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Marina di Stintino (Sardegna)

Marina di Stintino (Sardegna)



WP 40° 56', 12N 08° 13', 97E



The harbour Marina of Stintino is located below the jetty of the port of Stintino, is equipped with floating and fixed docks complete with water and electricity



Shoal in front beacon light, between the coast and the beacon itself


Access time

See Regulation



Wait at the entrance of the harbor, contact the Marina through VHF channel 09. Observe the maximum speed as three knots, give priority to the boats getting out


Headlights and taillights

1432 (E1134) - fixed a flashing red beacon, period 4 sec., Range 4 M on dry 400m. ESE of the church tower

1433 (E 1134.4) - beacon flashes green, period 4 sec., Range 8 M on the head of the breakwater


Sea floor

Algae and mud.


Depths at the quay

From 1.6 to 11 meters



VHF Channel 09



320 in total


Maximum length


 The nearest safe harbours

Porto Torres, Cala Reale (Asinara)


Tel. +393347404583


Tel. +39079523180

Marina di Stintino (Sardegna)
our website is you can take most infos from there.

our phone numbers are 0039 079 523180 and 0039 334 7404583

VHF channel 9

open all year round

WP 40 ° 56 ' , 12N 08 ° 13' , 97E
Le port de plaisance de Marina di Stintino se trouve près de la jetée du port de Stintino et est équipé d'un quai fixe et des quais flottants complète avec de l'eau potable et de l'électricité et
Sec en face du phare de lumière , entre la côte et le phare lui-même
Temps d'accès
voir les règles
Attendez embouchure du port , avec le canal VHF 09 port . Respecter la vitesse de moins de trois noeuds et partir plus tôt pour élaborer sortie
Phares et balises
1432 ( E1134 ) - . Gyrophare rouge fixe , période de 4 sec , rang 4 M sur 400m sec . ESE de la tour de l'église
1433 ( E 1134,4 ) - . Clignotant vert clair, période de 4 sec , rang 8 M sur la tête de la digue
plancher de la mer
Algues et de boue.
Contextes quai
De 1,6 à 3 - les transits de quai de 4 à 10 - dans le port de 1,6 à 11 M
VHF canal 09
320 dont 50 en transit
longueur maximale
Vents de près
Grecale - Levante
Jugo - Scirocco
Le coffre-fort le plus proche
Porto Torres , de la Royal Rada ( Asinara )
Tel +393347404583
e-mail :
Tel +39079523180

Marina di Stintino (Sardegna)

WP 40° 56', 12N 08° 13', 97E


Il porticciolo turistico Marina di Stintino è situato a ridosso del molo di sopraflutto del porto di Stintino ed è dotato di pontili galleggianti e banchina fissa completi di acqua potabile ed ed energia elettrica


Secca antistante meda luminosa tra la costa e la meda stessa


Orario di accesso
Vedere Regolamento


Aspettare all’imboccatura del porto, contattare il servizio porto sul VHF, canale 09. Rispettare la velocità inferiore ai tre nodi e lasciare la precedenza alle imbarcazioni in uscita


Fari e fanali
1432 (E1134) - meda fissa a lampi rossi, periodo 4 sec., portata 4 M sulla secca 400m. a ESE dal campanile della chiesa
1433 (E 1134.4) - fanale a lampi verdi, periodo 4 sec., portata 8 M sulla testata del molo di sopraflutto


Fondo marino
Alghe e fango.


Fondali in banchina
Da 1,6 a 3 - al pontile transiti da 4 a 10 - in porto da 1.6 a 11 M


VHF-Canale 09


Posti barca
320 di cui 50 al transito


Lunghezza massima


Venti di ridosso
Grecale - Levante


Libeccio - Scirocco


Rade sicure più vicine
Porto Torres, Rada della Reale (Asinara)

Marina di Stintino (Sardegna)
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Area Marina Protetta di Capo Caccia - I. Piana (Sardegna)

The park begins at Capo Galera to continue toward the gulf of Porto Conte that is protected by two promontories, Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia-Monte Timidone. The marine protected area embraces the stretch of sea to the north-west of Punta Cristallo.Almost all of the park consists ...
20 Nov 12

Stintino - Porto Mannu (Sardegna)

Super small fishing village composed of two deep 'Calas'.

