sferracavallo cape is located N just after Coccorrocci beach and immediatly before Fosi Manna beach, to S.Capo Sferracavallo is a rocky promontory, covered with low vegetation. It is dominated by the tip Cartuccedu (598 m high). Ferru Mount (875 m high) is 2NM NW Cape and it is also ...
12 Oct 12
Local Area

Sardegna East

Du Cap Ceraso au Cap Coda Cavallo: Le Cap Ceraso est dominé par le mont Mandriolo qui porte à son sommet un signal en forme de tronc de pyramide. Le cap est débordé à l'E et au SE par des rochers et des hauts-fonds. Ces dangers sont balisés à leur extrémité NE par une bouée ...
25 Oct 08


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia was made a self-governing region of Italy in 1948.
Sardinia offers coves and beaches relatively quiet. In the North as in the South the sailor will find there many anchorages.
The northern beaches are ...
19 Oct 17

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15

Capo Comino a capo Bellavista (Sardegna)

In front of Capo Comino is a rock clearly visible from the north or south. The coastline is dotted with shoals that some places extend more than half a mile offshore: they are dangerous for coastal navigation.

The Ruja island is a good shelter to the sirocco.Orosei gulf opens ...
8 Oct 12

Capo Coda Cavallo a Capo Comino (Sardegna)

From Coda Cavallo cape the coast is rather flat with large cultivated areas. The shores are generally low and sandy with beaches with very white.

SW Coda Cavallo Cape the port Brandinghi (Brandinchi) provides a good anchorage, except in cases of E winds. To access to anchorage ...
3 Oct 12

Golfo Spurlatta (Sardegna)

Golfo Spurlatta  entered SE of Capo Ceraso, and lies up to Coda Cavallo cape. Tavolara island, located 4,2 NM of Ceraso cape, is the N end of the gulf.This gulf was declared "marine protected area of Tavolara/ capo Coda Cavallo" en 1997.
7 May 14
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