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The Republic of Peru is a country in western South America. It is bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil, on the southeast by Bolivia, on the south by Chile, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.
  Keep a close eye for small fishing boats off the coast of Peru, some were not lit and hard to see on RADAR.


Yachts are required to advise either of the stations at Paita, Callao or Mollendo well in advance of arrival. Call the Marine Authority (TRAMAR) on VHF or HF.
After having entered territorial waters (200 miles), you are expected to proceed directly to an official "port of entry".
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Sites around Peru
Flying distances - Direct line

Isla Salas y Gomez

La isla Sala y Gómez1 o Salas y Gómez2 3 4 (Motu Motiro Hiva en rapanui, «islote del ave en el camino a Hiva») es una isla deshabitada situada en el océano Pacífico suroriental, perteneciente a Chile. Es el límite oriental de la Polinesia y en consecuencia, también de Oceanía.
1 Jan 13

Puerto Villamil (Isabela island)

As you approach Isla Isabela from the east, there is a small island to the south of Villamil in the shape of a half moon, called Isla Tortuga and a small rock to the north of it, called Roca Bura. If you approach the island in the dark, shape a course to go between the two and ...
17 Dec 15

Puerto Velasco Ibarra (Floreana Island)

Anchor in front of Hotel Wittmer, to the right of the Port Captain building off brown sand beach. Lots of rocky areas, but good holding in course sand off this beach. SHE WOLF first tried to anchor closer to Port Captain, but just volcanic rock bottom there.
Dinghy Landing: ...
18 Dec 15

Puerto Seymour (Baltra Island)

On the southwestern shore of Baltra island is a pontoon allowing small ferries to the transfer of passengers and light vehicles Itabaca by the channel to the island Santa Cruz and rally the main city of the archipelago, Puerto Ayora.
Easy entrance. The charts call it Caleta Aiolian, ...
18 Dec 15

Puerto Banquerizo Moreno (Wreck Bay) (San Cristobal I)

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the capital of the province of Galapagos. It is the main port, located on the southwertern tip of San Cristobal island.
Entry Information: On approach, stay clear of the SE point. Come in midway between the North point of land, which has a lighthouse ...
17 Dec 15

El chuncho Pucusana

Small bay on the island of Pucusana .
31 Dec 10

Marina La Punta Callao

Le Yat Club Peruano offre un mois gratuit sur l'une de ses bouées situées en rade, très bien protégée.Tous services.A Lima, on trouve tout ce dont on peut avoir besoin; avitaillement complet à des prix défiants toute concurrence.La pêche est très développée, approvisionnement ...
8 Jun 11

Puerto Del Callao

Harbor and naval base protected by a breakwater.
14 May 11


One of the best Peruvian Spots.
31 Dec 10

Bahia San Nicolas

Small port protected by a breakwater.
14 May 11

Salaverry Pérou

Salaverry, port commercial et de pêche Pas de place à quai qui est réservé aux cargos.Mouillage restreint parmi les barques de pêche et navette au ponton principal par barques-taxi.Avantages et inconvénients liés à la rareté des escales des plaisanciers.Trujillo, ville principale ...
11 Jun 11


14 May 11

Puerto Bolivar

Small port .
15 May 11

Bahia De Matarani

Port protected by a breakwater.
14 May 11

Bahia De Manta

Small port protected by a breakwater.
15 May 11


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22 Mar 11

Faro de Alacran (Arica N Chile)

Au S du port d'Arica, sur l'île d'Alacran, se trouve un phare, tour cylindrique rouge et blanche, haute de 26m. A côté du phare, il y a un vieux fort espagnol, construit pour protéger l’entrepôt royal de Potosi (argent) et le port d'Arica des attaques des pirates. 
26 Sep 17

Puerto de Arica (N Chile)

Arica is a port city which lies at the SE end of the bay of the same name. It is the capital of the province of Arica, in the region of Arica Panaricota. It is known as the "City of Eternal Spring".
It was the scene of one of the most famous episodes of the Pacific War (1879/1884), ...
12 Dec 12

Club nautico de Arica (N Chile)

S Acra commercial harbour is Alacran island connected to the mainland by a road, from is where a small dock. A small  breakwater extends from the island. 100 mooring buoys.
Draught max: 18 m
Length max: 25 m
12 Dec 12

Morro de Arica (N Chile)

Morro de Arica (110 m high) is a hill that falls steeply into the sea, S Arica city. 
During the War of the Pacific (1879-1880) the morro de Arica was taken by Chilean troops in a heroic deed after only one hour of fighting against the Peruvian-Bolivian army. This historical ...
12 Dec 12

Punta Paloma (N Chile)

At about 4 NM of Alacran island, Punta Paloma is projected into the sea from the rocky coast.A big white rock is located on the beach N of the point.
6 Dec 12

Cabo Lobos (Arica N Chile)

Cabo Lobos is dark-colored and steep. It rises to an elevation of about 745 m. A spur, terminating in a hillock, projects from the S side of the cape.
13 Dec 12

Salina Cruz - Puerto Mexico

Port protected by a breakwater.
21 May 11
Local Area

SE Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean, largest and deepest of the world's five oceans, covering more than a third of the earth's surface and containing more than half of its free water. The part south of the equator is called the South
Pacific. The name Pacific, which means peaceful, was given to it by ...
13 Jan 09

Isla de Pascua

Isla de Pascua (en idioma rapanui Rapa Nui, «Rapa grande»4 ) es una isla de Chile ubicada en la Polinesia, en medio del océano Pacífico. Tiene una superficie de 163,6 km², lo que la convierte en la mayor de las islas del Chile insular, y una población de 5034 habitantes, ...
1 Jan 13

Les Îles Pitcairn

Les îles Pitcairn, la dernière colonie britannique dans l'océan Pacifique, est un ensemble de cinq îles d'une superficie totale de 47 km².
Une seule d'entre elles est habitée par une cinquantaine d'habitants (neuf familles), ce qui en fait l'entité politique la moins ...
16 Sep 09

Polynésie Française

La Polynésie française comprend 118 îles réparties en un ensemble de 5 archipels français, situés dans le sud de l'Océan Pacifique, environ 6 000 km à l'est de l'Australie.
Elle comprend:
l'archipel de la Société ( îles du Vent et îles Sous-le-Vent),
l'archipel ...
24 Feb 16


Chile, on the Pacific coast of  S America, is defined by Peru at N, Bolivia at NE and Argentina at E. It extends over 4,300 km long, from Peru to Cape Horn, and 175 km wide on average (350 km to the level of Antofagasta and to the Tropic ...
11 Dec 12

Cook Islands

For those sailing to the Cook Islands, there are four ports of entry.The main entry is at Avarua harbour on the north coast of Rarotonga - fly your Q flag on arrival and a customs rep will meet come aboard.Other official ports of entry are Aitutaki, 140 miles to the north of
Rarotonga, ...
14 Jul 11
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