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Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean



The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, and Australia; and on the south by the Southern Ocean (or, traditionally, by Antarctica). One component of the all-encompassing World Ocean, the Indian Ocean is delineated from the Atlantic Ocean by the 20° east meridian running south from Cape Agulhas, and from the Pacific by the 147° east meridian. The northernmost extent of the Indian Ocean is approximately 30° north latitude in the Persian Gulf and, thus, has asymmetric ocean circulation.

The Roaring Forties is a name given, especially by sailors, to the latitudes between 40°S and 50°S, so called because of the boisterous and prevailing westerly winds. Because there is less landmass to slow them down, the winds are especially strong in the Southern Hemisphere, notably in the South Indian Ocean.

Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean
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Les Quarantièmes Rugissants est un nom donné, en particulier par les marins, à les latitudes entre 40 ° S et 50 ° S, ainsi appelé en raison de la bruyants et vents d'ouest dominants. Parce qu'il ya moins masse pour les ralentir, les vents sont particulièrement forts dans la Hémisphère Sud, notamment dans le sud de l'océan Indien...

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West Australia

Australia is separated from Asia by the Arafura and Timor seas. Australia has a total of 34,218 kilometers of coastline (excluding all offshore islands).
The Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef, lies on the north-east coast and extends over 2,000 kilometers.
11 Jun 18

NW Madagascar

Cette côte qui a toujours ressenti l'appel du large, déroule ses plages et ses criques le long d'une mer où se détachent des semis d'îles de bout du monde.
Sur cette côte du NW, également appelée Côte Des Îles Vierges, la mer et le climat sont favorables à la navigation ...
27 Oct 10

Arabian Sea

Arabian Sea
The Arabian Sea is a northwestern extension of the Indian Ocean, positioned between India, Oman, Pakistan and Yemen, and Cape Guardafui in far northeastern Somalia. The sea connects with the Persian Gulf through the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz. In the southwest, ...
23 Dec 07

Bay of Bengal

The Bay of Bengal (largest bay in the world,) forms the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean. It is bordered mostly by the Eastern Coast of India, southern coast of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to the west and Burma (Myanmar) and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (part of India) to the ...
20 Nov 11


La République de Madagascar est un État insulaire, situé dans la partie occidentale de l'océan Indien, au large de l'Afrique de l'est dont il est séparé par le canal du Mozambique, large de 400 km. Sa capitale est Tananarive (Antananarivo).La grande île de 1600 km de long et ...
6 Apr 12

South Africa

South Africa has a generally temperate climate, due in part to being surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans on three sides, by its location in the climatically milder Southern Hemisphere and due to the average elevation rising steadily towards the north (towards ...
29 Oct 15

Red sea

boat crew to extract Tololea February 12, 2006:
"Hello friends ... The Red Sea is a very tough sea to navigate, more boring than the Mediterranean.
In three months we-have-been about 1 week of calm weather. The wind blows 95% of the north or northwest time and Did not fall ...
13 Nov 16

Sumatra (Indonesia)

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands.
The longest axis of the island runs approximately 1,790 km (1,110 mi) northwest-southeast, crossing the equator near the centre. At its widest point the island spans ...
7 Jan 12


1 Jan 70

Andaman sea

The Andaman Sea (or Burma sea in Thai)  is a body of water to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal, south of Myanmar, west of Thailand and east of the Andaman Islands; it is a part of Indian Ocean.The sea has been traditionally used for fishery and transportation of goods between ...
21 Nov 11

Gulf of Aden

The Gulf of Aden is an extension of the Indian Ocean. Located between Africa and Asia, it forms the natural separation between the countries of Somalia and Yemen. In that regard, piracy is a problem in these waters, especially for small sailboats and yachts. Many international sources ...
23 Dec 07

Persian Gulf - Arabian Gulf

This inland sea of some 251,000 km² is connected to the Gulf of Oman in the east by the Strait of Hormuz; and its western end is marked by the major river delta of the Shatt al-Arab, which carries the waters of the Euphrates and the Tigris. Its length is 989 kilometres, with ...
18 Oct 14

British Indian Ocean Territory

Le Territoire britannique de l'océan Indien, en anglais British Indian Ocean Territory, abrégé en BIOT en anglais, est un territoire britannique d'outre-mer situé dans le centre de l'océan Indien, dans l'archipel des Chagos qu'il occupe en totalité. Il se compose de 55 îles ...
22 Aug 14


