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East Malaysia



East Malaysia consists of the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, located on the island of Borneo, as well as the Federal Territory of Labuan, which lies off coast of Sabah.
La Malaisie orientale comprend les États de Sabah et de Sarawak, situés sur l'île de Bornéo, et le territoire-archipel de Labuan. Cet ensemble est séparé de la Malaisie occidentale par la mer de Chine méridionale.
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Sites around East Malaysia
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Muara Harbor

13 Apr 12

Sutera Harbour (MY)

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Entrance Navigation
The average dept at lowest astronomical tide (LAT) is 5 meters inside the basin and outside the breakwater is more than 7 metres.
Arrival Requirements
All visiting vessels are required ...
5 Nov 08

Mantanani Resort

Mantanani is a group of 3 isolated islands (06-42.8N by 116-18.3E) northwest of Kota Belud, or about an hour drive from the state capital of Kota Kinabalu. Although only approximately an hour drive by speed boat from the mainland, the islands are a reminder of an earlier and simpler ...
7 Jan 08

Lahad Datu

Small port.
13 Apr 12


Small port .
13 Apr 12

Bontang Lng Terminal

Oil terminal
13 Apr 12


13 Apr 12


Small port.
13 Apr 12


Small port.
2 Mar 13

Pulau Tekong

Small island on the east side of Singapre, close to Malaysia.Access is reserved to military activities and personnels.
17 May 11

Celukan Bawang

27 Mar 12

Pulau Telan (Indonesia)

Pulau Telan (Telang), the SW point of which forms the SE limit of Selat Riau, is irregularly shaped and nearly 5 miles long, NE and SW, and about 1 mile wide.
It is divided into two parts and may be identified by a square hillock on its S end, 63m high, which, with a sharper peak ...
26 Feb 12

Merodong group (Indonesia)

The Merodong group of islands lie to the W of Pulau Mesanak, between it and the Temiang group. The former group comprises six islands, separated by channels unsuitable for navigation and there is no reason in venturing among them or between them and Pulau Mesanak.
Merodong, the ...
10 Feb 12


13 Apr 12

Pulau Mesanak (Indonesia)

Pulau Mesanak, located 7 miles N of the N end of Pulau Sebangka, has the form of an elbow, of which the long arm extends 4.5 miles in a N and S direction, and the short arm 3 miles E and W. Ridges of hills extend the whole length of both arms, the highest point, 107m high, being where ...
11 Feb 12

Pulau Karas Besar and Karas Kecil (Indonesia)

Pulau Karas Br, lying about 4 miles N of Korek Rapat, is 3.5 miles long and about 0.7 mile wide; it is hilly, with a flat summit, wooded, and has a reef encircling it extending in places for a distance of 0.25 mile.Pulau Karas-Ketjil (Karas-Kecil), an island marking the SW end of ...
14 Feb 12

Selanga Islets and Alor Islands (Indonesia)

The Selanga Islets, three in number, lying on the SE of Selat Pengelap, are small but elevated and conspicuous; the S islet is 35m high. With an opposing wind and current, a troublesome sea may arise in this area.The Pangelap group of islands separates Selat Pangelap from Selat Abang. ...
29 Feb 12

Pulau Dompak Basin and Sekaptap (Indonesia)

Pulau Dompak, 4 miles long and about 2 miles wide, is separated from the W coast of Pulau Bintan by Selat Dompak (Dompak Strait), a narrow channel only available to boats.The land in the vicinity of the channel is quite hilly and surrounded with tall trees, as opposed to low land ...
17 Feb 12

Pulau Pelanduk Subang Mas and Airradja (Indonesia)

Pulau Pelanduk Subang Mas lies about 2 miles NW of Pulau Cemara.Pulau Airradja (Airaja), lies close N and is separated by a narrow drying channel at LW. It is the northernmost of the islands lying between Pulau Cemara and the E entrance of Selat Bulan.Both these islands are hilly ...
15 Feb 12

Pulau Pangkil (Indonesia)

Pulau Pangkil, attaining an elevation of 48m, is about 2 miles in length in a N and S direction and 0.5 mile in breadth; it is hilly, wooded, and lies on the E side of the main channel of Selat Riau, abreast Pulau Mubut Laut.
It is surrounded by a reef which extends from 0.25 to ...
17 Feb 12


Harbor protected by a breakwater.
27 Mar 12

Pulau Bujang and Gojong (E Lingga)

Pulau Bujang, about 5 miles W of Pulau Selentang, is hilly and wooded, with a peaked hill 111m high near its center; it is steep-to on the NE side but elsewhere is surrounded by a reef which dries. On the SE side, are two wooded rocks.
Tjawan Reef, which dries, lies about 0.5 mile ...
9 Feb 12

Pulau Ujan (W Bintan)

Pulau Ujan, 18.3m high, is a somewhat flat island located on Bintan Bay's entry, overgrown with trees; it is separated from the S coast of Pulau Bintan by a narrow boat channel.
On the SE side of the island is the village of Pengudjan.
A bank of mud, sand, and drying rocks extends ...
23 Feb 12

Tanjung Tondang (N Bintan)

Tanjung Tondang, the NW end of Pulau Bintan and the NE limit of Selat Riau, is a rocky, wooded point.Pulau Tondang lies a little more than 183m W of Tanjung Tondang and S of this islet there is a rock on which there are palms. Panjang islets or rocks lie on the shore reef SE of Tanjung Tondang.
24 Feb 12
Local Area

NW Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean (from the Latin name Mare Pacificum, "peaceful sea", bestowed upon it by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan) is the largest of the Earth's oceanic divisions. It extends from the Arctic in the north to the Antarctic in the south, bounded by Asia and Australia ...
10 Jan 09

Spratly Islands

The Spratly Islands are a group of more than 750 reefs, islets, atolls, cays and islands in the South China Sea. They contain less than four square kilometers of land area spread over more than 425,000 square kilometers of sea. ...
9 Oct 12

Tonkin gulf

1 Jan 70
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