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Club nautico de Oliva (C. Valenciana)

Club nautico de Oliva (C. Valenciana)



The yacht club is one of the main attractions of a town that marks the border between Valencia and Alicante.
In the basin of La Goleta, two huge piers fall into the sea to bring order to the mooring places that typically are distributed according to the length of the boats.

T. 962853423
F. 962858612
423 b..
Draugh: 2 to 3.5 m
Club nautico de Oliva (C. Valenciana)
Surf on Oliva beach
Le club nautique représente l’un des principaux points d'intérêt d'une commune qui marque la frontière entre Valencia et Alicante.
Dans le bassin de La Goleta, deux immenses jetées rentrent dans la mer pour mettre de l’ordre aux places d’amarrages qui, en général sont réparties en fonction de la longueur des embarcations.
  • T. 962853423
  • F. 962858612
  • M.
  • 423 pl.
  • Prof. 2 à 3,5 m
Club nautico de Oliva (C. Valenciana)
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Algar de Almadraba (C Valenciana)

Algar de la Almadraba, centered about 6 miles NW of Denia, is an extensive area of foul ground which lies off this stretch of coast. This area has depths of 25 to 36m and heavy seas are raised over it by onshore winds.
23 May 12

Ensenada de Benidorm (C Blanca)

Ensenada de Benidorm lies between Cabezo del Tosal and Punta de la Escaleta, 3 miles E.  the small hill Canfali, which forms a promontory in the center of the cove of Benidorm, divides the coast into two splendid sandy beaches, the Levant and the Ponant.

This bay affords ...
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Ensenada de Javea (C Blanca)

Beyond Cape San Martin extends the Javea cove to Cape San Antonio.
This cove is exposed to winds from SE and NE.

The town of Javea, located in the N of the loop is built on a hill at 0.8 NM from the shore. It overlooks the Rio Jalon or Gorgos that opens near and ...
22 May 12

Puerto de Denia (C. Valenciana)

The marina, fishing and transportation of Denia harbour,4,7 NM WNW of Cabo de San Antonio,  is located at the foot of the Montgo. It is protected by 2 sea-walls, the N sea-wall starting from Punta del Raset and the S sea-wall from the shore.
The harbour ...
15 May 12

Club nautico de Gandia (C. Valenciana)

Great harbour and marina. Gandia harbour is located at the mouth of the Rio de San Nicolas.The contributions of the river and storms constantly change E and the depths at the entrance.The port is protected by a large breakwater and permits the entry of long craft. The commercial ...
19 May 12

Rada de Cullera (C Valenciana)

The harbor of Cullera extends from the mouth of the Rio Jucar to the rock of Los Pensiamentos, S Cape Cullera.
23 May 12

Punta del Molino Almadraba (C Valenciana)

Punta del Molino is located about 3 NM N Denia and marks the begining of the cove and the beach of Almadraba.It's a sandy and pebble point projects into the sea.The wind that blows told Llebeig blowing the summer afternoon attracts many windsurfers in the area.
23 May 12


Just left my 10m yacht there for the winter, had to rush back to the UK only had 5 days in portMidd August and there were still places  to get a berth on a good concrete pontoon.The hole year cost £3500euros The town is local very large has three large chandeliers We ...
23 Aug 15

Rio Jucar (C Valenciana))

The Rio Jucar is shallow and its mouth encumbered by a bar.Two jetties extend 0.2 mile seaward from the mouth of the river. Each one  have a lighthouse at 65 m from the extremity and it is recommended to pass at more than 120m from them.Rio Jucar is accessible only to small ...
23 May 12

Punta de Los Pensiamentos (Cullera-C Valenciana)

Los Pensiamentos point closes Cullera bay and is located S Cullera cape.
23 May 12

Cabo Cullera

Cullera cape is a rocky promontory which stands in the middle of flat and cultivated land. It forms the NE end of the Sierra de Cullera, arranged in ascending chain which, by far, seems an island.
It has at its end N the conical white tower of a lighthouse, and the S of the ...
24 May 12
Local Area

Golfe de Valence (Costa Blanca)

N San Antonio cape,  the coast forms the Gulf of Valencia, very large opening, which extends to Oropesa cape, N at 78 MN.
The coast is rocky at first and at lower altitudes, down to E of Denia.Valencia, one of the largest cities in Spain, built in the middle ...
25 May 12

Costa Valencia

The Valencian Community is one of the seventeen autonomous communities of Spain. Its capital city Valencia. The second city in population is Alicante and the third is  Elche. Because of its location, Valencia has been for centuries the gateway to the Mediterranean to ...
19 May 12

Espagne Est - East Spain

At S and E, Spain is bordered by the Mediterranean sea, except for a small land boundary with the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.The boundary between Spain and France lies in the vicinity of Punta Falco, which is located 1 mile NE of PortBou. In the Mediterranean ...
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Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15

Rada de Cullera (C Valenciana)

The harbor of Cullera extends from the mouth of the Rio Jucar to the rock of Los Pensiamentos, S Cape Cullera.
23 May 12
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