The Republic of Maldives is a SW Asian country. The population of the Islamic Republic is about 300 000 inhabitants. The capital is Male. The language "Devehi" comes in part from an ancient form of Sri Lancans mixed with Hindi, Arabic and English. English is the ...
16 Nov 11


L'archipel des Seychelles (115 îles) est composé de quatre groupes d'îles. Le groupe principal autour de Mahé, le groupe des Amirantes, le groupe de Farquhar et le groupe d'Aldabra. Il s'étend d'Ouest en Est de 46° à 56 ° de longitude Est, e du Nord au Sud de 4) à 10° de latitude Sud.
15 Dec 08


The Kerguelen Islands , also known as Desolation
Island, are a group of islands in the southern Indian
Ocean. The islands are a territory of France.
There are no indigenous inhabitants, but France maintains a permanent presence of 50 to 100 scientists, engineers and researchers.[2]
The ...
2 Jun 10


Les îles Crozet (352 km²) sont composées de cinq îles volcaniques. La plus élevée culmine à 1050 m. Le climat est typique de la zone subantarctique, particulièrement venteux (les vents dépassent les 100 km/h cent jours par an) et pluvieux, avec une température moyenne de
5°C.L'archipel ...
6 May 14

Adabra Islands

The Aldabra Group are part of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, lying in the southwest of the island nation, 1000 kilometres from the capital, Victoria, on Mahé Island.
The only remaining settlement is on Assumption Island, not counting the Aldabra Research Station on Picard ...
27 Apr 12

Île de la Réunion - Reunion island

Située à 9500 kms de Paris (entre Madagascar et Maurice, distantes respectivement de 800 kms et 200 kms), l'île de la Réunion se dresse au sein de l'océan indien, dans l'hémisphère sud.
La Réunion est associée à l'archipel des Mascareignes dont dépendent également les ...
16 Feb 15

Ile Maurice Mauritius

officially the Republic of Mauritius, French: République de Maurice, is an island nation off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, about 900 kilometers (560 mi) east of Madagascar. In addition to the island of Mauritius, the republic includes the islands ...
14 Oct 10

Pemba Island

The island of Pemba known as 'Al Jazeera Al Khadra' (the green island, in Arabic) is an island forming part of the Zanzibar archipelago.Pemba is  well-known for its dive sites, with vertiginous drop-offs, untouched coral and very abundant marine life.
14 Feb 09

Cocos (Keeling) Islands

The Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands, also called Cocos Islands and Keeling Islands, is a territory of Australia. There are two atolls and twenty-seven coral islands in the group. The islands are located in the Indian Ocean, about half way from Australia to Sri Lanka.
27 Dec 07


Située dans l'hémisphère sud, entre l'équateur et le tropique du Capricorne, à l'entrée du Canal du Mozambique, à mi-chemin entre
Madagascar et l'Afrique, Mayotte est à environ 1500 kms de La Réunion, 8000 kms de la métropole et 400 kms de la Tanzanie. Petit archipel ...
7 Apr 12


Large commercial vessels waiting in front of Singapore.
5 Nov 14
Local Area

SW Pacific Ocean

The two major wind systems driving the waters of the Pacific ocean are the westerlies which lie about 40-50° lat in both hemispheres (the roaring forties) and the trade winds from the east which dominate in the region between
20°N and 20°S. These give momentum directly to the ...
23 Oct 15

SE Atlantic Ocean

La plaque Africaine au Sud de l'équateur.Le relief sous-marin de l'Atlantique au Sud de l'équateur est beaucoup plus simple qu'au Nord entre le plateau de l'Atlantique Nord.
Au large des côtes africaines et de leur plateau continental relativement étroit, on n'a à signaler ...
19 Mar 15

NW Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean (from the Latin name Mare Pacificum, "peaceful sea", bestowed upon it by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan) is the largest of the Earth's oceanic divisions. It extends from the Arctic in the north to the Antarctic in the south, bounded by Asia and Australia ...
10 Jan 09

NE Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world's oceanic divisions; with a total area of about 106.4 million square kilometres (41.1 million square miles), it covers approximately one-fifth of the Earth's surface.
The Atlantic Ocean has irregular coasts indented by numerous ...
31 Jul 11

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15
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