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Club nautico La Isleta (Murcie)

Club nautico La Isleta (Murcie)



Located 1,7 NM from Dos Mares marina and 1,9 NM from Mar de Cristal marina.

  • T. 968 145 339
  • F. 968 145 339
  • Mail.
  • 243 b. (<9 m)
  • Depth: 1,85

Very horrible, to much noise for the whole neighborhood arround ca. 1 mile, especially friday/sunday from  11 p.m. till 3 am in the morning

Thank you very much

Situé à 1,7 MN de la marina Dos Mares et à 1,9 MN de la marina Mar de Cristal.
  • T. 968 145 339
  • F. 968 145 339
  • Mail.
  • 243 pl. (<9 m)
  • TE: 1,85
Club nautico La Isleta (Murcie)
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Islas Hormigas (Cabo de Palos-Murcia)

Hormigas islands located in the region of Murcia, 2MN and a half from the coast.
Las Hormigas, formed by a chain of islets and rocky shoals, extends up to 3 miles NE of Cabo de Palos.

Islas Hormiga, the largest islet of this chain, lies 2.3 miles NE of the ...
7 Jun 19

Punta Calnegre ou De La Raja (Murcie)

Punta de Calnegre (or De La Raja),  a rocky point partly covered with sand, is located 2.3 miles NW of Cabo de Palos. A rocky hillock, 43m high, stands close W of it.
Two marine farms, best seen on the chart, are located E of the point.
18 May 12

Puerto Dos Mares (Murcie)

Located in Las Palmeras bay, in front of Ciervo island, this harbour is connected at it by an isthmus. T. 968 140 117F. 968 140 117M.5 club2mares@yahoo.es270 pl. (<17 m)Caution the harbour has'nt marking at night, so it should be avoided boarding.
16 May 12

Cabo de Palos marina (Murcie)

Cabo de Palos is a small harbour located S "Mar Menor", in front of the beach of Cabo de Palos, in Cala Avellan. 
It consists of five warfs reserved for pleasure craft and a small space E restricted to fishing vessels.T. (+34) 963.679.302 ou 963.679.204 Fax: 963.679.403Mail: ...
15 May 12

Mar de Cristal marina (Murcie)

Located between Islas Minore and the reththee residential area of ​​the Crystal Sea, the marina is well protected, to the extreme N of the lagoon.
T. 968,133,428
121 pl.
Depth max: 7 m
16 May 12

Cabo de Palos (Murcie)

Cabo de Palos is the seaward extremity of a small peninsula which is joined to the mainland by a narrow isthmus.It is  indented with small coves and fringed by rocky islets. The immediate vicinity of the Cape of Palos are not healthy. The peninsula is surrounded by rocks and ...
7 Jul 12

Islas Menores marina (Murcie)

Located at Punta de los Barracones, very close to the Mar de Cristal Marina.100 b. (<2 m)Mail: T. 968.133.344
16 May 12

Puerto Los Nietos (Murcie)

Located in Los Nietos hamlet,  at 0.9 NM from Islas Menores marina, Los Nietos harbor is protected by a seawall and connected to the mainland by a bridge.
Mail: administracion@cnlosnietos.comT. 968 133 300Fax. 968 133 640Mail: administracion@cnlosnietos.com450 ...
16 May 12

Isla Grosa-Isolete El Farallon

Isla Grosa, 95m high, lies 1.5 miles offshore, 3.7 miles NNE of Punta de Calnegre. This island is high, steep-sided, and flat-topped. A light is shown from a structure standing on the summit.

Anchorage, sheltered from E winds, can be obtained by vessels with local knowledge, ...
7 Jun 19

Punta del Estacio (Murcie)

Punta del Estacio is located 7 miles NNW of Cabo de Palos. It is formed by the low and rocky SE extremity of a small peninsular which projects from the coast.
A light is shown from a tower, 29m high, standing on the point.

A coast guard hut and several other buildings are ...
18 May 12

Puerto Tomas Maestre (Murcia)

S of the Manga, strip of sand 22km long and 100-800 m wide, is the Port Tomas Maestre, along the Mar Menor.

Access to the marina from the Mediterranean, is through a channel of 1, 5 m with swing bridge (pairs every two hours during one quarter of an hour), which joins the sea ...
7 Jun 19

Club Nautico de Los Urrutias (Murcie)

This yacht club forms an island 100 meters from the beach, S Los Urrutias town and SW Mar Menor. A bridge connects it to the mainland.
It has an hexagonal shape that provides a protected lagoon inside.

T. 968 134438
F. 968 134438
Mail: 280 ...
17 May 12
Local Area

Mar Menor (Murcia)

Mar Menor is a salty lagoon, in the south-east of the autonomous community of Murcia, in Spain, separated from the Mediterranean sea by La Manga, a sandbar 22km in length and with a width ranging from 100 to 1200 m.

With a surface area of nearly 170km², a coastal length ...
16 May 12

Golfo de Vera (Murcia-Costa Calida)

From the "Mesa de Roldan" and to Cape Tinoso, the coast has a curvature called wide open Gulf of Vera.
The Murcia Region is an autonomous community of Spain located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is surrounded by the Autonomous Community of Valencia (Alicante), the ...
15 May 12

Espagne Est - East Spain

At S and E, Spain is bordered by the Mediterranean sea, except for a small land boundary with the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.The boundary between Spain and France lies in the vicinity of Punta Falco, which is located 1 mile NE of PortBou. In the Mediterranean ...
14 May 12

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15
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