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Hilo Harbor (Hawaii I)

Hilo Harbor (Hawaii I)



Harbor protected by a breakwater.  See for a local map.

The State-owned and operated piers are on the E side of Kūhiō Bay.  Transit sheds with 103,000 square feet of covered space, and 7.5 acres of open storage space are also available.  Hilo has no facilities for drydocking or making repairs to deep-draft vessels, the nearest facilities are in Honolulu.  A marine railway at Hilo has a capacity of 50 tons.  Several machine, electrical, and welding shops off the waterfront are available for making above-waterline repairs to vessels at the port.    [] Chapter 14

Pier 1: Berth length: 1,265'; draft: 35'; yard area: 13.4 acres; primary use: overseas containers and cruise ships.  []

 1,255 feet of berthing space, 34 feet reported alongside; deck height, 9 feet.  [] Chapter 14

 Primary use: receipt and shipment of conventional-and-containerized general cargo and automobiles.  Mooring U.S. Coast Guard vessel.  State of Hawaii: A 466-foot-long concrete bulkhead east from rear of face (Radio Bay Wharf) moors small craft including pilot boat at small boathouse, with U.S. Coast Guard vessels at steel pile, timber-decked pier adjacent to boathouse. Tel: (808) 933-4778.  Approximately 10 acres of open storage area including seventy refrigerated container positions is located at outer end of wharf, at rear of transit shed.  Concrete bulkhead with solid fill at concrete pile, concrete-decked wharf with platform at inner end serving adjacent, company- owned Pier 2. Wharf is fronted by rubber-and-timber fender system.  Year of Last Survey: 1998 Corps of Engineers Waterway Code: 84012 Dock Code: 964 Pacific Ocean Division.



 Pier 2: Berth length: 703'; draft: 33'; yard area: 2.0 acres; primary use: inter-island cargo.

 722 feet of berthing space, draft: 35 feet reported alongside; deck height, 10 feet; receipt and shipment of general and containerized cargo by barge; receipt of bulk cement and lumber. [] Chapter 14

Primary use: receipt and shipment of conventional and containerized general cargo and automobiles.  Approximately 4 acres of paved storage area.  Year of Last Survey: 1998 Corps of Engineers Waterway Code: 84012 Dock Code: 960 Pacific Ocean Division.



 Pier 3: Berth length: 637'; draft: 33'; yard area: 7.3 acres; primary use: liquid-bulk cargo and pipelines, inter-island cargo.  []

636 feet of berthing space, draft: 35 feet reported alongside; deck height, 9½ feet; receipt of occasional cruise ships, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas, and lumber; shipment of molasses; and occasional receipt and shipment of general and containerized cargo by barge. [] Chapter 14]

Operator State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Harbors Division; and others.  Tel: (808) 933-4778.  Year of Last Survey: 1998 Corps of Engineers Waterway Code: 84012 Dock Code: 950 Pacific Ocean Division.



NOAA hydrographic charts may be found online at:

Hilo Harbor (Hawaii I)
Hilo Harbor (Hawaii I)
Recreational vessels are no longer allowed in Radio Bay.
Correction: Recreational vessels are no longer allowed to anchor, moor or come alongside in Radio Bay.
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Sites around Hilo Harbor (Hawaii I)
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Honokohau harbor and marina (Hawaii I)

25 miles S of Kawaihae, Honokohauharbor was blasted out of solid rock and is generally considered the safest place on the big island to park a boat during heavy weather.Phone: (808) 327-3685
Fax: (808) 327 3675262 b.
14 Dec 15

Kailua Kona bay and pier (Hawaii I)

The harbor is  located in Kailua Bay in Kailua-Kona.
The bay where you can anchor is known to local sailors as Nishihimura bay. Five and a half miles S of Upolu Point you'll see a small cove with manmade rock wall on the N face of the cliff. This wall was built for the ralroad ...
13 Dec 15

Kawaihae harbor (Hawaii I)

Kawaihae is a small port town along Big Island's northwestern Kohala Coast. During the 19th century, Kawaihae was a busy whaling and trading port. Historically, Kawaihae Harbor was also the place where the ship that brought the first horses and cattle to Hawaii docked. During the ...
14 Dec 15

Keauhou Bay (Hawaii I)

This small but secure bay, 5 miles S of Kailua, is a favorite among Kona sailors.Good protection from all but W winds.
14 Dec 15

Honauna bay (Hawaii I)

It South of Kealakechua bay. The major attrction is the historic Pu'uhonua O Honaunau, the city of refuge, wich looks much as it did hundreds of years ago.Beautiful Honaunau Bay is fronted by large, smooth, lava rock flats. Near shore the average depth is only about 10 feet.
Anchor ...
14 Dec 15

Mahukona harbor (Hawaii I)

Located on the North West tip of Hawaii on the North Kohala Coast. The harbor is identified by the lighthouse on a point just south of the anchorage and by a few houses and warehouses that are easyly visible from the water.Anchor in sand , in 30 to 40 feet of water.Mahukona is an ...
13 Dec 15

Okoe bay (Hawaii I)

 Anchoring along the coast be-tween Honaunau Bay and Hilo requires caution. Locals recom-mend Okoe Bay, 2'/i miles south of Milolii. Ian Birnie, the Hilo harbormaster, praised its sand beach, a rarity on this southern coast, and the anchorage's good, sand bottom.
In a south ...
14 Dec 15

La perouse bay (Maui Hawaii)

La perouse bay is located south of the town of Wailea. It was named for the french Captain Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse, in 1786.  La Pérouse surveyed and mapped the prominent embayment near the southern cape of Maui opposite the island of Kahoʻolawe. The ...
12 Dec 15

Molokini crater (Maui Hawaii)

Molokini is a tiny crescent-shaped island about three miles east of Makena.Molokini Crater is what’s left from an eruption that is said to have occurred around 230,000 years ago. The cinder cone created has since been eroded to a crescent atoll.
Since it’s violent volcanic ...
12 Dec 15

Kihei Charly Young Beach (Maui Hawaii)

A little rolly and tricky to land at beach.
Good holding ground - big Sand patch for many boats.
Don't anchor where coral are. Stay away if: You want the boat don't move at all You can't handle shorebreak Don't like people paddle around your boat.
11 Dec 15

Maalaea harbor (Maui Hawaii)

Maalaea Harbor,is conveniently located between the Kahului Airport and Lahaina Ka'anapali.Phone: (808) 243-5824
Fax: (808) 243-5829
89 Berths/Moorings
11 Dec 15

Kahului harbor (Maui Hawaii)

Kahului Harbor is located near the Kahului Airport and Kahului which is the islands largest town and has lots of shopping and restaurants nearby.Kahului Harbor is primarily a commercial harbor and port for Hawaii's many cruiseships such as Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines.
Phone: ...
12 Dec 15
Local Area

Hawaii island

Hawaii is the largest island and the southeastern-most of hawaiian archipelago in the N pacific ocean. 
Major commercial ports are Hilo on the East side and Kawaihae on the West side of the island. Cruise ships often stop at Kailua-Kona.
14 Dec 15


Hawaii is one of the most isolated group of islands in the world. It's a long way to Hawaii from mainland USA with nothing but open sea between. Winter storms can bring about rough seas and cyclones are a threat in late summer.
Fully serviced marinas are at Honolulu and KoOlina ...
4 Dec 15

NE Pacific Ocean

WindsWinds and currents in the Pacific flow predominantly from East to West. Above the equator Pacific Ocean trade winds blow from the northeast. Below the equator they blow from the southeast. By taking advantage of the different (north and south) directions of the east-flowing winds, ...
25 Oct 17
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