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Port du Cap Lévi

Port du Cap Lévi



Port du Cap Levi, a small drying harbor, lies 0.5 mile S of the light. It is used by local fishing boats and yachts.
An area of rocky shoals extends up to about 2 miles N of Cap Levi and is marked by a lighted buoy. This area is steep-to and the sea breaks on it in rough weather. Tete Septentrionale, with a depth of 9.2m, and another shoal patch, with a depth of 9.3m lying 0.3 mile ENE, form the outermost dangers of this area.
La Pierre Noire, with a least depth of 2.2m, lies about 0.3 mile S of Tete Septentrionale.
Port du Cap Lévi
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Anse de la Mondrée

Grande anse de sable à l'Est du cap Lévi.
A l'ouest se trouve le port d'échouage Pignot.
6 May 12

Anse du Brick

1 Jan 70

Port du Becquet

Le Becquet, situated 1 mile E of Cherbourg, is a small drying harbor. It is used by local fishing vessels and pleasure craft. A lighted range indicates the approach. Buoys (special) are moored about 0.4 mile and 2.3 miles N of this harbor.
Le Grunes de Bretteville, a group of rocky ...
7 May 12

Port des Flamands

Port fermé par deux digues formant une passe de 50 mètres de large. La digue occidentale de fermeture de 320 mètres qui se termine par un musoir de 10 mètres de diamètre, prolonge l'enrochement du terre-plein des Mielles. La digue orientale de 200 mètres et son musoir de ...
7 May 12

Cherbourg Port Chantereyne

The port of Cherbourg is both a naval and a commercial port. It is an important port of call for passenger vessels in the transatlantic service. The outer roadstead provides a deep and well-sheltered anchorage. There are also extensive facilities for fishing vessels and pleasure craft.The ...
7 May 12

Havre de Roubary

Zone de mouillage pour des petites unités.Au nord de l'entrée (0.1nm) se trouve une marque de danger isolée.
6 May 12

Port de Querqueville

Nombreux mouillage dans le port et dans la baie gérés par une Association des Pêcheurs Usagers.
7 May 12


Barfleur  is a small drying harbor lying 1.5 miles S of Pointe de Barfleur. It is used by fishing vessels, small coasters, and pleasure craft. Tides rise about 6.5m at springs and 5.3m at neaps. The harbor, enclosed by a jetty and a breakwater, can accommodate small vessels with ...
7 May 12

Saint Vaast la Hougue

Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue  is a small harbor lying 1.8 miles SW of Pointe de Saire. Ile de Tatihou, lying 1 mile E, fronts the harbor. A conspicuous tower, with a turret on one side, stands on the S extremity of the island. Fort de l’Ilet, a low fort, is situated close S of this ...
7 May 12

Île de Tatihou

Tatihou est une île protégée, trois hectares aux limites du fort y ont été établis en réserve ornithologique. On peut y voir des oiseaux nicheurs : goélands argentés, bruns et marins, tadornes de Belon?
27 Nov 07

Port du Hâble

Jamais à sec, les marins considéraient jadis ce port comme le meilleur mouillage du Cotentin. Le port a conservé son nom norois de Hâble. Dans le passé, il fut un port important des Gaulois et des Romains qui commerçaient avec l'Angleterre car bien desservi par deux voies ...
6 May 12

Anse Saint-Martin

6 May 12
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An amazing armada of Allied troops, British, American, Canadian and more, landed on Normandy's beaches on 6th June 1944 to begin the liberation of Europe from years of Nazi occupation. The planners of this crucial event for European freedom codenamed it D-Day.
6 Jun 19

Manche - English Channel

The English Channel (French: La Manche, "the sleeve") is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the island of Great Britain from northern France.
A number of major islands are situated in the Channel, as the Isle of Wight off the English coast and the British crown dependencies ...
3 Jun 12

NE Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world's oceanic divisions; with a total area of about 106.4 million square kilometres (41.1 million square miles), it covers approximately one-fifth of the Earth's surface.
The Atlantic Ocean has irregular coasts indented by numerous ...
31 Jul 11
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