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Cap Corse



Cap Corse (Corsica Capicorsu) is a peninsula located north-east of Corsica. Its inhabitants, the Capcorsins, call it "the island within an island" ("l'Isula inde l'Isula").

Cap Corse is a mountain in the sea which was called by the Romans "the sacral promontory." Its strategic position at the center of shipping routes, in a land made ​​popular as evidenced by the many Genoese towers erected along both coasts very contrasting. It is also one of the wildest areas of the island.

Ships coming from the W or NW at first realize the great mountain range which dominates the NW coast of the island. This is the Monte Cino (tip at 2710 m). The Monte Cino extends to the NE to Monte Asto (1535 m).

All anchorages of Cap Corse are bad shelter when the wind is strong.

Le Cap Corse (en Corse Capicorsu) est une presqu'île située au nord-est de la Corse. Ses habitants, les Capcorsins, l'appellent « l'île dans l'île » (l'Isula inde l'Isula).
Le Cap Corse est une montagne dans la mer qui fut appelée par les Romains " le promontoire sacré " . Sa position stratégique, au centre des routes maritimes, en fit une terre très prisée comme en témoigne les nombreuses tours Génoises érigées le long des deux côtes très contrastées. C'est aussi une des régions les plus sauvages de toute l'île.

Les navires venant de l'W ou de NW aperçoivent tout d'abord le grand massif montagneux qui domine la côte NW de l'île. C'est le Monte Cinto (point culminant à 2710 m). Le monte Cino s'étend vers le NE jusqu'à Monte Asto (1535 m). Tous les mouillages du Cap Corse sont de mauvais abris en cas de vent fort.
Cap Corse
Cap Corse
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Flying distances - Direct line

Nord Corse - North Corse

N side of Corsica is a narrow peninsula of about twenty miles long that points to the N. This is the kingdom of Aeolus that, for no apparent reason can become hysterical.

The island Giraglia scans the horizon of his powerful light, allowing an easy landing for those who have ...
3 May 12

St Florent - Centuri - West of Cap Corse

Saint Florent is on the W coast of Cap Corse.
W coast of Cap Corse is rocky and provides only shelter that the small port of Centuri, near the end of the peninsula.
The Gulf of Saint Florent opens to the N between the root of Cap Corse E and the rocky desert Agriates to W, which ...
6 May 12

Macinaggio - Cap Sagro

Macinaggio (en corse Macinaghju) is the Rogliano marina, located on the eastern tip of Cap Corse.
It is on the edge of a Natura 2000 protected and classified, including the islands of Finocchiarola and the field of Casinca.

The old fishing port and trade was one of the ports ...
3 May 12

Cap Sagro - Bastia

Capo Sagro is located at 11 NM. S Finocchiarola islands. He has a signal station and a semaphore rises N of it.
Mount Merizatodio, 778 m high, is 1.5 MN to W Cape and dominates the immediate area. The village of Erbalunga, situated 1.5 miles SSW of Capo Sagro, stands on the S ...
6 May 12

Isola Capraia

Capraia is one of the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, on the road between Cape Corsica and Elba. It is an island of 335 inhabitants (the Capraiesi) of the Province of Livorno. It lies 64 km from Livorno, 37 km from Gorgona and 31 km from Corsica. Its area is 19 km2. It has ...
26 Feb 14

Golfe de St Florent

The Gulf of Saint Florent form a large body of water open to the North to NW winds, but sheltered by the mountains Libeccio of Balagne.
Strong wind blows from east sometimes jump off the mountain which is extended by the Cap Corse and a rise in the Gulf chop rather unpleasant.
The ...
6 May 12

Anse d'Aliso ou Golfu Alisu

Beautiful cove of fine sand that we discover in the middle of steep rocks. The bottom of the cove with crystal clear water allow the approach of the sandy beach without difficulty.
The village of Pino, south of Aliso, houses a former convent on the waterfront.

Deep ...
5 May 12

Marine de Luri - Santa Severa

The village of Luri is located in the heart of Cape Corse.
Particularly well protected harbor with a jetty semicircular with a depth of 3 meters to 2 meters and the entrance to the pier which is riprapped at the base.
Sheltered from northerly winds, a little ...
3 May 12

Marine de Giottani

Small harbor marked by a chicane at the entrance to properly break the swell. It has a slip and is accessible only to small boats.
Harbor and anchorage sheltered from the easterly winds but open to the swell of West. At the hamlet, a restaurant and a small ...
5 May 12

Marine de Porticciolo

Porticciolo or Porticiolo, is a marine of Cagnano Valley, located N of Bastia.

The houses, very old, were grouped  for a security issue, once. The roofs of local stone to retain its authentic small port.

If this small town had a relatively high until 1875 even with ...
3 May 12

Marine de Meria

Marine de Meria, a small cove, is entered 1.5 miles SSE of Macinaggio and can be recognized by an old mill which stands on a rocky promontory on the N side.
A small town is situated near the shore at the head of the cove. Sommet Castello, 475m high, stands 1.5 miles WSW of the ...
1 May 12

Marine de Morsiglia

Morsiglia is a small town located on the west coast of Cap Corse few miles south of Centuri. While not being quite at sea, the town has a navy: Mute the beach with a diving and camping.
It has the distinction of hosting six square towers of Genoese period, ancient dwelling houses ...
5 May 12
Local Area

Corse - Corsica

Corsica is a French owned island with a strong sense of identity and pride. Corsica is beautiful, unspoilt and old-fashioned, and with its white sands, mountainous cliffs and transparent water, it is the perfect getaway destination. Although it is strongly influenced by ...
24 Mar 16

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15

Est Corse - East Corsica

Area composed mainly of long sandy beaches where there is little anchorage. It will be necessary to shelter mainly in the ports.
20 Dec 17

Ouest Corse - West Corsica

The nicest part of Corsica with a lot of coves, bays where to anchor.
3 Aug 11

Sud Corse - South Corsica

The strait between Corsica and Sardinia is 6 NM wide and creates a massive venturi effect that results in a stronger wind. It’s strongly recommended to engage the strait of Bonifacio only under calm weather, 
29 Jul 15
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