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Port of Cameta (Para Brazil)

Port of Cameta (Para Brazil)



Stands on the W bank of the rio Tocantins, about 90 NM from Belem. The town is built on the river bank and is an important trade center. The tidal range is about 3m; the current attains a rate of about 2.5 knots.
Port of Cameta (Para Brazil)
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Port of Vila Do Conde (Para Brazil)

Vila do Conde has a causeway extending 450m from the shore leading to a jetty which serves an aluminum factory. The outer berth is 292m long and is used for handling bulk cargo. The inner berth is 251m long and is used for handling general cargo and aluminum ingots. The depths alongside ...
17 Sep 19

Port of Belem (Para Brazil)

The port of Belem is the most important commercial port on the N coast of Brazil. The port is situated on the E bank of the Rio Para about 70 miles from its mouth. Communication is maintained with all inland Amazon ports.

This is the best port at which to enter Amazonia, but ...
11 Jan 16

Cabo Norte (Amapa Brazil)

Cabo Norte is the limit  of the estuary of the Amazon river. It is 19 NM from Ilha Jipioca.
The cape is low, wooded, and slightly higher than the neighboring coast.
11 Jan 16

Santarem harbor (Para Brazil)

Santarem harbor stands on the S side of the mouth of the Rio Tapajos, 1 NM S of Ponta Negra.

An L-shaped wharf lies 1.25 miles SW of Ponta Negra. Its outer face is 200m long, with a depth of about 10m alongside.
Small craft can berth on the 180m long inner section, which ...
11 Jan 16

Port of Sao Luis (Maranhao Brazil)

The port of Sao Luishas silted up and has ceased to be important as a port after the construction of the port of Itaqui.
The port of Sao Luis is used mainly by fishing boats and pleasure craft. It has a few piers that allows mooring, but only at flood tide, to ships of 2,5 to 3,5 ...
24 Jan 16

Porto do Itaqui (Maranhao Brazil)

Located on the coast of São Luís, the state capital, the port has a deep access channel and berths, enabling the mooring of large ships.
Port of Itaqui is the largest cargo port in Brazil, near the city of São Luís, Maranhão. It is not to be confused with the city of Itaqui, ...
13 Jan 16

Cabo Orange (N Brazil)

Cabo Orange (cape Orange) is a cape on the N coast of Brazil, separated from the coast of French Guiana by a large bay watered by the estuary of the Oyapock River Cape Orange is the northernmost point of the Brazilian state of Amapá. It is located in an area of tidal marshland protected ...
10 Jan 16

Îles du Salut (French Guiana)

Îles du Salut, 3 in number, are  located about 7 NM NE of Pointe Charlote.Ile du Diable, the northernmost, is 40m high. Ile Royale, 66m high, is the largest and westernmost, while Ile Saint-Joseph, only 30m high, is the southernmost.

On a clear day, the islands are visible ...
20 Jan 16

Île Saint-Joseph (French Guiana)

Anchorage can be taken in the bight formed by the S side of Ile Royale and the W side of Ile Saint-Joseph.
20 Jan 16

Devil's Island

Île du Diable part of Salut islands is better known as Devil's Island. The total area is 0.62 km2 (62 hectares) The islands were used as a penal colony from 1852 onwards, earning them a reputation for harshness and brutality. This system was gradually phased out and has been completely ...
20 Jan 16

Ile Royal (French Guiana)

Anchorage can be taken in the bight formed by the S side of Ile Royale in depths of about 9m soft mud, good shelter from the swell, and good holding .ground.

Caution: Alouette Bank, covered with 4.8m of water, lies about 1.7 miles NNW of Ile Royale. Depths of 3.5 to 5.5m lie ...
20 Jan 16

Port of Saint laurent du Maroni (French Guiana)

Port NW French Guiana, on the east bank of the Maroni River opposite Albina, Suriname. It was formerly headquarters of the country’s penal colonies and the site of the largest prison, closed in 1944. Apart from its port facilities, local economic activities include sawmilling, ...
21 Jan 16
Local Area

N Brazil

Brazil is the only country in the world that lies on the equator while having contiguous territory outside the tropics. It occupies a large area along the E coast of S. America.
Brazilian territory also includes a number of islands and islets. Brazilian pleasure slowly takes off. ...
6 Apr 15

SW Atlantic Ocean

Le relief sous-marin de l'Atlantique au Sud de l'équateur est beaucoup plus simple qu'au Nord.On y trouve la dorsale Médio-Atlantique,avec, en vis-à-vis des éléments de reliefs mentionnés,le bassin Brésilien , profond de 6000 à 7000 m, et le bassin Argentin, profond de 5000 ...
23 Mar 15

Ilha de Maraca and ilha Jipioca (Amapa Brazil)

Maracá Ecological Station is an ecological station some 5 km offshore of the Brazilian town of Amapá, in the state of the same name, Amapá. The ecological station is entirely located on the 2 adjacent islands Ilha: de Maracá do Norte and Ilha ...
11 Jan 16
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