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Faro de Alacran (Arica N Chile)

Faro de Alacran (Arica N Chile)



Au S du port d'Arica, sur l'île d'Alacran, se trouve un phare, tour cylindrique rouge et blanche, haute de 26m. A côté du phare, il y a un vieux fort espagnol, construit pour protéger l’entrepôt royal de Potosi (argent) et le port d'Arica des attaques des pirates. 
Faro de Alacran (Arica N Chile)
S Arica harbour, on the Alacran island, is a lighthouse, red and white cylindrical tower, 26 m high. Beside the lighthouse, it is also home t o an old Spanish fort that was used to protect royal storehouse overflowing with Potosí silver and the port from pirate attacks.
Faro de Alacran (Arica N Chile)
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Club nautico de Arica (N Chile)

S Acra commercial harbour is Alacran island connected to the mainland by a road, from is where a small dock. A small  breakwater extends from the island. 100 mooring buoys.
Draught max: 18 m
Length max: 25 m
12 Dec 12

Morro de Arica (N Chile)

Morro de Arica (110 m high) is a hill that falls steeply into the sea, S Arica city. 
During the War of the Pacific (1879-1880) the morro de Arica was taken by Chilean troops in a heroic deed after only one hour of fighting against the Peruvian-Bolivian army. This historical ...
12 Dec 12

Puerto de Arica (N Chile)

Arica is a port city which lies at the SE end of the bay of the same name. It is the capital of the province of Arica, in the region of Arica Panaricota. It is known as the "City of Eternal Spring".
It was the scene of one of the most famous episodes of the Pacific War (1879/1884), ...
12 Dec 12

Punta Paloma (N Chile)

At about 4 NM of Alacran island, Punta Paloma is projected into the sea from the rocky coast.A big white rock is located on the beach N of the point.
6 Dec 12

Cabo Lobos (Arica N Chile)

Cabo Lobos is dark-colored and steep. It rises to an elevation of about 745 m. A spur, terminating in a hillock, projects from the S side of the cape.
13 Dec 12

Punta Camarones (Arica N Chile)

Punta Camarones is conspicious from S because of some white patches on it and the islets wich lie close offshore.
13 Dec 12

Punta Gorda (Tarapaca N Chile)

Punta Gorda, about 5.3 NM S of Punta Camarores, is a wide massive promontory. Eastward of the point the land rises to a height of about 986 m. Abovewater rocks extend 0.1 NM off the point.
13 Dec 12

Caleta Chica (Tarapaca N Chile)

Caleta Chica about 1.5 NM SE of Punta Gorda is a small cove, welle sheltered. It is difficult to identify from the S, however, a hill, 19.8 to 30m high, S of the cove, and Punta Gorda make good landmarks. The land at the head of the cove can be identified by its reddish color.
The ...
13 Dec 12

Punta Pisagua (Tarapaca N Chile)

Located at about 16 NM SSE of Punta Gorda, Punta Pisagua is rocky and rises very steeply inland.
It delimits to N the Pisagua cove.
13 Dec 12

Punta Pichalo (Tarapaca Chile)

Punta Pisagua closes at S the Pisagua bay at about 2,8 NM SSW of Punta Pisagua. It is a ridge which extends about 2 NM W from the general trend of coast.
There are a number of hummocks on the ridge. A conspicuous antenna stands on the ridge about 0.5 mile E of the point. A light ...
13 Dec 12

Caleta Pisagua (Huara Chile)

Pisaqua bay is located between Punta Pichalo and NE Punta Pisaga, at about 2,8 NM. The shore bank, with several islets on it, follows close along the shores of the bay. Roca Cooke, Roca Carbonera, Banco Nuevo, and Roca Osorio are dangers lying close off the shore bank and ...
12 Dec 12

Islotes Mejillones (Mejillones N Chile)

Islotes Mejillones are nearly 0.5 mile SW of the Isla Peninsula. They consist of three large and several smaller rocks of whitish color.The passage between them and the Isla Peninsula has depths of 10.1 to 14.6m, but there is a rock awash in the middle of the passage, and it should not be attempted.
14 Dec 12
Local Area

From Arica to Punta Lengua de Vaca (N Chile)

Along this coast there are many large and small bays, many points. Many islets and rocks border the coast.
Almost the entire length of the coast is invaded by a desert. The Andes Cordillera advances to the seaand gives a very high and steep coast. There are many natural harbors ...
12 Dec 12


Chile, on the Pacific coast of  S America, is defined by Peru at N, Bolivia at NE and Argentina at E. It extends over 4,300 km long, from Peru to Cape Horn, and 175 km wide on average (350 km to the level of Antofagasta and to the Tropic ...
11 Dec 12

SE Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean, largest and deepest of the world's five oceans, covering more than a third of the earth's surface and containing more than half of its free water. The part south of the equator is called the South
Pacific. The name Pacific, which means peaceful, was given to it by ...
13 Jan 09

Baia de Iquique (Tarapaca N Chile)

Iquique bay lies between Punta Piedras and Serrano peninsula, 3 NM S.Bahia de Iquique is open to winds between the NW and NE, however, these winds seldom occur. Iquique is ordinarily entirely free from storms of any kind and strong winds are very unusual. The light breezes are ...
16 Dec 12

Bahia Mejillones del Sur (Antofagasta N Chile)

Bahia Mejillones is entered between Punta Chacaya and Punta Angamos.The approaches to the bay are clearly depicted by radar from a distance of about 30 miles. Punta Angamos, Punta Chacaya, Morro Mejillones, and Tetas de Mejillones serve as excellent radar landmarks.
Morro Mejillones ...
20 Dec 12

Bahia Moreno (Antofagasta N Chile)

Bahia Moreno lies between Punta Jorge and isla Guaman, about 7.5 miles ESE. Except for a sandy beach at the head of the bay, the shores are formed by rocky cliffs.
23 Dec 12
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