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Pangkor jetty (Malaysia)

Pangkor jetty (Malaysia)



Located E coast of Pulau Pangkor in a shallow bay Port Pangkor, in front of Pangkor village, has a small jetty, with a depth of 6,1 m alongside.


The flood runs S, and the ebb N along the W coast of Pulau Pangkor. taking the direction between Pulau Pangkor and Pulau Pangkor Laut.
In the narrow passage between the two, the current has a rate of 2 to 3.5 knots at springs.


Abreast of Port Pangkor village, there is secure anchorage for vessels of deep draft, and sufficient space for several vessels to moor.
A good anchorage may be obtained, in depths over 16m, mud, with the W edge of East Bank about 0.2 mile E.
East Bank trends parallel to, and fronts the coast of the mainland.
Caution.—Lesser depths than charted have been reported in the dredged part of North West Entrance.

Pangkor Village is a busy little place with lots happening, particularly in the early hours of the morning when fresh produce from fishermen and from mainland are brought in for the local community's daily needs.
Toward the end of the village, on the left from the jetty, a few 'kedai kopi' (coffee shops) cater to the local malaysian folk who frequent the place for their breakfast and a little bit of the local gossip. The 'Kuih Badak' is a nice snack to go with a cup of steaming local kopi (coffee).

Pangkor jetty (Malaysia)
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Pulau Pangkor (Malaysia)

Off the coast of perak State, north of Selangor , lies a cluster of fabulous islands with unquestionably some of the best coves and beaches on the western coast of peninsular Malaysia.
Among them, two islands predominate in terms of accessibility, infrastructure and development ...
21 Dec 11

Sungai Pinang Kecil jetty (Pangkor) (Malaysia)

The jetty is in front of the fishing village where is a mosque.
22 Dec 11

Pangkor (Pangkur) Marina

40 - 65 units Werberths. Minimum 30' to 100' vessels60 - 80 units Hardstands. Minimum 30' to 100' vessels
8 Aug 19

Pulau Mentangor (Pangkor) (Malaysia)

Mentangor is a large uninhabited island along S of Teluk Nipah.There were nothing worth highlighting on the island except the scenes of rocky coast and some tiny beaches.
Next to it is the smaller, tiny Coral island with shallow water.
21 Dec 11

Lumut Malaysian navy (Perak) (Malaysia)

Lumut is a coastal town in the state of Perak in Malaysia and is the gateway to Pangkor island.
It is a quaint little town famous for its beautiful seashell and coral handicrafts.
This once little-known fishing town has since become the Lumut home biggest base of the Royal Malaysian ...
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Pulau Giam (Pangkor) (Malaysia)

Pulau Giam is located in the middle of Nipah bay. It's a steep wooded islet.
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Nipah Bay (Pangkor) (Malaysia)

Western Anchorage is entered between Tanjong Nipah and the W extremity of Pulau Mentangor, about 1 mile SSW.A good anchorage may be obtained in Western anchorage, in a depth of about 10m, 0.25 mile WNW of Pulau Giam.

21 Dec 11

Teluk Belanga (Pangkor) (Malaysia)

Teluk Belanga, the NNW bight, afford an anchorage in the center, in a depth of 8m, shoaling gradually to the shore.
21 Dec 11

Lumut jetty (Perak - Malaysia)

It is a daily ferry services, every half hour a time, about 30 minutes trip to Pangkok island.
28 Dec 11

Marina Wing (Lumut Perak) (Malaysia)

The Lumut Waterfront is a recently new build park on the north side of the little town of Lumut, next to the Lumut is the International Yacht Club or marina Wing.Yachts can berth at the International Yacht Club Marina or anchor off and, for a charge, use their facilities.
There ...
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Pulau Tukun Perak (Faiway Rock) (Malaysia)

Pulau Tukun Perak (Fairway Rock) 5.5m high lies about 4 miles SSW of Southeast Point on Pulau Pangkor.
A wreck, with a depth of 9.5m, lies 1.75 miles ENE of Pulau Tukum Perak.
23 Dec 11

Tanjong Katak (Perak Malaysia)

Tanjong Katak is low and continues to the entrance of the Sungai Perak (Perak River), located about 14 miles SSE of Pulau Pangkor.
23 Dec 11
Local Area

Pulau Pangkor (Malaysia)

Off the coast of perak State, north of Selangor , lies a cluster of fabulous islands with unquestionably some of the best coves and beaches on the western coast of peninsular Malaysia.
Among them, two islands predominate in terms of accessibility, infrastructure and development ...
21 Dec 11

Tanjung Piandang to Port Kelang (Malaysia)

There is a practically continuous strip of mangrove forest, which varies in width from 0.5 mile to 8 miles between Tanjung Piandang and Tanjung Batu, about 41 miles S.
These mangroves are generally creeping seaward as the deposits from the muddy creeks increase.
Extensive mud ...
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Strait of Malacca (East)

The Strait of Malacca is a narrow, 805 km stretch of water between the Malay Peninsula (Peninsular Malaysia) and the Indonesian island of Sumatra.Singapore Strait is the area lying between the S coasts of Malaysia and Singapore Island on the N side and the coast of Sumatera on ...
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Sumatra W coast (Indonesia)

On the W coast of Sumatera there is a high, rocky coast, or if there is a strip of sand by the sea, the land rises rapidly behind it to the neighboring hills.
Numerous small streams discharge their waters on the W coast, but most of them are barred and only navigable by small craft. ...
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Sumatra (Indonesia)

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands.
The longest axis of the island runs approximately 1,790 km (1,110 mi) northwest-southeast, crossing the equator near the centre. At its widest point the island spans ...
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Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
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