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Capo Frasca (Arbus Sardegna)

Capo Frasca (Arbus Sardegna)



Frasca cape is the N extremity of Piana di Santadi, a plateau, which rises perpendicularly from the sea and is covered with vegetation.
It is also the S extremity of the Oristano gulf.

A light is shown from a structure, 8m high, standing on the cape.

From this cape lies a military polygone of Otan Capo Frasca for air exercises.

Frasca cape is una area very windy and therefore much frequented by surfers of all kinds. There are constraints for the entrance to the beach because of the military installations on the ground, so you need to learn about areas where access is allowed.

Capo Frasca  (Arbus Sardegna)
Capo Frasca est l'extrémité N du plateau Piana di Santardi, qui s'élève perpendiculairement à la mer et est recouvert de végétation.
C'est aussi l'extrémité S du golfe d'Oristano.

Un phare de 8 m de haut, s'élève sur le cap.

De ce cap s'étend un polygone militaire Otan de Capo Frasca pour les exercices aériens.

Capo Frasca est souvent balayé par des vents forts et donc très fréquenté par les surfeurs de toutes sortes. Mais il y a des contraintes à l'entrée dans cette zone à cause des installations militaires sur le terrain, il faut donc s'informer sur les zones où l'accès est autorisé.

Capo Frasca  (Arbus Sardegna)
Capo Frasca: military area.
Capo Frasca è il promontorio all'estremita N del Piano di Santadi, che si eleva perpendicolarmente verso il mare ed è coperto di vegetazione.
E' anche il confine meridionale estremo del golfo di Oristano.

Un faro di 8 m di altezza, si erge sul promontorio.

Da questo capo si estende un poligono militare Otan di Capo Frasca per esercitazioni aeree.

Capo Frasca è una zona fortemente battuta dal vento e quindi molto frequentata da surfisti di ogni genere. Esistono delle limitazioni per l'ingresso al lido a causa degli insediamenti militari presenti in loco, per cui è necessario informarsi sulle zone in cui l'accesso è consentito.

Capo Frasca  (Arbus Sardegna)
Capo Frasca  (Arbus Sardegna)
Frasca cape lighthouse
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Torre di Flumentorgiu (Arbus Sardegna)

Flumentorgiu tower, or Dei Corsari, belongs to the city of Arbus. It is conspicuous and very visible from seaward.

Built in 1500, it is 60 m above sea level, visible of  towers of San Giovanni of Sinis and Capo Pecora.
7 Nov 12

Porto Palma (Flomentorgiu Sardegna)

In the last century, Porto Palma (Flomentorgiu) or Tonnara Flumentorgiu was a fishing village fished and work tuna, hence its name. This activity was then abandoned because it had become unproductive.

This is a small cove, very open, to the entrance of which there are many ...
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La Caletta (Oristano Cabras Sardegna)

La Caletta is a small cove that lies at the base of the cliffs of Capo San Marco.Located to the interior of Oristano Gulf, it is a natural shelter from the strong winds of the mistral.
The small beach marks the transition from the dead sea to the sea alive.
La Caletta is part ...
12 Nov 12

Capo S. Marco (Sardegna)

San Marco cape, limits Oristano Gulf to the N. It is a small peninsula connected to the mainland by a sandy isthmus.
It has a lighthouse, 16m high tower, with two terraces on a one-story house, all yellow.
S and N of the Isthmus, towers Vecchia and S. Giovanni are round and ...
9 Nov 12

Torre di San Giovanni di Sinis (Oristano Tharros Sardegna)

San Giovanni tower (50 m high) is located 1 NM N of San Marco Cape, along the road that leads to the ancient city of Tharros.
9 Nov 12

San Giovanni di Sinis (Tharros Sardegna)

The Phoenicians settled in Tharros to 800 BC,  then  came the turn of the Carthaginians in 500 BC.
Port Tharros became a place of passage and a strong center of commercial activity. Its privileged position within the Sinis peninsula, protected from the mistral, the fertility ...
9 Nov 12

Isola Mal-di-Ventre (Sardegna)

Mal di Ventre island takes its name the difficulties encountered by sailors to navigate its waters.
Located opposite the Peninsula del Sunis, low and flat, 18 m high, it has an area of ​​80 hectares.
A light is shown from a structure, 4m high, standing on the summit of the ...
11 Nov 12

Porto Turistico Torregrande (Oristano Sardegna)

Oristano marina is located in Torregrande marina.Protected from all winds.

Beware shoals seaweed and sand around the port entrance.

Access is through a channel bounded by yellow buoys (red and green at night), remain at the center of the channel.
Prevent your coming ...
9 Nov 12

Torre del Sevo o Mosca (Turre Seu Sardegna)

Sevo tower (1720) is near Terr'e Seu oasis, on a promontory 13 m high.
9 Nov 12

Porto di Oristano (Santa Giusta) (Sardegna)

Large commercial harbour in the center of the W coast of Sardinia, S Tirso river. Within the commercial harbor is a marina.To access run through the channel dredged to 13 m, marked by two luminous beacons. Tel: 0783 72262 Fax: 0783 359933 E-mail:
8 Nov 12

Spiaggia di Torre Grande (Oristano Sardegna)

Correct anchorage in  front of the beach (3/6 m), but very noisy, nightclub on the beach (I was anchored in front!), move away a little and not worry.
8 Nov 12

Isola Caogheddas (Sardegna)

Few meters from the coast lies Caogheddas island NW tip of the tower Sevo.
9 Nov 12
Local Area

Golfo di Oristano (W Sardegna)

Oristano gulf is entered between Capo Frasca and Capo di San Marco, 5,5 NM , NNW.
The gulf has low, sandy, and gently sloping shores. In places, there are several whitish sand dunes, with patches of vegetation, backed by extensive lagoons and marshes.
Alternating succession ...
8 Nov 12

Capo Altano a Capo S. Marco (Sardegna)

Betweene Altano cape and Pecora cape the coast is high and rocky and peaks almost everywhere.All this part of the coast is at short distance overwhelmed by small islands.Between Pecora Cape and  Frasca Cape the coast is high, steep and healthy.Gulf of Oristano, oval, opens between ...
9 Nov 12


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia was made a self-governing region of Italy in 1948.
Sardinia offers coves and beaches relatively quiet. In the North as in the South the sailor will find there many anchorages.
The northern beaches are ...
19 Oct 17

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

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Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15
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