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Sites around Connecticut
Flying distances - Direct line

Sunset Harbour (NY)

Sunset Harbour Marina is centrally located on the South Shore of Long Island in East Patchogue, New York. In the Great South Bay, Buoy Numbers 36 and 37.
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5 Nov 08


Small port on a river.
27 Apr 11

Fire Island

The Fire Island Light was extinguished in 1974, but local citizens banded together to form the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation
Society. Working with the National Park Service, the Society raised funds to restore the
Lighthouse, which is today a unit of Fire Island National Seashore.
11 Feb 09

Port Jefferson Harbor

Small port protected by a breakwater.
27 Apr 11

Clinton Marina

33 Indian Drive, Clinton, CT 06413
Phone: 860-669-4563
22 Jul 08


Small port.
27 Apr 11

Southport Harbor

Small port with a tide gate.
27 Apr 11

Essex Middle Cove

Small port.
27 Apr 11

Stamford Harbor

Small port with a tide gate.
27 Apr 11

Greenwich Harbor

Small port.
27 Apr 11

Port Chester Harbor

Small port with a tide gate.
27 Apr 11
Local Area

US - East coast

There are three basic climate regions on the East Coast from north to south. The region from northern Maine south to about central Connecticut has a continental climate, with warm summers and long, cold and snowy winters. The region from southern Connecticut south to about the Virginia ...
27 Aug 15

NW Atlantic Ocean

Entre le Groenland et la mer du Nord, l'Atlantique est séparé de l'Océan Arctique par le seuil de Wyville-, zone relativement peu profonde (entre 300 et 1250 m) et de laquelle émerge l'Islande.
Au Nord, c'est-à-dire déjà dans l'océan Arctique, on trouve le bassin de Norvège, ...
19 Mar 15

New York

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31 Oct 08

Rhode Island

1 Jan 70

New Jersey

Irwin Marine, Red Bank
19 Sep 14


Sailing through Delaware Bay is quite an experience. Currents are swift and there are number of sandbars lurking just outside of the main shipping channel.
1 May 11
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