South Porto Minore frequented by fishermen.
North Porto Mannu, friendly little marina.Mannu Port: can be used by vessels with 2.3 m Max draft. 300 b. incl. 30 visit.(<13 m) T./F. 523381Mail: stintino@guardiacostiera.itThe ...
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Stintino - Porto Minore (Sardegna)

Port Stintino arises from a peninsula that is split into two parts: the N (Mannu port) and the S (Minore port).

Port Minore: depths are not high. Access is dangerous because is a shoal between the lighthouse and the city.

110 b.  (<30 m)
Quay depth: 0,40 à ...
21 Nov 12

Isola Piana (Stintino Sardegna)

Piana Island (23 m high) can ideally be considered as the link between Stintino Peninsula, bordered to the north by Capo Falcone and the island of Asinara. Its name comes from the flatness and surface low and steady. It is close to nearby beaches of Pelosa and Pelosetta, of Stintino.
The ...
21 Nov 12

Punta Negra (Stintino Sardegna)

Punta Negra is the first tip to SE Falcone Cape. It is the end of the S passage of Pelosa. It is low and overwhelmed by rocks.
21 Nov 12

Torre delle Saline (Stintino Sardegna)

La torre delle Saline, is a part of fortified structures which, since the Middle Ages until the mid-nineteenth century, formed the defensive system of warning and communication of Sardinian coast.

The tower is located on the edge of the sea at the north end of the beach ...
22 Nov 12

Rada di Alghero (W Sardegna)

Rada di Alghero is entered between S, the town of Alghero and N, capo Galera.The E shore of this bay is low and sandy, and the W shore is hilly and rocky.
An undulating coastal plain, partly under cultivation, lies immediately inland of the head of this bay.This bay is open to ...
16 Nov 12

YC L'Ancora Stintino (Sardegna)

The small harbour is located at about 0,9 MN WNW of Punta Negra. It is private, but visitors can found berth towards the end of the breakwater.
The club is friendly and the place really nice.
The sandy bottom is good holding.Beautiful sandy beach.Depth: de 0,60 à 1,80 m
Tel: 079.527085 ...
21 Nov 12

Baia della Pelosa (Stintino Sardegna)

It is possible to anchor in Pelosa pass, except with E winds. In this case we can take refuge in Stintino port.
21 Nov 12

Baia dell'isola Piana (Asinara Sardegna)

This bay is fantastic! You can spend the night at anchor in tranquility, by 4/5 m of sandy bottom with some rocks.
21 Nov 12

Passaggio della Pelosa (Stintino Sardegna)

It is the S passage of Isola Piana. It is avaible only to small craft.
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Torre del Falcone (Stintino Sardegna)

Falcone tower (1577) is a tower  that is part of the fortified structures which, from the Middle Ages to the mid-nineteenth century, formed the defensive system of warning and communication of the coast of Sardinia.

It is situated at the top of Falcone cape, at 189 m a.s.l.
21 Nov 12
Local Area

Golfo dell'Asinara

The Gulf Asinara opens between Caprara tip, N-terminus of Asinara island, and Tramontana point. Meanwhile W is formed by Asinara island. Its S side is low and sometime swampy.S Punta Negra Stintino harbour offers a good shelter.Between the coast and Asinara island, is Piana island, ...
22 Nov 12

Sardegna North West

The Gulf of Asinara has no particular difficulty outside the Mistral blows particularly hard.
The Asinara was declared National Park and homes a penitentiary. The Fornelli pass, located between Asinara island and Piana island, can be very dangerous in rough seas and at ...
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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia was made a self-governing region of Italy in 1948.
Sardinia offers coves and beaches relatively quiet. In the North as in the South the sailor will find there many anchorages.
The northern beaches are ...
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Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
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Isola dell' Asinara (Sardegna)

Asinara is the second largest island of Sardinia after Sant'Antioco. A Marine Reserve was created arounds the island and the Fornelli passage.
This island has been declared National Parc. It is a narrow territory stretching from North to South, with a very indented coastline, which ...
7 May 14
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