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Hawaii is one of the most isolated group of islands in the world. It's a long way to Hawaii from mainland USA with nothing but open sea between. Winter storms can bring about rough seas and cyclones are a threat in late summer.
Fully serviced marinas are at Honolulu and KoOlina on Oahu, Lihue on Kauai, Honokohau (Kailua) on the Big Island and Lahaina on Maui. Hanalai Bay and Poipu on Kauai are also popular berthing spots.

Renting small hoby cats is more practical and can be done at most major resorts around the islands.


The climate is subtropical in the low coastal areas and temperate in the mountains. There is no rainy season but showers, sometimes downpours, occur in winter. The islands are under the influence of the NE trade winds and are only rarely affected by tropical cyclones.

Regulations on anchoring:

The Department of Land and Natural Ressources (DLNR) has established rules that all boaters in Hawaiian islands must follow.

The first rule to remember is that you can anchor in any anchorage for 72 hours without checking in. The one exception is that you must check in immediatly whenever you enter a harbor with a harbormaster on site, such as Ala Wai, Ke'echi, Wai'anae, Hale'Iwa, He'ela Kea, Kaunakakai, Hilo, Honokôhau, Lahaina, Ma'alaea, Mânele, Kahului, or Port Allen.
After the first 72 hours is up, boaters are required to move to another anchorage or even to another part of the same anchorage.

The exceptions to this right to anchor in any anchorage for 72 hours are the areas that are part of Marine Conservation District or Natural Area. All or part of some bays have been placed in Conservation District because the heavy traffic and the delicate ecosystem on the bottom of the bay required intervention on the part of the State of Hawaii.

Boaters may not anchor in part or all of the following bays:

Hâ'ena bay: boats may not anchor inside the reef overnight
Hanauma bay: no boats allowed in this bay
Hulopo'e bay: no boats allowed in the bay
Kealakekua bay: boats may not anchor in Subzone A
La Perouse bay: boats may not anchor in the western half of the bay
Waikiki anchorage: no boats allowed within 4 mile of the beach.

When boaters visit small boat harbors in Hawaii, they must obtain a permit from the harbormaster and pay a daily fee, as is the case in harbors anywhere. The difference here is that the facilities are not the plush ones some boaters might be accustomed to elsewhere. Although some might complain about the facilities, the low daily rate charged to visiting boaters more than makes up for any shortage in facilities.

Hawaii est un archipel de 137 îles. C'est le plus isolé du monde. C'est un des états des USA, mais le trajet est long pour aller à Hawaii depuis les USA! Hawaii est le seul état américain situé en dehors du continent Nord-américain, puisquil est situé en Océanie.

Les 8 îles principales sont Nihau, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, l'île d'Hawai et Oahu où se trouve la capitale Honolulu.
L'archipel fait partie de la Polynésie et se situe dans l'océan pacifique central à environ 3 900 km au SW des côtes californiennes, au SE du Japon et au NE de l'Australie.

Les tempêtes hivernales peuvent engendrer une mer agitée tandis que les cyclones sont une menace à la fin de l'été.

Des marinas, entièrement équipées, se trouvent à Honolulu et KoOlina sur Oahu, Lithue sur Kauai, Honokohau (Kailua) sur la grande île et Lahaina sur Maui.

Les baies de Hanalai et Poipu sur Kauai sont aussi des points de mouillage populaires.
La location de petits hoby cats est très pratiquée et peut se faire dans la plupart des stations autour des îles.


Le climat des îles Hawaii est directement influencé par l’anticyclone du Pacifique Nord qui génère des alizés de Nord-Est pouvant atteindre 20 à 25 nœuds au cours de l’été, faiblissant au début de l’automne, quand l’anticyclone régresse vers le Sud. Il y a alors souvent de longues périodes de vents légers de Sud-Ouest à Nord associés au passage des fronts.

A cause de la nature montagneuse des îles, il y a sous le vent de l’archipel de nombreuses zones de calme ou avec des brises de mer opposées à la direction générale des alizés, permettant de parcourir facilement l’archipel dans les deux sens. Comme aux Açores ou aux Canaries et par effet Venturi, le vent accélère significativement (jusqu’à + 30%) levant une mer courte et parfois assez rude dans les passes entre les îles.

