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Pavas Bay (W India)

Pavas Bay (W India)



Pavas Bay (Paos Bay) is entered S of Pavas Point, Golap Hill, 120m high, lies about 1 mile NE of Pavas Point.
Vessels can anchor in Pavas Bay, in a depth of about 8.5m, mud and sand, sheltered from NW winds.
The coast between Pavas Bay and Purangad Bay, about 5 miles S, consists of rocky tableland and sandy bays, and is free from dangers.
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Purangad Point (W India)

Purangad lighthouse is shown, except during the strength of the Southwest Monsoon, from the N entrance point of Purangad Bay. About 1 mile farther E, a ruined fort stands on a bare hill on the N side of the entrance to the Machkandi River.
Khavri, a mountain 346m high, lies about ...
2 Mar 12

Mudle Shoal (Taylor shoal) (W India)

Mudle Shoal (Taylor Shoal), with a least depth of 1.1m, and marked on its S side by a buoy, lies about 0.7 mile SE of Miyet Point. The sea breaks over this shoal at LW.
2 Mar 12

Vada Mirya (Mirya Donghur) (W India)

Vada Mirya (Mirya Donghur), a high rocky headland, is lighter in color than the adjacent coast, and resembles an island when seen from the N or S. The W end of the headland terminates in steep cliffs. Mirya Peak, 142m high, the conspicuous summit of this headland, lies about 0.5 mile ...
2 Mar 12

Kalabadevi Bay (W India)

Kalbadevi Bay is entered between Sookana Point and Kurne Point.Anchorage may be obtained, in 8m, about 0.7 mile E of Sookana Point and 0.3 mile offshore. Local vessels call here during the Southwest Monsoon.
2 Mar 12

Musakaki Point (W India)

Musakazi Point is about 21m high.
A light is shown from September to May.
2 Mar 12

Wagapur Point (W India)

A light is shown from a tall, white, square, concrete tower with black bands on Wagapur Point; foul ground extends about 0.1 mile WNW of the point.
The coast between Wagapur Point and Vijayadurg Harbor, about 2 miles S, consists of cliffs about 21m high. Holi Hill, 85m high, about ...
2 Mar 12

Warori Bluff point (W India)

Warori Bluff, about 4.5 miles SSE of Ambwah Point, is a conspicuous promontory, 70m high. A light is shown about 0.5 mile SE of the W extremity of Warori Bluff. Good radar returns have been reported from Warori Bluff at 17 miles.
2 Mar 12

Warori Bluff anchorage (W India)

A sheltered anchorage, during the Southwest Monsoon, can be odtain on the N side of Warori Bluff, in 5,5 m.
2 Mar 12

Vijayadurg Harbor (W India)

Vijayadurg Harbor is entered between Burmana Point, 24m high, and a point about 1.5 miles NNE.
Burmana Reef, over which the sea breaks, extends about 0.2 mileWNW and 0.2 mile NNW of Burmana Point. An 8.2m shoal lies about 0.2 mile NW of the same point.
A conspicuous fort stands ...
2 Mar 12

Vijayadurg Point (W India)

Vijayadurg Light is shown from a white steel tower with red horizontal bands on the NE corner of the fort. Vijayadurg, a small village, is situated about 0.8 mile S of the light.Anchorage can be taken in about 0.5 mile NNE of Vijayardurg Light, in 8m, mud.The coast between Vijayadurg ...
2 Mar 12

Jaigarh Bay (W India)

Jaigarh Bay is entered between Jaigarh Head and Bhandarawadi Point, about 1.8 miles NE.
The estuary of the Shastri River, which flows into the head of the bay, forms a sheltered, convenient harbor, fairly easy to access, even during the Southwest Monsoon, for vessels of about 3.4m ...
2 Mar 12

Jaigarh Head (W India)

Jaigarh Head has Karateshwar Point at its NW extremity; this point appears from seaward to be a level and almost barren plateau terminating in steep rocky cliffs. A Hindu temple stands on the steep face of the cliffs. Jaigarh Head has been reported to be a good radar target at 20 ...
2 Mar 12
Local Area

West coast of India

Between Diu Head (from N) and Cape Rama (to S), there is the gulf of Cambay and the largest sea-port on the W coast of India, the port of Mumbai (Bombay), the largest seaport on the W coast of India.
An extensive offshore area is being developed for oil production.
Numerous ...
20 Mar 12

Arabian Sea

Arabian Sea
The Arabian Sea is a northwestern extension of the Indian Ocean, positioned between India, Oman, Pakistan and Yemen, and Cape Guardafui in far northeastern Somalia. The sea connects with the Persian Gulf through the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz. In the southwest, ...
23 Dec 07

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

St George's Islands (W India)

St George’s Islands consists of three islands between 1.5 and 2.5 miles SSW of Marmagao Head.
Grandi Island is the collective name of the two S islands of the group, which are connected by a narrow reef of rock and shingle.
The W of the two islands, 76m high and conical, is ...
4 Mar 12

Karwar Bay (W India)

Karwar Bay is entered between Dayamada Point, the N entrance point of Kalinadi Creek, and Badchidhar Point, the NW extremity of Karwar Head, about 2.8 miles SSW. Karwar Head, with an elevation of 207m, is covered with dense jungle.
The entrance leading to Kalinadi Creek is much ...
5 Mar 12

Binge Bay (W India)

Binge Bay lies between Binaga Point and Arge Cape, 2.5 miles SE.
A restricted area, into which entry is prohibited, extends from a position about 0.5 mile SE of Karwar Head to Kwada Point.
A major naval base, which includes shipbuilding and repairs facilities, is located on ...
6 Mar 12
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