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Port du Plomb

Port du Plomb



Beaching pond equipped with floating pontoons.
64 berths including 2 visitors
Bassin d'échouage équipé de pontons flottants.
64 places dont 2 visiteurs
Port du Plomb
Patrick Despoix
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Port Neuf (La Rochelle)

Port à sec / Remise à flot.
65 plces sur corps-morts (échouage)65 places à terre sous hangar
4 Jul 19

Port de La Pallice

The port of La Pallice is situated on the E side of Coureau de la Pallice, the channel which separates Ile de Re from the mainland. It is the only harbor between La Loire and La Gironde which can accommodate large vessels. The principal approach is through Pertuis d’Antioche but ...
17 Mar 13

La Rochelle Les Minimes

Access channel dredged to the coast -1. The axis of the channel is materialized, day and night, by the alignment at 059 ° of the two headlights: octagonal white with green top for the rear (23 m) and cylindrical with red and white bands and red top for the previous (14 m). The channel ...
4 Jul 19

La Rochelle - Vieux port

The old port, is situated on the S side of the city at the head of an inlet. It is one of the largest coastal and deep-sea fishing ports in France and is equipped to process fish in considerable amounts.  The main harbor comprises of a tidal basin, an outer wet basin, and inner ...
17 Mar 13

Rivedoux-Plage Nord

La baie nord de Rivedoux-Plage est à l'origine de l'ostréiculture moderne au XIXe siècle.
17 Mar 13

Rivedoux Plage Sud

Très joli mouillage par vent de N NE NO et O sur fond de sable de très bonne tenu.
Plage en pente douce, ne pas trop s’approcher... attention quelque fois, a la basse mer en cas de forte houle du large, cela déferle. Il y a 6 ou 8 bouées Départementales gratuites.
30 Jun 14

Port de Rivedoux-plage

La création de ce port fut décidé en 1562.
En 1845 qu’une digue fut ajoutée afin de protéger les embarcations des vents d’Ouest et plus principalement de la houle.
18 places en bassin d'échouage25 places en filière
5 Jul 19

Île d'Aix

Connue pour être l'une des plus petites communes de France (257 électeurs) et la plus méridionale des Iles du Ponant, l'Ile d'Aix présente la forme d'un croissant de verdure et de sable au relief peu accentué, qui s'étend sur 130 hectares bordés de plages, de criques et de ...
5 Jul 14

La Flotte en Ré

This port has 105 berths in its inner zone. It is distinguished by its pier of 200m long, surmounted by its beautiful green lighthouse 9m high. It offers mooring opportunities in the SE section and on the mooring in the NW.
tel / fax: 05 46 09 67 66port .: 06 20 66 85 76 email: ...
5 Jul 19

Phare de Chauveau

Pointe de Chauveau is at  the SE extremity of Ile de Re. A light is shown from a prominent tower, 31m high, standing on the S edge of this ledge and beacons are situated close E and 0.5 mile W of it. The roadstead of Rade de la Pallice lies ENE of this point.Plateau de Chauveau, ...
17 Mar 13


Mole avec une cale de débarquement.
17 Mar 13

Saint-Martin de Ré

St. Martin de Ré is a small harbor. It is protected by breakwaters and consists of two tidal basins and a wet dock. A narrow entrance channel, which dries, leads between rocky flats and is indicated by a range. Tides off the entrance rise about 6.1m at springs and 4.7m at neaps. ...
17 Mar 13
Local Area

Saint Nazaire - Île d'Oleron

La Loire EstuaryThe Estuary of the La Loire comprises the area fronting the mainland between Pointe du Croisic and Ile du Pilier. It is roughly divided into two parts by Plateau de la Banche, a dangerous shoal area, and can be entered from the S by Chenal du Sud or from the N by Chenal ...
7 Mar 13

Golfe de Gascogne

The Bay of Biscay (name coming from the Castillan), called Golfe de Gascogne by the French, is entered between Ile d’Ouessant and Cabo Ortegal, 305 miles SW. The bay is bounded on its E side by the W coast of France and on its S side by the N coast of Spain. It is generally clear ...
26 Jul 11

NE Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world's oceanic divisions; with a total area of about 106.4 million square kilometres (41.1 million square miles), it covers approximately one-fifth of the Earth's surface.
The Atlantic Ocean has irregular coasts indented by numerous ...
31 Jul 11

Île de Ré

This island  is moderately low; its W end is fronted by extensive rocky flats. It is separated at the E end from the mainland by Coureau de la Pallice, which is spanned by a bridge. The area is a popular tourist destination. It has approximately the same number of hours of sunshine ...
17 Mar 13

Île d'Oléron

Ile d’Oleron  is low and has numerous sand dunes covered with pine trees. A viaduct crosses Coureau d’Oleron which separates the SE coast of the island from the mainland.
17 Mar 13

Île d'Yeu

Ile d’Yeu is a good landmark when approaching La Loire from the S. There is no shelter in the vicinity of this island during NW gales; however, an area on its E side remains relatively calm because of the shallower depths in this vicinity.The SW part of Ile d’Yeu is steep and ...
7 Mar 13
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