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Sites around Hawaii
Flying distances - Direct line

Hawaii island

Hawaii is the largest island and the southeastern-most of hawaiian archipelago in the N pacific ocean. 
Major commercial ports are Hilo on the East side and Kawaihae on the West side of the island. Cruise ships often stop at Kailua-Kona.
14 Dec 15

Maui island (Hawaii)

Maui, also known as the" Valley isle", for the large isthmus between its northwestern and southeastern volcanoes and the numerous large valleys carved into both mountains.

It has 120 miles of coastline for you to surf, snorkel, walk, ride, windsurf--you get the idea. And they ...
11 Dec 15

Oahu island (Hawaii)

Oahu, known as "The Gathering Place", is the third largest of the hawaiian islands, however, it is home to about two-third of the population of the US state of Hawaii, and is the home of Honolulu international airport.The state capital, Honolulu, is on Oahu's southeast coast. Including ...
6 Dec 15

Kauai island (Hawaii)

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Island chain, and has some of the most unique geographical, natural beauty of any island on earth.
Aside from the being the wettest place on earth - with an average annual rainfall of 440 inches (over 36.5 feet) - the 553 square mile island ...
4 Dec 15

Molokai island (Hawaii)

Molokai, often called the "Friendly Island", is an island in the Hawaiian archipelago.
It is 38 by 10 miles (61 by 16 km) in size at its extreme length and width with a usable land area of 260 square miles (673.40 km2), making it the fifth-largest of the main Hawaiian ...
10 Dec 15

Lanai island (Hawaii)

Lanai island, also known as "Pineapple island" because of its past as an island-wide pineapple plantation.
The island's only settlement of note is the small town of Lānaʻi City.
As of 2012, the island was 98% owned by Larry Ellison (Founder and Chairman of Oracle), with the ...
11 Dec 15

Niihau island (Hawaii)

Niihau is a private island with an area of 69,5 square miles. This private status has brought on it's nickname of "The Forbidden Island." The island has an entirely Native Hawaiian population. Since 1864 belonging to the Robinson family, whose access is controlled in order to protect ...
6 Dec 15

Kaho'olawe island reserve (Hawaii)

Kahoolawe is the smallest of the eight main volcanic islands in the Hawaiian islands. It is located about 7 miles southwest of Maui and also SE of Lanai.
Today Kahoolawe can be used only for native hawaiian cultural, spiritual and subsistence purposes. It has no permanent residents.In ...
12 Dec 15

Kaumalapau Harbor (Lanai Hawaii)

Located on the southwestern coast, Kaumalapau is the main commercial seaport for Lanai.
The original harbor breakwater located here was built in 1920’s but was severely damaged by hurricanes. A new breakwater was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and was dedicated on ...
10 Dec 15

Lono Harbor (Moloka'i Hawaii)

A small harbor on the south coast of Moloka'i. Approx 13 mi west of Kaunakakai and 3.5 mi east of Laau Point. Lono Harbor was once used for commercial barge traffic, but is no longer in commercial service. It provides well a protected anchorage for a few boats. Anchor to the east ...
10 Dec 15

Manele small boat harbor (Lanai Hawaii)

Manele Harbor, located on Lanai’s south shore, has the only public boat harbor on the island. Visitors who take the ferry from Lahaina on neighboring Maui arrive here (five times daily), as well as a few fishing and snorkeling tour boats. Manele Harbor’s activity is limited ...
11 Dec 15

Kaunakakai harbor (Molokai Hawaii)

Kaunakakai is a small town with a small harbor fisheriy management area, on the south shore of the island of Moloka'i.
It provides a good protected anchorage from all but the worst kona storms.The harbor was dynamited out of the solid coral.’ Anchor past the commercial barge ...
10 Dec 15

Lahaina bay (Maui Hawaii)

There is a marina here but you can forget it. It is always super packed and all but impossible to get a “slip”. Just go past the marina and harbor entrance and find an open mooring buoy with LYC painted on it. In 2010, these buoys were white and there were 7 of them. Most of them ...
11 Dec 15

Kalaupapa bay (Molokai Hawai)

This anchorage is supposed to be vile and generally lived up to its reputation. It does, however, make a nice stop between Honolua Bay and Oahu, but the wind blew harder in the anchorage than out at sea.
10 Dec 15

N Okala island (Molokai Hawaii)

