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Caleta Errazuriz (Antofagasta N Chile)

Caleta Errazuriz (Antofagasta N Chile)



Caleta Errazuriz is S Santa Maria island.
The channel between the reefs, which extend SSW from the island and those with extend about 0,3 NM N from the W entrance point of the cove, is about 0,3 NM wide and has depths over 27,4 m.

Caleta Errazuriz se trouve au S de l'île Santa Maria.
Le chenal entre les rochers, qui s'étendent au SSW de l'île et ceux qui s'étendent à environ 0,3 MN au N de l'entrée W de l'anse, est large d'environ 0,3 MN et a une profondeur de 27 m environ.
Caleta Errazuriz (Antofagasta N Chile)
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Isla Santa Maria (Antofagasta N Chile)

Santa Maria island is between caleta Constitucion and caleta Errazuriz.
Reefs extend a little over 0.5 mile SSW from the S side of the island and up to 0.3 mile from all other sides.
22 Dec 12

Caleta Constitucion (Antofagasta N Chile)

Caleta Constitucion is entered NE of isla Santa Maria.
The entrance between the reefs, which extend N from the island and those which extend about 0.3 NM S from the N entrance point, is about 0.5 NM wide and has a least depth of 13.7m. A channel, about 180 m wide at its narrowest ...
22 Dec 12

Punta Tetas (Antofagasta N Chile)

Punta Tetas is the SW extremity of Peninsula Moreno. The point is of moderate height, rocky,and arid.
Punta Tetas is free of off-lying dangers and a light is shown from it.
23 Dec 12

Punta Lagartos (Antofagasta N Chile)

The Punta Lagartos is in front of a bank (banco Lagartos) that lies at 0,5 NM from it.
Islote Lagartos is at about the center of the bank. the islet is 4,9 to 5,8 m high. It is rock covered with white shells and can be recognized for 3 NM.Rocks extend some distance NW and S from ...
22 Dec 12

Caleta Abtao (Antofagasta N Chile)

Caleta Abtao is W Moreno bay.
The cove is well-sheltered and has little or no swell.We can anchor at about 0,3 NM of the S entrance, in 17 m.
23 Dec 12

Punta Jorge (Antofagasta Chile)

Punta Jorge lies at about 4 NM S Punta Tetas and it is the N point of Moreno Bay.
23 Dec 12

La Loberia y La Portada (Antofagasta N Chile)

La Loberia, a group of above-water rocks, and La Portada, an above-water rock, lie close offshore along the NE shore of Bahia Moreno.
23 Dec 12

Isla Guaman (Antofagasta N Chile)

Isla Guaman is about 21.9m high and white. Rocks extend nearly 0.1 mile NW from the NW end of the island and shoals extend about 91m off all other sides of the island. It is connected to the mainland by a causeway.A beacon, 6m high, equipped with a can-shaped topmark with red ...
23 Dec 12

Caleta La Chimba (Antofagasta N Chile)

Caleta La Chimba lies NE of Isla Guaman and is protected from the S by a causeway joining the island to the mainland.
There are depths of 25 m in the entrance, which decrease to about 9 m about 0.2 NM from the head of the cove. 
Beware, above-water rocks lie about 0.3 NM ...
23 Dec 12

Puerto de Antofagasta (N Chile)

Antofagasta lies E side of Rada de  Antofagasta. It is the larger commercial port of N Chile. A large part of the import-export trade of Bolivia passes through the port. Bolivia maintains a customhouse here. The harbor is well-protected and large vessels berth alongside ...
26 Dec 12

Puerto de Mejillones del Sur (Antofagasta N Chile)

Mejillones lies on the S shore of Bahia Mejillones del Sur. The port consists of passenger berths (Muelle Fiscal), one fishing vessel berth, and one terminal with three mooring buoys for the discharge of ammonia. Tel: 56 55 657060
21 Dec 12

Punta Angamos (Antofagasta N Chile)

Located about 11 NM SW of Punta Chacaya, Punta Angamos is 220 m high and extends N. It is entirely covered with guano, wich gives it the appearance of a chalky cliff. A light is shown from the point.
20 Dec 12
Local Area

From Arica to Punta Lengua de Vaca (N Chile)

Along this coast there are many large and small bays, many points. Many islets and rocks border the coast.
Almost the entire length of the coast is invaded by a desert. The Andes Cordillera advances to the seaand gives a very high and steep coast. There are many natural harbors ...
12 Dec 12


Chile, on the Pacific coast of  S America, is defined by Peru at N, Bolivia at NE and Argentina at E. It extends over 4,300 km long, from Peru to Cape Horn, and 175 km wide on average (350 km to the level of Antofagasta and to the Tropic ...
11 Dec 12

SE Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean, largest and deepest of the world's five oceans, covering more than a third of the earth's surface and containing more than half of its free water. The part south of the equator is called the South
Pacific. The name Pacific, which means peaceful, was given to it by ...
13 Jan 09

Bahia Moreno (Antofagasta N Chile)

Bahia Moreno lies between Punta Jorge and isla Guaman, about 7.5 miles ESE. Except for a sandy beach at the head of the bay, the shores are formed by rocky cliffs.
23 Dec 12

Bahia Mejillones del Sur (Antofagasta N Chile)

Bahia Mejillones is entered between Punta Chacaya and Punta Angamos.The approaches to the bay are clearly depicted by radar from a distance of about 30 miles. Punta Angamos, Punta Chacaya, Morro Mejillones, and Tetas de Mejillones serve as excellent radar landmarks.
Morro Mejillones ...
20 Dec 12

Bahia Nuestra Senora (Antofagasta N chile)

Bahia Nuestra Senora recedes about 4 NM E between Punta Grande and Punta Taltal, about 16 NM S.Rocks and reefs, which extend about 0,5 NM offshore, are scattered along the shores of the bay.
27 Dec 12
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