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Port du Brusc

Port du Brusc



Harbour is a natural shelter, protected from all winds. It is a very ancient harbour protected by a jetty and a small detached breakwater. It has an entrance 46m wide and is used by small craft and yachts.
  • 580 b. incl. 70visit. (<14m)
  • Deph: outer harbour 5m; basins: 0,20m to 4m.
  • Reception: Ricard catway.
Port du Brusc
L'accés du port du Brusc ne peut se faire que par le N de l'île des Embiez. Ce petit port abrité de tous les vents est situé dans un abri naturel, il est très ancien. Il se dénommait du temps des Grecs Tauroentum et fut colonisé par les Romains.
  • T. 04 94 10 65 35
  • F. 04 94 10 65 34
  • 580 pl. dont 70 visit. (<14m)
  • Prof: avant-port 5m; bassins: 0,20m à 4m.
  • Accueil: Panne Ricard
Cale de mise à l’eau : payante du 2 mai au 15 septembre : 10 € avec parking, 8 € sans parking.
Port du Brusc
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Toulon is a large military harbour on the Mediterranean coast, with a major French naval base.The prevailing winds are from the NW (Mistral) and W. These winds may reach a velocity of Force 11. Winds from the E and SE, which are less frequent, are generally accompanied by rain squalls, ...
1 May 12

Golfe de Giens

Golfe de Giens is entered between Pointe de Carqueiranne and Pointe Escampobariou, 4.7 miles
SE. Pointe Escampobariou is the SW extremity of Presqu’ile de Giens, a peninsula, the W side of which is 118m high and surmounted by a tower.
The E side of this gulf is bordered by ...
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Le mouillage est interdit dans la majeure partie des calanques de Marseilleveyre, Sormiou, Morgiou, En Vau et Port-Pin.
14 Oct 11

Île de Porquerolles

Ile de Porquerolles  lies centered 3 miles SE of Ponte de l’Esterel. The summit of the island, located 1 mile from its E end, is 142m high and surmounted by a signal station.
9 Jul 11

Calanques de Marseille

Les calanques de Marseille s'étendent sur plus de vingt kilomètres de côtes sur la mer Méditerranée entre le village des Goudes, quartier du sud-ouest de la ville de Marseille, et la commune de Cassis, dans les Bouches-du-Rhône. C'est un des sites les plus remarquables de France, ...
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Cap Sicié - Cap Cépet

Zone au sud de la rade de Toulon avec de belles anses ouvertes sur le large.
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Rade du Brusc

Rade de Brusc lies between Ile des Embiez and the bank fronting the coast between Port de la Couduriere and Port du Brusc. This roadstead offers anchorage which is sheltered from winds from E through S to WSW. However, the holding ground is not good, especially in the N part where ...
30 Apr 12


Since ancient times, the Embiez archipelago has offered a site, which is completely sheltered from the wind. A 45 meters wide channel and a beaconed entrance make access to the harbour possible in all weathers in complete security.
Almost 700 boats, up to 40 meters in length, can ...
24 Dec 07

Île du petit Rouveau

Zone de mouillage entre l'île des Embiez et l'île du Petit-Rouveau.
2 Feb 14

La Casserlane

2 Feb 14

Port de la Coudoulière

Port de la Coudouriere, a small harbor, lies 1.2 miles SSE of Port Sanary Sur Mer and is protected by two moles. The harbor is used by small craft and yachts.
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Île du Grand Rouveau (Embiez)

Ile du Grand Rouvean  lies 1.5 miles W of Port du Brusc. It is surrounded by rocks and is the outermost island on the bank. A light is shown from a structure, 14m high, standing on the summit of this island.
Rochers des Magnons, a group of small islets and above-water rocks, ...
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Local Area

La Ciotat - Six-Fours

The bay of La Ciotat affords poor holding ground on a bottom of mud and weed, and vessels are liable to drag during strong winds. Anchorage should be taken within 0.3 mile of the shore in order to get as much shelter as possible from the land and to avoid the steep slope of the bottom ...
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Cassis - Hyères

The Mistral, a violent NW wind, is the most prevalent wind in this area, and at times, adversely affects port operations. The cloudless skies of this area must be attributed to this wind which is usually accompanied by a marked drop in temperature. It is most severe between ...
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Côte d'Azur - French Riviera

The French Riviera (French: Côte d'Azur, Occitan: Còsta Azzura) is part of France's southeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, reaching from Cassis to Menton, at the border with Italy.
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Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
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