North Molokai island, between Kahiu point and Kukaiwaa point, there are two small islands (Mokapu and Okala), really just giant rocks, eastern-most Mokapu and next to the black sand beach Okala.Leave the islands on the port side and anchor in 25 feet, black sand bottom. You ...
10 Dec 15

Pukoo harbor (Molokai Hawaii)

On the south east coast of Molokai, this little harbour is worth the effort of negotiating the entrance through the reef.Most of the inner harbour is a private facility, but the three areas in the outer harbour all offer safe anchorages. There is a dinghy landing near the palm trees ...
10 Dec 15

Maalaea harbor (Maui Hawaii)

Maalaea Harbor,is conveniently located between the Kahului Airport and Lahaina Ka'anapali.Phone: (808) 243-5824
Fax: (808) 243-5829
89 Berths/Moorings
11 Dec 15

Ala Wai Harbor (Oahu Hawaii)

Ala Wai Yacht Harbor is the largestyacht harbor in the state of Hawaii. Located at the mouth of the Ala Wai Canal, between world famous Waikiki and Honolulu, the Capitalof Hawaii.
The harbor is home to the Waikiki Yacht Club and the Hawaii YachtClub, which host junior sailing ...
7 Dec 15

Kihei Charly Young Beach (Maui Hawaii)

A little rolly and tricky to land at beach.
Good holding ground - big Sand patch for many boats.
Don't anchor where coral are. Stay away if: You want the boat don't move at all You can't handle shorebreak Don't like people paddle around your boat.
11 Dec 15

Honolulu Harbor (Oahu Hawaii)

Honolulu harbor, also called Kulolia and Ke Awa O Kou, is the principal seaport of Honolulu and the state of Hawaii in the United States.Honolulu is a port of entry.
Ph: 808-587-2050
10 Dec 15

Kaneohe Yacht Club (Oahu Hawaii)

The best place to leave the dinghy is at the canoe club at He'eia Kea.
All facilities, restaurant, cafe, swimming pool.
Adress:44-503 Kaneohe Bay Dr. , Kaneohe, HI 96744 , Hawaii Tel:+1 808 247-4121
Fax:+1 808 235-8180

9 Dec 15

Honolua bay (Maui Hawaii)

Wonderfull anchorage, great snorkeling.
Get there early before the tour catamarans arrive and be careful not to anchor on the coral; big fines if you damage.
The bay has two bights. You can only anchor in the eastern.
This is a great snorkeling spot ( by mid-morning you will ...
11 Dec 15

Keehi marine center (Oahu Hawaii)

Keehi lagoon is a great place for canoeing and boating since the waters are usually calm in the protected lagoon.Many canoe clubs do their practice session here and outrigger canoe regattas take place from time to time. However, the man-made beach is not suitable for swimming, ...
7 Dec 15

Molokini crater (Maui Hawaii)

Molokini is a tiny crescent-shaped island about three miles east of Makena.Molokini Crater is what’s left from an eruption that is said to have occurred around 230,000 years ago. The cinder cone created has since been eroded to a crescent atoll.
Since it’s violent volcanic ...
12 Dec 15
Local Area

NE Pacific Ocean

WindsWinds and currents in the Pacific flow predominantly from East to West. Above the equator Pacific Ocean trade winds blow from the northeast. Below the equator they blow from the southeast. By taking advantage of the different (north and south) directions of the east-flowing winds, ...
25 Oct 17

Kiritimati - Christmas Island

La langue parlée est le I-Kiribati. Le s, le l, et le d n'existent pas en Polynésien, le s est remplacé par 'ti', le l par un r, et le d par un t.Ainsi, le port de London (le principal "port" de l'atoll) s'écrit "Ronton"...Et Kiritimati se prononce Kirissmass, Kiribati se prononce ...
15 Dec 15

Midway Islands

Midney Islands, also called Midway Island or Midway Atoll, is, as its name suggests, equidistant between N America and Asia and lies almost halway around the world longitudinally from Greenwich, UK. It is near the northwestern end of the Hawaiian archipelago.Midway Atoll is an unorganized, ...
15 Dec 15

Gulf of Alaska

The Gulf of Alaska is an arm of the Pacific Ocean defined by the curve of the southern coast of Alaska, stretching from the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island in the west to the Alexander Archipelago in the east, where Glacier Bay and the Inside Passage are found.
The entire shoreline ...
15 Dec 15


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