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Marine de Nonza

Marine de Nonza



Marine de Nonza is an open bay surrounded by a wide stony beach dominated by Nonza village in the south.
Tower Nonza is a square building, built of stone and slate. This remarkable tower is 167 meters on a cliff (called "Monte") overlooking the sea and the village, on the west coast of Cap Corse.
Unlike other coastal towers it is not "genoese" because it was built in 1757 on orders from Paoli to suveiller the entry of the Gulf of St Florent.

Anchorage of good weather only.

Marine de Nonza
La marine de Nonza est une baie ouverte, bordée d'une plage de galets noirs dominée par le village du même nom au S.
 La tour de Nonza est un édifice carré, construit en pierre et en schiste. Cette tour remarquable s'élève à 167 m sur une falaise (nommée "Monte") qui domine la mer et le village, sur la côte occidentale du Cap Corse. 
Contrairement aux autres tours littorales cette dernière n'est pas "génoise" car elle fut construite en 1757 sur ordre de Paoli afin de suveiller l'entrée du golfe de St Florent.

Mouillage de beau temps uniquement.
Marine de Nonza
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Cap Sagro - Bastia

Capo Sagro is located at 11 NM. S Finocchiarola islands. He has a signal station and a semaphore rises N of it.
Mount Merizatodio, 778 m high, is 1.5 MN to W Cape and dominates the immediate area. The village of Erbalunga, situated 1.5 miles SSW of Capo Sagro, stands on the S ...
6 May 12

Isola Capraia

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Golfe de St Florent

The Gulf of Saint Florent form a large body of water open to the North to NW winds, but sheltered by the mountains Libeccio of Balagne.
Strong wind blows from east sometimes jump off the mountain which is extended by the Cap Corse and a rise in the Gulf chop rather unpleasant.
The ...
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Marine d'Albo

At about 5 km North of Nonza, the pebble beach of the Albo marina lies up to a beautiful genoese tower.The setting is beautiful, but swimming can be dangerous if the sea is agitated.Marina Albo is S from the tip of Canelle and from the old asbestos factory located on the montainside.Open ...
5 May 12

Marine de Negru

Marine de Negru is a tiny village set by a stony beach dominated by a Genoese Tower and a bridge with 2 arches. It is located in the middle of nature reserve that stretches from the Genoese tower of Farinole south to the tower Paoline Nonza tower north.Anchor by good weather only.
6 May 12

Marine de Farinole

Marina Farinole marks the beginning of the west coast of Cap Corse.Sandy beach nice and uncrowded.

A Genoese tower surrounded by two beaches, marking the southern tip of a fishing preserve.
On the ridge there are antennas transmitters Pigno.
6 May 12

Marine de Canelle

It is located north of a larger production site asbestos closed today. Production was 25,000 tons in 60 years.
The jetty and slipway were built around 1930.

Navy very open, not conducive to anchorage.
5 May 12

Anse de Cadarelli

Two anchorages between the "Grotta di u Banditu" and the "Punta di Saeta".Shelter from NE wind at S of the "Grotta di u Banditu", but the anchorage is limited for the great boats in case of avoidance.
The surrounding area is healthy and we anchor by 5m on sand bottom.

Wide ...
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Marine de Giottani

Small harbor marked by a chicane at the entrance to properly break the swell. It has a slip and is accessible only to small boats.
Harbor and anchorage sheltered from the easterly winds but open to the swell of West. At the hamlet, a restaurant and a small ...
5 May 12

Plage d'Olzo Saint Florent

1 Jan 70

Punta Vecchiaia

Pointe Vecchiaia is marked near its extremity by a pyramid.A light is shown from a structure, 5m high, standing 0.5 mile E of this pyramid.The night down to St. Florent, stay in the white lighthouse of Punta Vecchiaia to avoid the pitfall of Tignosu. Basically you can see the ...
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Cap Sagro

Located between Marines de Sisco and Erbalunga, this point is well known to divers.
Cape Sagro is an anchorage where the ancient Roman fleet landed the goods for this part of Cap Corse.

This site is of outstanding beauty and it is not unusual to see diving teams of experienced ...
1 May 12
Local Area

St Florent - Centuri - West of Cap Corse

Saint Florent is on the W coast of Cap Corse.
W coast of Cap Corse is rocky and provides only shelter that the small port of Centuri, near the end of the peninsula.
The Gulf of Saint Florent opens to the N between the root of Cap Corse E and the rocky desert Agriates to W, which ...
6 May 12

Cap Corse

Cap Corse (Corsica Capicorsu) is a peninsula located north-east of Corsica. Its inhabitants, the Capcorsins, call it "the island within an island" ("l'Isula inde l'Isula").

Cap Corse is a mountain in the sea which was called by the Romans "the sacral promontory." Its strategic ...
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Corse - Corsica

Corsica is a French owned island with a strong sense of identity and pride. Corsica is beautiful, unspoilt and old-fashioned, and with its white sands, mountainous cliffs and transparent water, it is the perfect getaway destination. Although it is strongly influenced by ...
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Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
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Golfe de St Florent

The Gulf of Saint Florent form a large body of water open to the North to NW winds, but sheltered by the mountains Libeccio of Balagne.
Strong wind blows from east sometimes jump off the mountain which is extended by the Cap Corse and a rise in the Gulf chop rather unpleasant.
The ...
6 May 12
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