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Horburgh (Goidhoo) Atoll

Horburgh (Goidhoo) Atoll



Horsburgh Atoll (Goidu Atoll) about 6 miles S of South Malosmadulu Atoll, is considered as part of the latter atoll for administrative purposes. Horsburgh Atoll was reported (1987) to lie approximately 2 miles SE of its charted position.

Goidhoo Atoll (also Goidu or Goifulhafehendhu), Horsburgh Atoll in the Admiralty Chart, is separated from South Maalhosmadulhu by a 6 mile broad channel. This atoll is oval in shape and small,it is 8,5 km long and 17,5 km wide. It has three inhabited islands: Goidhoo, Fulhadhoo and Fehendhoo, known collectively as Goi'fulha'fehendhoo. There are three small uninhabited islands.

The inner lagoon has a depth of 17 to 20 fathoms; it has a sandy bottom mixed with mud and clay. Unlike the lagoons of most small atolls of the Maldives, this lagoon is free from coral heads in its centre.

The atoll Goidhoo has only one pass, Doru Kandu, on the south side, about 2 km wide.

Near the edges of large open spaces there are sandy with coral formations. Because of its exposure to the ocean outside the reef and the barrier 'flat and solid.

In the Admiralty charts, this atoll is named after James Horsburgh, hydrographer to the East India Company and author of the long-titled Directions for Sailing to and from the East Indies, China, New Holland, Cape of Good Hope, and the interjacent Ports, compiled chiefly from original Journals and Observations made during 21 years' experience in navigating those Seas. Horsburgh's Directory was the standard work for oriental navigation in the first half of the 19th century, until Robert Moresby's survey of the Maldives when for the first time in history accurate maps of the atolls were published.

The atoll offers a secure anchorage near the islands in the north-east monsoon.
Anchorage, in 27 to 42m, good holding ground of sand, mud, and clay, can be obtained in the lagoon.

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Sites around Horburgh (Goidhoo) Atoll
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Fehendu and Furudu islands (Goidhoo)

Fehendu and Furudu, about 1 mile and 3 miles, respectively, W of Goidu, are inhabited, and wooded, with palm trees predominant. 
The villages on the N sides of these islands are visible from seaward.
8 Nov 11

Goidhoo island (Goidhoo)

Goidhoo (or Goidu or Innafushi), at the NE end of the atoll, is the largest islet (2 km long and 1,5 km wide), and is inhabited. It has been reported (1994) that the shape of the island changes over time.Goidhu Island lies in a small separate atoll along with Fulhadu and ...
8 Nov 11

Fehenfushi and Mafushi islands (Goidhoo)

The islet of Fehenfushi or Fehenfuri, reported  difficult to identify, lies on the S side of the barrier reef, about 4 miles SSE of Inafuri.
The islet of Mafushi or Mafuri lies about 1.3 miles W of Fehenfuri.The only opening into the lagoon lies between Mafuri and Fehenfuri.The ...
9 Nov 11

Dorukandu channel (Goidhoo)

The Dorukandu, as the channel through this opening is known, lies on the W side between the barrier reef and the shoal water extending nearly 0.8 mile W from the reef on which Fehenfuri lies.
The channel is about 183m wide, with aleast depth of 18.3m. Depths in the opening E of ...
9 Nov 11

Inafuri (Furhi) island (Goidhoo)

Inafuri (Furhi), an islet uninhabited, 15m high and bushy, lies on the reef about 3 miles W of Furudu.
8 Nov 11

Hithaadhoo island (S Malosmadulu)

South maaslhosmadulu atoll hithaadhoo is located on the south west in the atoll. 
Hithaadhoo is 2600 feet long and have 1430 feet in width. A total of about 1171 people are registered in the island. Main occupation of the residance of hithaadhoo is fishing.There is a ...
7 Nov 11

Aligau pass (Fadiffolu)

There is a wide opening into the atoll between Aligau and Lowalfuri, about 3.5 miles NNW; the islet of Madewaru lies near the middle of the opening.
5 Nov 11

Dhunikolhu (S Malosmadulu)

SW of the Baa Atoll, this island-shaped half-pipe has a large lagoon where the dolphins come to relax.
It also has a superb coral reef (on his part E) that can be explored from the beach. W gives his side of the lagoon with crystal clear waters.
An hotel (Coconut Palm) consists ...
7 Nov 11

Hanikandu Faro (S Malosmadulu)

Hanikando Faro, at the NW extremity of the atoll, is separated from Kari Faro, about 0,8 NM S, by an opening into the lagoon. Dukandu, an island, lies in the middle of the inner end of the opening.Kari Faro is a reef enclosing a lagoon, with the islets of Iwafuri and ...
7 Nov 11

Eudhafushi (S Malosmadulu)

Eudhafushi island is the administrative capital of the Malosmadulu atoll.
8 Nov 11

Maalhoss island (S Malhosmadulu)

SE Malosmadulu Atoll Maalhoss island characterized by a small lagoon on the west side as a perfect refuge for shallow-draft boats during the northeast monsoon. 
The entrance is marked by a small lighthouse. Maalhoss is a tiny island with approximately 500 inhabitants. 
8 Nov 11

Maduni Faro and Vaadhoo (N Malosmadulu)

Maduni Faro, a lagoon reef, lies at the N of the atoll. Vaadhoo lies about 3 NM ESE of Maduni Faro, at the S end of a large lagoon reef.A wide opening into the lagoon lies between Maduni Faro and Wadu; it is free of known dangers in the middle of the fairway, with depths ...
6 Nov 11
Local Area

S Malosmadulu (Baa) Atoll

The S side of the atoll is formed by reefs lying between Berriam Faro and Mamanago Faro, about 7 miles SW; three islets lie on this section of the barrier reef.The SW face of the atoll is formed by Mamanago Faro, at its SW extremity, and three similar lagoon reefs farther ...
8 Nov 11

Malosmadulu Atoll (Maldives)

Malosmadulu Atoll consists of North Malosmadulu Atoll and South Malosmadulu Atoll, which are separated by Moresby Channel, about 1.8 miles wide.
These two atolls are similar in character, their W sides being composed of a series of lagoon reefs, some prominent and ...
8 Nov 11


The Republic of Maldives is a SW Asian country. The population of the Islamic Republic is about 300 000 inhabitants. The capital is Male. The language "Devehi" comes in part from an ancient form of Sri Lancans mixed with Hindi, Arabic and English. English is the ...
16 Nov 11

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

Hanikandu Faro (S Malosmadulu)

Hanikando Faro, at the NW extremity of the atoll, is separated from Kari Faro, about 0,8 NM S, by an opening into the lagoon. Dukandu, an island, lies in the middle of the inner end of the opening.Kari Faro is a reef enclosing a lagoon, with the islets of Iwafuri and ...
7 Nov 11
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