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Baia de Iquique (Tarapaca N Chile)

Baia de Iquique (Tarapaca N Chile)



Iquique bay lies between Punta Piedras and Serrano peninsula, 3 NM S.

Bahia de Iquique is open to winds between the NW and NE, however, these winds seldom occur. 

Iquique is ordinarily entirely free from storms of any kind and strong winds are very unusual. The light breezes are generally from the SW. Mist frequently obscures the hills behind the town, particularly in the early morning and afternoon. Even the town itself may be obscured at times by a low-lying mist.

La baie de Iquique s'étend entre Punta Piedras et la péninsule Serrano, à 3 MN au S.

La baie est ouverte aux vents de NW et NE, mais ces vents se produisent rarement.

Iquique n'est généralement pas une zone de tempêtes et les vents forts sont très rares. Les brises légères sont généralement du SW. La brume s'étend souvent sur les collines derrière la ville, en particulier en début de matinée et d'après-midi. La ville elle même peut être masquée parfois par un brouillard à basse altitude.

Baia de Iquique (Tarapaca N Chile)
Baia de Iquique (Tarapaca N Chile)
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Base Naval de Iquique

Fourth Naval Zone. It covers the Antofagasta, Tarapaca, Arica and Parinacota regions in the extreme north of Chile.
1 Jan 13

Punta Piedras (Iquique N Chile)

Punta Piedras is a small rocky promontory which rises steeply to an elevation of 278 m. Rocks extend more than 0,2 NM W of the point.
14 Dec 12

Puerto de Iquique (Tarapaca N Chile)

Iquique is a city-harbour in Tarapac Region. It Iquique is an artificial port composed of a mole (Molo de Union), 480m in length, linking Serrano Island with the mainland. A breakwater (Molo de Abrigo) extends NNE from Penisula Serrano NNE for 846m, marked by a light at the head.
Iquique ...
16 Dec 12

Club de Yates de Iquique (Tarapaca N Chile)

The Yacht club of Iquique is near the end of the mole that links Serrano island with the mainland.100 berths (<25 m)
Depth max: 7 m
14 Dec 12

Punta Gruesa (Tarapaca N Chile)

Punta Gruesa is low and cliffy.  It forms the end of a spur extending from Morro Tarapaca, a mountain about 4 miles ENE. A light is shown from the point.Rocas Los Gemelos consist of two sunken rocks which lie at the outer extremity of foul ground which extends about ...
17 Dec 12

Punta Ballena (Tarapaca N Chile)

Punta Ballena, S caleta Buena, is high, steep, and rocky with no off-lying dangers.
14 Dec 12

Caleta Buena (Tarapaca N Chile)

Caleta Buena, at the foot of a bluff about 3.5 miles SSE of the Isla Peninsula, is exposed but free from danger. Several rocks lie close off the shores of the cove and a rock, awash, lies about 151m offshore. Caleta Buena was formerly a place of shipment for nitrates, but the ...
14 Dec 12

Isla Peninsula (Mejillones N Chile)

Isla Peninsula lies on the S entrance point of Mejillones del Norte cove and is joined to the mainland at its NE end.
Close off the N side are a number of submerged rocks and an islet.
14 Dec 12

Caleta Mejillones (Tarapaca N Chile)

Caleta Mejillones del Norte can be recognized easily from the N by a road which passes over the hills backing it and by Quebrada de la Aurora, a ravine a little to the S.
Peninsula island and Mejillones islets are located off the coast, S cove.It is possible to anchor off the entrance ...
13 Dec 12

Islotes Mejillones (Mejillones N Chile)

Islotes Mejillones are nearly 0.5 mile SW of the Isla Peninsula. They consist of three large and several smaller rocks of whitish color.The passage between them and the Isla Peninsula has depths of 10.1 to 14.6m, but there is a rock awash in the middle of the passage, and it should not be attempted.
14 Dec 12

Punta Chucumata (Tarapaca N Chile)

Punta Chucumata is overwhelmed by submerged rocks off to 0.5 NM. Here is located the Diego Aracena airport of Iquique.
17 Dec 12

Caleta Patillos (Tarapaca N Chile)

Punta Patillos is a salt terminal, S Punta Chucumata.
17 Dec 12
Local Area

From Arica to Punta Lengua de Vaca (N Chile)

Along this coast there are many large and small bays, many points. Many islets and rocks border the coast.
Almost the entire length of the coast is invaded by a desert. The Andes Cordillera advances to the seaand gives a very high and steep coast. There are many natural harbors ...
12 Dec 12


Chile, on the Pacific coast of  S America, is defined by Peru at N, Bolivia at NE and Argentina at E. It extends over 4,300 km long, from Peru to Cape Horn, and 175 km wide on average (350 km to the level of Antofagasta and to the Tropic ...
11 Dec 12

SE Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean, largest and deepest of the world's five oceans, covering more than a third of the earth's surface and containing more than half of its free water. The part south of the equator is called the South
Pacific. The name Pacific, which means peaceful, was given to it by ...
13 Jan 09

Bahia Mejillones del Sur (Antofagasta N Chile)

Bahia Mejillones is entered between Punta Chacaya and Punta Angamos.The approaches to the bay are clearly depicted by radar from a distance of about 30 miles. Punta Angamos, Punta Chacaya, Morro Mejillones, and Tetas de Mejillones serve as excellent radar landmarks.
Morro Mejillones ...
20 Dec 12

Bahia Moreno (Antofagasta N Chile)

Bahia Moreno lies between Punta Jorge and isla Guaman, about 7.5 miles ESE. Except for a sandy beach at the head of the bay, the shores are formed by rocky cliffs.
23 Dec 12

Bahia Nuestra Senora (Antofagasta N chile)

Bahia Nuestra Senora recedes about 4 NM E between Punta Grande and Punta Taltal, about 16 NM S.Rocks and reefs, which extend about 0,5 NM offshore, are scattered along the shores of the bay.
27 Dec 12
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