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Luka Velji Lago Lastovo

Luka Velji Lago Lastovo



Luka Velji Lago is a deep cove lined by O. Lastovo to E & O. Prezba the N and W.
The entrance is on the W coast of Lastovo.
The different parts of the cove are sheltered from all winds.
From the S, through the middle between O. Bratin and Lastovo, continue heading N until the buoy without fire marking the shoal off Rt Curfs is abeam. Viere while passing N of the buoy.
Coming from N, attention to the area of shoals covered by 5 m, extending up to 0.3 m W Otocic pod Mrcaru (fire).
SW to S are two other larger shoals.
At approximately 1.6 NM WSW O. Mrcara there is an island without a fire surrounded by shoals.
Once past O. Mrcara can go to N or S O. Bratin and enter the port via the N of the buoy without fire on the S side of the entrance at Rt Cuf.
Several anchorages are possible in this cove.
Luka Velji Lago est une anse profonde bordée par O. Lastovo à l'E et O. Prezba au N et à l'W.

L'entrée se trouve sur la côte W de Lastovo.
Les différentes parties de l'anse sont abritées de tous les vents.

En venant du S, passer au milieu entre O. Bratin et Lastovo, continuer cap au N jusqu'à ce que la bouée sans feu marquant le haut-fond au large de Rt Curf soit par le travers. Viere alors en passant au N de la bouée.
En venant par le N, attention à la zone de hauts-fonds couverte par 5 m, s'étendant jusqu'à 0,3 m à l'W de Otocic pod Mrcaru (feu).
Au SW au S se trouvent deux autres hauts-fonds plus importants.
A environ 1,6 NM à l'WSW d'O. Mrcara, il y a un îlot sans feu entouré de hauts-fonds.

Une fois passé O. Mrcara on peut passer au N ou au S d'O. Bratin et entrer dans le port en passant au N de la bouée sans feu sur la rive S de l'entrée au niveau de Rt Cuf.

Plusieurs mouillages sont possibles dans cette anse.

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Otok Kopiste Lastovo

L'île Kopiste appartient au groupe d'îles du parc naturel de Lastovo. Elle est située à l'W de Lastovo après O. Przba et O. Mrcara dont elle est séparée par le canal de Zaplja.
Elle est entourée de trois îlots: O. Bijelac, O. Pod Kopiste et O Crnac.
11 May 11

Otok Prezba

Prežba is a small uninhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, located northwest of the island of Lastovo in southern Dalmatia.
It is connected to Lastovo by a bridge at the village of Pasadur on Lastovo.
Prežba's area is 2.81 km², but its coastline ...
11 May 11

Uvala Vela Luka Korcula

Zaljev Vela Luka is a large bay on the E O. Korcula. Many coves occupy the bay. At the bottom of it is the port of Vela Luka, an active and well sheltered.
Easily identifiable by day or night, you can enter this great bay in all weather.
Dangers in the general approach are the ...
21 May 11

Otocic Mrcara Lastovo

Mrcara  is one of 46 islands and islets that consist the Archipelago of the Island Lastovo.  It is part of Lastovo Nature Park, it is the "bird island" which has an area of 147 ha of which 90% is covered with forest.
Mrcara is about 2,5 miles away from Ubli, the Port ...
12 May 11

Uvala Kremena Prezba

Uvala Kremena is a cove located N Rt Kremena on Luka Velji Lago.We anchor by 15 m near the shore.
10 May 11

Luka Jurjeva Prezba

The bay, once occupied by the Navy Military lies northwest of Lago luka Velji. A jetty about 20 m long occupied the bottom of the bay.
In the southwestern part of the bay there is a slipway for seaplanes and a shallow area where the rocks emerge.
You can anchor the middle of ...
11 May 11

Luka Mali Lago Lastovo

Luka Mali Lago is situated on the coast N of O. Lastovo. The bay is bordered by the Lastovo S, E and N, and O. Prezba to W.
Shallower than Luka Velji Lago, it communicates with it by a channel for boats with low TE and a low road bridge.
Can moor at the marina Solitudo near ...
11 May 11

Marina and Loding Solitudo Lastovo

That marina is located N of Luka Velji Lago, in front of Solitudo hotel.Tel: (020) 805 002
Fax: (020) 805 014
10 May 11

Luka Ubli Lastovo

There is a berth for Ferry Dock Ubli (input port summer) in the SE corner of Luka Velji Lago.
Dock at the facility, NE of the fuel berth. This is a temporary location for the customs formalities only.
10 May 11

Uvala Zaklopatica Lastovo

This bay is located on the N side of Lastovo. It is sheltered behind the island of Poklopac and is protected from all winds except NE.
It enters through E of the island in the deep channel of 7 m.
You can anchor the middle of the bay by 13 to 15 m. Towards the end of the bay ...
11 May 11

Otok Susac Lastovo

Otok Susac rises to heights of 82m in the SW part and 239m in the NE part. From a distance, this island appears as two islets. Its sides are partly wooded, cliffy, and steep-to.
The eastern part is shallow and ideal for swimming. The southern part and the part of south-west are ...
11 May 11

Uvala Skrivena Luka Lastovo

Skrivena Luka means Hidden bay. It is a village and small bay on the southern coast of the island of Lastovo. Skrivena Luka is also known as "Portorus" . This bay is so secluded that it is not possible to see it from the open seas.
The cape Struga, that forms the eastern part ...
10 May 11
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Dalmacija (Dalmatie)

Dalmatia (Croatian Dalmacija, Italian Dalmazzia) is a coastal region of Croatia along the Adriatic, stretching from the island of Pag in the northwest, the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro) to the south East.
It extends 350 km along the east coast of the Adriatic Sea about 60 km wide, ...
28 Mar 11


Winds:Do not underestimate the winds, especially bura (bora) in the Gulf of Kvarner and the Velebit channel. Other winds are more "lenient" but their strength varies in intensity from north to south along the coast. For example, the "Mistral" (Mistral) which is especially nice ...
19 Aug 11

Adriatic East

Winds—WeatherBora is the name of the cold and dry NE or N wind which blows with great strength and affects the Adriatic Sea in the cool season. It is much less frequent and generally much weaker in summer. This wind is felt strongly along both sides of the Adriatic and is especially ...
30 Jul 11

Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is a body of water separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula, and is a part of the Mediterranean Sea. The western coast is Italian, while the eastern coast runs mostly along Croatia, but lesser parts belong to Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, ...
16 Jul 12

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Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
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