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Port Allen Marina (Kauai)

Port Allen Marina (Kauai)



Located in Port Allen on Kauai's south shore, the Port Allen Marina Center serves the local growing visitor and boating industry. The 23,600 square-foot marina center was completed in August 2002 and is home to a diverse range of local retailers, boating tour companies and gift shops.

Port Authority:   Hawaii Department of Transportation
4300 Waialo Road Eleele, HI 96705
United States

Tel (808) 335-2850
Fax (808) 335-9708

Port Allen Marina (Kauai)
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Wahiawa Bay (Kauai)

Wahiawa Bay is a bay in Hawaii, situated between Weli Point and Glass Beach. Wahiawa Bay is close to Port Allen Small Boat Harbor and Eleele Shopping Center.
Excellent anchorage in strong trades. The NE trade wind blows down the bay but the fetch is so short that no chop can develop ...
5 Dec 15

Nawiliwili harbor (Kauai)

Nawiliwili Harbor is home to a small boat harbor and a cruise ship and cargo commercial port.

Located at the mouth of Hule'ia Stream and near Niumalu Beach park, it may look familiar as the backdrop for the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Kalapaki

Beach is located just ...
4 Dec 15

Hanamaulu bay (Kauai)

Just 3 miles north of Nawiliwili is Hanamaulu Bay, an excellent anchorage in westerlies. With no nearby mountains, the winds blow steadily at about the same speed as out at sea.
The bay shoals gradually and predictably to a nice beach park with showers and picnic tables.In westerly ...
5 Dec 15

Ahukini Landing

On the south shore of Hanamaulu bay, semi-protected by a breakwater, is an old warf which was once used for offloading sugar. Now it serves as a place to fish and drink beer.

4 Dec 15

Waimea bay (Oahu Hawaii)

Waimea bay is located in Haleiwa, on the N shore of Oahu, at the mouth of the Waimea river. Waimea valley extends behind Waiema bay.Waiema means "red water" in Hawaiian.Captain Charles Clerke aboard HMS Resolution stopped at Waimea Bay on February 28, 1779. Clerke had shortly before ...
10 Dec 15

Makaha bay (Oahu Hawaii)

This is a huge anchorage directly in front of a wide valley. The valley was use for bombing practice during WWII. You can still see the observation towers used by the military.
Now, however, a fight has erupted between the government and the Hawaiians over the protection of the ...
10 Dec 15

Pokai Bay, Waianae, Oahu


North part of Pokai Bay beach
Central part of Pokai Bay beach
The Waianae Harbor entrance as seen from inside the Pokai Bay breakwater.
Pokai Bay is a small anchorage in an old harbor on the west side of Oahu. Room for about 4 or 5 boats to anchor. Very protected except ...
5 Dec 08

Kahe Point (Oahu Hawaii)

The prominent smoke stcks of the Hawiian Electric power plant are an obvious landmark. The Mehaffy guide claims that the trade winds are "reduced to a whisper".We anchored in about 9 meters of water so clear that ripples on the sand were easily discernable.
While there's not ...
7 Dec 15

Ko Olina Ocean Marina (Oahu Hawaii)

This is the only "real" marina in Hawaii. It has: floating docks a fuel dock laundry showers gas barbecues easy access to swimming lagoons The marina listens on VHF 71 and likes to clear traffic in and out as there is very little manoeuvering room in the chanel. Commercial traffic ...
7 Dec 15

Kanehoe Bay (Oahu Hawaii)

This bay is on the north east coast of Oahu and is protected by the Mokapu Peninsula.
This bay is very calm and sheltered. Together with the crystal clear water, it makes a very attractive anchorage. There are four marinas here as well as four anchorage areas. Anchor in the North ...
9 Dec 15

Heeia Kea Small Boat Harbor (Oahu Hawaii)

Located on the southwestern shore of Kane'ohe Bay.
Adress  46-499 Kamehameha Hwy., Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744Water, toilets, showers, fuel and pump-out facility.
Call the harbour master for berth allocation.Tel: (808) 233-3603
Fax: (808) 233-3602
21 ...
9 Dec 15

Keehi marine center (Oahu Hawaii)

Keehi lagoon is a great place for canoeing and boating since the waters are usually calm in the protected lagoon.Many canoe clubs do their practice session here and outrigger canoe regattas take place from time to time. However, the man-made beach is not suitable for swimming, ...
7 Dec 15
Local Area

Kauai island (Hawaii)

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Island chain, and has some of the most unique geographical, natural beauty of any island on earth.
Aside from the being the wettest place on earth - with an average annual rainfall of 440 inches (over 36.5 feet) - the 553 square mile island ...
4 Dec 15


Hawaii is one of the most isolated group of islands in the world. It's a long way to Hawaii from mainland USA with nothing but open sea between. Winter storms can bring about rough seas and cyclones are a threat in late summer.
Fully serviced marinas are at Honolulu and KoOlina ...
4 Dec 15

NE Pacific Ocean

WindsWinds and currents in the Pacific flow predominantly from East to West. Above the equator Pacific Ocean trade winds blow from the northeast. Below the equator they blow from the southeast. By taking advantage of the different (north and south) directions of the east-flowing winds, ...
25 Oct 17
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