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East coast pulau Nias (W Sumatra)

East coast pulau Nias (W Sumatra)



The E coast of Pulau Nias has moderate depths with good anchorage and some streams; islets and reefs front the coast here, as on the W side, but the sea being smoother on the E coast renders it safer.

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Sites around East coast pulau Nias (W Sumatra)
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Pulau Wunga (W Nias)

Pulau Wunga, about 8 NM S of Pulau Mausi, is low andcovered with coconut trees.
A large conspicuous tree, visible for 16 miles, is located on a small elevationnear the N end.
The reef extending from the N side of the island is ordinarily marked by high rollers; on the S side ...
6 Feb 12

Tanjung Lambaru (E Nias)

Tanjung Lambaru, located about 8 miles NW of Ujung Onolimbu, is swampy and thickly overgrown; dead trees stand on it and in the water close off it.At Tanjung Lambaru it has a width of 8 miles. The coast consists of a sandy beach, off which rocks are lying. The sea usually breaks, ...
6 Feb 12

Ujung Onolimbu (E Nias)

Ujung Onolimb lies about 6 miles NW of Tanjung Sjuani. Onolimbu Road has good anchorage, in depths of 21.9m to 25.6m, mud. It is close to shore, abreast a road leading to Tagaule village.
There is another anchorage off Bodsyihona village to the N, in a depth of 18.3m. Local knowledge ...
6 Feb 12

Pulau Onolimbu (E Nias)

Pulau Onolimbu is an island located about 1 NM N of Ug Onolimbu.There are several drying shoals about 3.5 miles NNW of Ujung Onolimbu.
6 Feb 12

Tanjung Syuani (Sjuani) (E Nias)

Tanjung Sjuani (Tanjung Syuani), on which high casuarina trees grow close to the sea, appears as a dark steep point.
Landing is very difficult.
6 Feb 12

Ujung Sumabawa (E Nias)

Between tg Tedulehu and Ujung Sumabawa, about 11 miles N, the coast is high, with mountain ranges approaching the coast.
Ujung Sumabawa is marked by a light.
A low plain begins here and extends N, gradually getting wider.
About 1 mile W of Ujung Sumabawa, landing may be effected ...
6 Feb 12

Pulau Sumabawa (E Nias)

Pulau Sumabawa, an island located about 5 miles SE of Tanjung Sjuani, is fringed by a narrow reef. A 6.4m patch lies about 2 miles NNW of Sumabawa.
6 Feb 12

Karang Makassar (E Nias)

Makassar Reefs are four isolated dangers, with depths of 3 to 8.2m, and deep channels between them.
They lie from 1.75 to 7 miles S of Sumabawa, and from 6 to 7 miles offshore. They are marked by breakers or a heavy swell.
6 Feb 12

Tanjung Sirombu (W Nias)

Tanjung Sirombu, lying about 34 miles SSE of Tanjung Sosilutte, is low and wooded and may be identified by several tall casuarina trees which stand above the other trees. The point is marked by a light. From a distance it resembles an island, but from closer in the low wooded sandy ...
6 Feb 12

Gunung Sitoli harbour (E Nias)

Gunung Sitoli (Gunungsitoli is the capital and the port of Nias. It is located about 14 NM NW of Tg Lambaru and forms a deep bight.
At its head the hills approach the shore, leaving a strip of lowland between them.
6.29 The mouth of the river, leading to the port, will just ...
6 Feb 12

Tanjung Mbaa (E Nias)

North of Gunungsitoli, the coast is covered with coconut trees for about 6 miles.Close N of Gunungsitoli is Tanjung Mbaa, a rocky point from which a light is shown. From Tanjung Mbaa, a narrow strip of coast land extends about 3 miles NW, then a fringing reef leads up to Tanjung ...
6 Feb 12

Teluk Dalam harbour (S Nias)

Teluk Dalam that means "Deep Gulf", is about 1 mile in length. It affords good shelter from all but SE winds, which, however, do not cause much swell, and is free from dangers.
It is easily recognized by Tanjung Batu, the N entrance point, which is dark, nearly perpendicular, and ...
6 Feb 12
Local Area

Pulau Nias (W Sumatra)

Pulau Nias, the largest of the islands at 125 km off the W coast of Sumatera, is hilly and from E appears like a chain of mountains of varying height. It has hardly any conspicuous peaks, but Maziaja Mountain, 432m high in the N portion, is noticeable along with three somewhat lower ...
6 Feb 12

Sumatra W coast (Indonesia)

On the W coast of Sumatera there is a high, rocky coast, or if there is a strip of sand by the sea, the land rises rapidly behind it to the neighboring hills.
Numerous small streams discharge their waters on the W coast, but most of them are barred and only navigable by small craft. ...
1 Feb 12

Sumatra (Indonesia)

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands.
The longest axis of the island runs approximately 1,790 km (1,110 mi) northwest-southeast, crossing the equator near the centre. At its widest point the island spans ...
7 Jan 12

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

W coast pulau Nias (w Sumatra)

Off the coast of Nias lie 2 other islands - Pulau Bawa and Pulau Aru. Pulau Bawa is excellent for surfing. The W coast of Pulau Nias is nearly inaccessible because of surf Tanjung Sosilutte, about 2 miles SE of Tanjung Tojolawa, is a low point with a remarkable tree, and ...
6 Feb 12
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