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Bhatkal lighthouse (W India)

Bhatkal lighthouse (W India)



Bhatkal Fort, in ruins, lies on a rocky point, 46m high, at the entrance to the Bhatkal River.

Bhatkal Light is shown from a square masonry tower with red bands on the fort, and is obscured by Shirali on bearings between 129° and 132°.

The town of Bhatkal lies on the N bank of the river, about 1.5 miles NE of the fort.

The channel over the river bar is very narrow and dangerous for ship’s boats.

Anchorage may be obtained, in 10m, with Bhatkal Light bearing 075°, distant 1 mile. Small vessels may anchor, in 7m, sand and shell, with Bhatkal Light bearing 014°, distant 0.3 mile.

Caution.—When approaching from the S, pass W of a 3m rocky shoal which lies about 1 mile SW of Bhatkal Light . Take care to avoid other rocky patches in the approach to Bhatkal, including two 5m patches and a 4m patch which lie about 1.3 miles WSW, 1 mile S, and 0.8 mile W, respectively, of Bhatkal Light.

When approaching from the N, keep the summit of Shirali bearing not less than 006°, and alter course for the anchorage when Bhatkal Light bears 090°.

Bhatkal lighthouse (W India)
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Bhatkal port (W India)

This port is  well - protected port on the  bank of  Bhatkal river. Presently  fishing  vessels are utilising  the  facilities of  this port. Caution.—When approaching the port of Bhatkal, do not proceed into depths of less than 18.3m ...
8 Mar 12

Huddi Point (W India)

The coast between Bhatkal and Huddi Point, about 1.3 miles SE, consists of cliffs up to about 60m high.
Huddi Point is a cliffy promontory, rising to a height of about 52m about 0.5 mile inland; a small rounded hill, 35m high, lies on the extremity of the point. The coast is then ...
9 Mar 12

Kerekund island (W India)

Kerekund, a rocky islet 19m high, lies about 4 miles S of Murdeshvar and on the W edge of the coastal reef. A rock, 3m high, and a rock, 7m high, lie about 0.5 mile NNE and SE, respectively, of the islet.
Between Kerekund and Bhatkal Fort, about 4.5 miles SE, the low and sandy ...
8 Mar 12

Two White Rocks (W India)

Two White Rocks, 5m high and close together, lie about 4 miles WNW of Baindur Head, and are very prominent when the sun shines on them.
Single Rock, 3m high, lies about 2 miles N, and a rock awash lies about 0.8 mile SSE, respectively, of Two White Rocks.Caution.—Although the ...
10 Mar 12

Baindur Head (W India)

Baindur Head, about 6 miles SSE of Huddi Point, is 61m high and cliffy. It is conspicuous from seaward, being the W point of a table and extending some distance inland.
9 Mar 12

Murdeshvar islet (W India)

The coast between Honavar and the entrance to the Bhatkal River, is low and sandy with some rocky points. A ridge, reaching an elevation of about 150m, extends about 2 miles along the coast from a position about 3 miles S of Honavar.
The ridge is covered with brushwood and contrasts ...
8 Mar 12

Netrani (Pigeon Island) (W India)

Netrani (Pigeon Island), about 9 miles W of Shirali, and 10 NM of Murudeshwara, is a coral island, wooded and flat-topped with a conspicuous summit, 101m high. It is steep-to except for a rock, 16m high, off its S end, and a rocky shoal close E of the island.
This Island has some ...
8 Mar 12

Nancowry Rock (W India)

Nancowry Rock consists of two rocky shoals; the W shoal has a depth of 3m. A rock, 3m high, lies between Nancowry Rock and the coast.
10 Mar 12

Saint Mary Isles (W India)

The coast between Coondapoor and Malpe, about 17.5 miles S, is fringed by coconut trees and broken only by the mouth of the Sita Nadi River. The Saint Mary Isles consist of Coconut Island, Middle Rock, Entrance Rock, and the Darya Bahadurgarh Islands.Passage between the islands is ...
12 Mar 12

Basavrajdurg island (W india)

Basavrajdurg Island (Baswaraj Drug) is 51m high and conspicuous. It is the site of an old fort, in ruins, and is covered with trees and bushwood.Indravati Patch, about 0.6 mile W of Basavrajdurg Island, is a rocky shoal with a depth of 4.6m; a 5m patch lies midway between the rocky ...
6 Mar 12

Tippu Sultan Gudda Light (W India)

Tippu Sultan Gudda Light is shown from September 15 to May 15, about 1.5 miles NNW of the Haladi River entrance. Two conspicuous objects are a white house is close NE and a gray chimney, 40m high, 1 mile E of the entrance of the river.
12 Mar 12

Haladi river (W India)

Coondapoor (Kundapur) is an open roadstead off the common entrance of the Haladi River and the Chakranadi River.
The coast N of the river entrance consists of low hills up to about 37m high. The coast S of the entrance is flat, sandy, and fringed with coconut trees up to 24m high.
A ...
12 Mar 12
Local Area

West coast of India

Between Diu Head (from N) and Cape Rama (to S), there is the gulf of Cambay and the largest sea-port on the W coast of India, the port of Mumbai (Bombay), the largest seaport on the W coast of India.
An extensive offshore area is being developed for oil production.
Numerous ...
20 Mar 12

Arabian Sea

Arabian Sea
The Arabian Sea is a northwestern extension of the Indian Ocean, positioned between India, Oman, Pakistan and Yemen, and Cape Guardafui in far northeastern Somalia. The sea connects with the Persian Gulf through the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz. In the southwest, ...
23 Dec 07

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

Saint Mary Isles (W India)

The coast between Coondapoor and Malpe, about 17.5 miles S, is fringed by coconut trees and broken only by the mouth of the Sita Nadi River. The Saint Mary Isles consist of Coconut Island, Middle Rock, Entrance Rock, and the Darya Bahadurgarh Islands.Passage between the islands is ...
12 Mar 12

Black rocks Two Rocks Outer Rocks (W India)

The coast between Malpe and New Mangalore, about 26 miles SSE, is straight and fringed with coconut trees.
Black Rocks, 13m high and conspicuous, lie about 4 miles S of Malpe.
Two rocks, 3m high, and two rocks, 5m high, lie about 0.5 mile NW and 0.2 mile WSW, respectively, of ...
13 Mar 12

Belekeri (W India)

Belekeri Bay (Roads) has depths of less than 5m. Foul ground extends about 0.7 mile W of Belekeri Point, a low, flat, and rocky point at the head of the bay. Several small islets lie close N and about 0.2 mile WSW of the point.
6 Mar 12
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