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Otok Piskera Kornati

Otok Piskera Kornati



Piškera (known as Jadra) is a small uninhabited island and one of the Kornati island. Its area is 2,66 km². Its coastline is 10,64 km long. It is just off the SW coast of O. Kornat, about 3 NM of Vrulje.

There are two islands and some reefs on the S coast.
O. Panitula Vela, the larger of two islands, home a marina with 150 berths operated by ACI Club is located on the island, (in the passage between the islands Piškera and Panitula Vela) on the N side of the islet Panitula Vela) open between March and October every year.

Shallow: in the passage between the island Piškera and the islet Veseljuh (along NE side of the island; depth only 2 m).

Warning: from the other side of the island (opposite the marina) there is a cliff Kamičić along which is from its E side one reef.

Piskera (connu sous le nom Jadra) est une petite île inhabitée et une des îles Kornati. Sa superficie est de 2,66 km². Son littoral est de 10,64 km de long. Elle est juste à côté de la côte SW de O. Kornat, à environ 3 NM de Vrulje.

Il y a deux îles et quelques roches sur la côte S.
O. Panitula Vela, la plus grande des deux îles, abrite une marina avec 150 places exploitée par l'ACI Club est située sur l'île, (dans le passage entre les îles et Piskera Panitula Vela, sur le côté N de l'îlot de Vela Panitula). Elle est  ouverte entre Mars et Octobre chaque année.

Profondeur: dans le passage entre l'île et la Piskera Veseljuh îlots (le long du côté nord de l'île, profondeur seulement 2 m).

Attention: à partir de l'autre côté de l'île (en face de la marina) il y a une falaise Kamičić le long de laquelle se trouve un rocher sur son côté E.
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Sites around Otok Piskera Kornati
Flying distances - Direct line

Otok Murter

The island of Murter is the largest island of the Sibenik archipelago. It is close to the coast on which it is connected by a bridge, low air draft at Tijesno (Tisno) on the continent. During the summer the bridge opens to allow passage of boats.
The NW part of the island is fertile ...
3 Apr 11

Otok Zirje (Sibenik)

Otok Zirje is the farthest and the largest island in the Sibenik archipelago.
It is long of 6,5 NM (NW/SE) and 1,4 NM wide.
The main village, Zirje, is located in the middle of the island. A small port, luka Muna, on the coast N of Zirje, home to the ferry that connects the ...
16 Aug 11

Vrgadski Kanal

Vrgadski Kanal, 7 miles long, leads between Otok Murter and Otok Vrgada and is the principal channel used in the S approach to Pasmanski Kanal and Zadar.
Vessels with a maximum draft of 6.4m may pass through Pasmanski Kanal. Vessels with drafts over 6.4m must either proceed through ...
16 Jul 11

Novigradsko More

Novigradsko More, a landlocked bay, lies at the S end of Novsko Zdrilo and provides good anchorage.
Rijeka Zrmanja flows into the bay at the E side. This river is navigable by small craft as far as the village of Obrovca, 6 miles above the mouth.
Luka Novigrad, a narrow inlet, ...
23 Jul 11

Kanal Nove Povljane Vir

Kanal Nove Povljane, entered between Otok Vir and the SE end of Otok Pag, leads 5 miles SE into Ninski Zaliv.
Shoals at the inner end of this channel restrict the fairway to a width of about 250m, with a controlling depth of 8m. Vessels with a draft of over 6m are advised not to ...
23 Jul 11

Rivanjski Kanal

Rivanjski Kanal continues NW from the N end of Srednji Kanal and leads between Otok Rivanj andOtok Sestrunj.
It is generally used by vessels proceeding between Srednji and Zadarski Kanals.
Otocic Tri Sestrice, a group of islets and rocks, extend up to 2 miles NW of Rt Zanavin, ...
9 Sep 11

Otocic Lavsa Kornati

O. Lavsa is located about 4 NM close S O. Kornat.There is a good anchorage in Uvala Lavsa.
18 Jul 11

ACI Marina Piskera Kornati

Long and narrow island to the NW of Lavsa Otok. There are two islands and a few rocks on the coast of S. Panitula Otok Vela, the largest of two islands is home to the ACI Marina Piskera.
Coming from Kornatski kanal, it passes between O. Lavsa and O. Piskera.
From the off, it ...
18 Jul 11

Uvala Lopatica (Gujak) (Kornat)

Located NW of Uvala Opat.Anchor NE Rt Guljika on sandy bottom, holds well.
Good shelter except of SE.
16 Jul 11

Uvala Lavsa

Uvala Lavsa is a deep inlet located N of the island.
Inside the depth back to 4 m in front of the restaurant and the villas of the E coast.
Please note the extreme bottom of the inlet is shallow and rocky.
This anchorage is permitted for the night.
You can anchor in front ...
18 Jul 11

Otok Kaprije (Sibenik)

Kaprije is located in the central part of the Sibenik archipelago between the islands Zmajan and Kakan.
The highlight of the island is Vela Glavica (132 m).
The only village of the island is Kaprije, S. The port is busy.
Automobiles are not allowed on the island.
16 Aug 11

Luka Vrulje (Kornat)

Vrulje bay is divided in two branche, W one and E one with a small seasonal settlement.
Vrulje Vrulje takes its name from an underwater source in the W of the bay. The pretty little village surrounded by docks is easily recognizable.Central and W part of the bay: exposed to jugo.We ...
16 Jul 11
Local Area

Otok Kornat (Kornati)

The island of Kornat is the largest island of the group of islands that create the National Park Kornati, it gave its name to the archipelago.
Kornat, with several prominent peaks, lies SE of Dugi Otok and is separated from it by Prolaz Proversa, a narrow channel, which is obstructed ...
16 Jul 11


The Kornati archipelago is a group of islands located in the center of the Dalmatian coast, south of Zadar, between Zadar and Sibenik. This is the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean, it has 150 islands and islets (most uninhabited) on an area of ​​320 km ². Croatian ...
15 Jul 11

Srednji Kanal

Srednji Kanal, also known as Middle Channel, has sufficient depths for large vessels. However, it is little used except by vessels proceeding between Sibenik and Zadar which are unable to navigate Pasmanski Kanal.
The channel is entered between Otocic Kosara (43°53'N., 15°24'E.) ...
16 Jul 11

Dalmacija (Dalmatie)

Dalmatia (Croatian Dalmacija, Italian Dalmazzia) is a coastal region of Croatia along the Adriatic, stretching from the island of Pag in the northwest, the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro) to the south East.
It extends 350 km along the east coast of the Adriatic Sea about 60 km wide, ...
28 Mar 11


Winds:Do not underestimate the winds, especially bura (bora) in the Gulf of Kvarner and the Velebit channel. Other winds are more "lenient" but their strength varies in intensity from north to south along the coast. For example, the "Mistral" (Mistral) which is especially nice ...
19 Aug 11

Adriatic East

Winds—WeatherBora is the name of the cold and dry NE or N wind which blows with great strength and affects the Adriatic Sea in the cool season. It is much less frequent and generally much weaker in summer. This wind is felt strongly along both sides of the Adriatic and is especially ...
30 Jul 11
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