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Lhaviyani (Faadhippolu) atoll (Maldives)

Lhaviyani (Faadhippolu) atoll (Maldives)



With a length of 35 km and a width of 37 km, this atoll has about 50 islands, of which only five are inhabited.
Most are large, they are all located on the outer edge of the atoll.
Nearly half of the population of the atoll (8000 inhabitants) lives on the island of Naifaru, the capital.

The main activity is fishing, an atoll is well known to divers.

The depths in the lagoon are moderate and the bottom is sandy; there are many drying and submerged coral heads with depths of 1.8 to 3.7m.

Tidal currents set strongly through the openings into the lagoon.

D'une longueur de 35 km et d'une largeur de 37 km, cet atoll regroupe environ 50 îles, dont 5 seulement sont habitées. 
La plupart sont vastes, elles sont toutes situées sur le bord extérieur de l'atoll. 

Près de la moitié de la population de l'atoll (8000 habitants) vit sur l'île de Naifaru, la capitale.

L'activité essentielle est la pêche, c'est un atoll bien connu des plongeurs.

Les profondeurs dans le lagon sont modérées et le fond est sablonneux; il y a de nombreux coraux immergés et émergés à des profondeurs de 1,8 à 3,7 m.

Marées-Courants.-des courrants de marée entrent avec force par les passes qui pénètrent dans le lagon.

Lhaviyani (Faadhippolu) atoll (Maldives)
Lhaviyani (Faadhippolu) atoll (Maldives)
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Sites around Lhaviyani (Faadhippolu) atoll (Maldives)
Flying distances - Direct line

Barrier reef from Difuri to Aligau (Fadiffolu)

The barrier reef, with several islets on it, extends about 7 miles ESE to Difuri (Divepure), at the NE end of the atoll.
From Difuri, an unbroken line of barrier reef curves SW to Aligau, at the S extremity of the atoll; several islets are on this section of reef.
During ...
5 Nov 11

From Lowalfuri to Dehu (Fadiffolu)

From Lowalfuri, the barrier reef, enclosing several islets, extends about 7 miles NW to Dehu, a group of islets.
Several good channels lead into the lagoon between the islets on the barrier reef.
5 Nov 11

Aligau pass (Fadiffolu)

There is a wide opening into the atoll between Aligau and Lowalfuri, about 3.5 miles NNW; the islet of Madewaru lies near the middle of the opening.
5 Nov 11

From Mavaidu to Hurawali (Fadiffolu)

BetweenMavaidu and Hurawali, about 4.5 miles NE, several islets and detached reefs lie some distance SE of the enclosing reef. There are several channels into the lagoon between islets in this section of the atoll.
5 Nov 11

Barrier reef from Kanifushi to Madivaru (Fadiffolu)

From Kanifuri (Kanifushi), the barrier reef extends about 7 miles NNE to Fallwaru (Madivaru).The islet of Naifaru, the most densely populated of the atoll lies on the reef about 2 miles SSW of Fallwaru. It is the capital of Lhaviyani (Fadiffolu) atoll. The total ...
5 Nov 11

Fehingili (Fadiffolu)

Fehingili (or Kuredu) is the N islet of the Lhaviyani atoll. There is an opening into the lagoon between Fehingili and Kuredu, about 0.8 mile W; there are moderate depths in the entrance, but about 0.8 mile within the opening, some reefs lie in the fairway.It ...
4 Nov 11

Furifaro (Fadiffolu)

Furifaro, about 4 miles SSE of Fehingili, lies in the center of an opening into the lagoon. 
The islet, with a rocky shoal close NW, lies on a reef.Furifaro is a kitesurf spot.
4 Nov 11

Kanifuri (Fadiffolu)

Kanifuri (Kanifushi), about 2 miles W of Dehu, forms the W extremity of the atoll.
5 Nov 11

Ma Faro (Maafaru) (S Miladummadulu)

Ma Faro (Maafaru), a reef, lies about 4.5 miles SE of Kuludu.
An island of the same name occupies the S part of this reef on the seaward side.
3 Nov 11

Kardiva (Kashidhoo) island

Kardiva is the ancient Sanskritised name of Kaashidhu Island. This island lies towards the eastern end of the Kardiva channel and gives its name to it.Kardiva, 2.9 km in length and around 1 km in width, the island covers an area of 2.75 km², formerly known as Karidu, was thickly ...
9 Nov 11

Manadhoo (S Miladummadulu)

Manadhoo close within the lagoon between Ma Faro and Edu Faro is profusely covered in vegetation, including coconut palms, banyan, breadfruit, and almond.Good anchorage may be obtained on the N or S side of Manadu according to the season.A boat channel passes ...
3 Nov 11

Maduni Faro and Vaadhoo (N Malosmadulu)

Maduni Faro, a lagoon reef, lies at the N of the atoll. Vaadhoo lies about 3 NM ESE of Maduni Faro, at the S end of a large lagoon reef.A wide opening into the lagoon lies between Maduni Faro and Wadu; it is free of known dangers in the middle of the fairway, with depths ...
6 Nov 11
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The Republic of Maldives is a SW Asian country. The population of the Islamic Republic is about 300 000 inhabitants. The capital is Male. The language "Devehi" comes in part from an ancient form of Sri Lancans mixed with Hindi, Arabic and English. English is the ...
16 Nov 11

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

Malosmadulu Atoll (Maldives)

Malosmadulu Atoll consists of North Malosmadulu Atoll and South Malosmadulu Atoll, which are separated by Moresby Channel, about 1.8 miles wide.
These two atolls are similar in character, their W sides being composed of a series of lagoon reefs, some prominent and ...
8 Nov 11

Miladummadulu Atoll

Miladummadulu Atoll contains about 100 islands and islets lying principally on the E side; over 40 of these were populated in 1970, and almost all are wooded, with palms predominating.
Miladummadulu Atoll lies on the same submarine plateau as Tiladummati Atoll and ...
7 Jul 12

Kaafu atoll

Malé Atoll consist of two separate atolls: Nort Malé Atoll and South Malé Atoll.Together with Kaashidhoo Island and Gaafaru, Malé Atoll forms the administrative division known as Kaafu Atoll. Kaafu is the administrative name of the largest atoll of the Maldives, both economic ...
6 Jul 12

Tiladummati Atoll (Haa-Dhaalu) (Maldives)

Thiladhunmati Atoll (Tiladummati in the Admiralty Charts) is a very open, atypical atoll without a clearly delimited lagoon. It stretches SSW for 76 km and contains nearly forty islands generally of a fair size.
Tiladummati Atoll consists of about 40 islands and islets; ...
4 Nov 11
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