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Baia Salinedda (Isola Rossa Sardegna)

Baia Salinedda (Isola Rossa Sardegna)



Salinedda bay is S capo Coda Cavallo.

It is bordered by a long white sand beach, with with basically a lagoon.

It is protected by the opposite Rossa island.

Anchor in7/8 m.

Baia Salinedda (Isola Rossa Sardegna)
La baie de Salinedda se trouve au S de capo Coda Cavallo.

Elle est bordée d'une longue plage de sable blanc, avec au fond, une lagune.

Elle est protégée par l'île Rossa qui se trouve en face.

On mouille par 7/8 m.

Baia Salinedda (Isola Rossa Sardegna)
Isola Rossa
Isola Rossa SW capo Coda Cavallo
2010:07:09 11:35:27
La baia di Salinedda si trova S capo Coda Cavallo.

Una bella spiaggia di sabia bianco è nello fondo della baia con alle spalle una laguna.

E' protetta dall'Isola Ruja che vi si trova di fronte.
Anchoraggio per 7/8 m.
Baia Salinedda (Isola Rossa Sardegna)
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Tavolara island is a limestone massif 6 kilometres long and 500 m wide, and 565 m high.The overhanging cliffs make it inaccessible, with the exception of a bay and a beach that is located at each end of the island, Spalmatore di Fuori northeast (military zone) and Spalmatore di Terra ...
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Isola Molara (Sardegna)

Isola Molara, private island, S Tavolara island, 158m high, is undulating and partially cultivated.The coasts are high and rocky at E (Punta Levante et Punta di Sirocco), they are more practicable with the few beaches and coves located in NW (Cala Cala Chiesa e Spagnola).We see a ...
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Golfo degli Aranci (Sardegna)

Degli Aranci gulf is is bounded, on the N, by the peninsula of which Capo Figari is the E extremity.This gulf is sheltered from NE and NW winds. Strong SE winds send in a heavy sea and storms from the N and E cause a considerable swell in the gulf. During offshore winds, which are ...
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Porto Brandinghi (I Rossa Sardegna)

Porto Brandinghi or Brandinchi is a large bay that offers a good anchorage, however, discouraged by E wind raises a big swell.
Access to the anchorage by about 8 m, passing between Rossa island (S) and Testa di Moro Rock, triangular and inconspicuous, 0.4 M in S.
4 Oct 12

Baia di capo Coda Cavallo

Coda Cavallo bay, S Capo Coda Cavallo and Proratora islet, affords anchorage, in depths of 10 to 14m, sheltered from all winds excluding Maestrale.
3 Oct 12

Capo Coda Cavallo (Sardegna)

This long peninsula beyond the promontory of Monte Petruso, extending into the Tyrrhenian Sea, has an end portion which is called "Capo Coda Cavallo" ("Queue of horse cape"), because of its curious shape.

This is the extreme point of the marine protected area of Tavolara / ...
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Marina di Puntaldia (Sardegna)

The marina is located around 2,5 NM S capo Coda Cavallo, near Punta Sabbadino that closes the Brandinchi large bay.The Marina, which is in front of the main square with more than 40 shops, is an efficient and smart turistic port.
Be carrefull with the rocks, Testa di Moro, at the ...
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A 15 NM E Molara Island, Molarotto island (51 m) is conical and reddish because it consists of granite. This is the ultimate outpost of land before the open sea.

Cervi rocks, or Three Brothers'rocks, extend between Molara and Molarotto.

The passage between these ...
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Porto dellaTaverna (Sardegna)

Porto Taverna, holiday village is located south of Olbia, on the east coast of Sardinia.

You can anchor for the day (7 to 18 m) on the sandy bottom, the bay is protected in part by the island Tavolara.

On the beach there is a coffee bar. Behind the beach there is a lagoon, ...
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Porto San Teodoro (Sardegna)

Le port est en phase de construction, il est composé de deux moles qui donnent une protection totale. Mais il n'est pas aménagé à l'intérieur et n'offre aucun service.
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Spalmatorre di Terra (I. Tavolara)

Spalmadore di Terra, a bight, lies at the SW end of Isola Tavolara and offers anchorage, in a depth of 20m, about midway between the entrance points.
This berth is exposed to SE winds which send in a heavy sea.
Several houses stand at the head of the bight and a conspicuous ...
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Punta di Ottiolu (Sardegna)

Punta di Ottiolu, located 2.5 miles SE of the village and about 30 km S of Olbia, is sharp and rocky.
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Local Area

Capo Coda Cavallo a Capo Comino (Sardegna)

From Coda Cavallo cape the coast is rather flat with large cultivated areas. The shores are generally low and sandy with beaches with very white.

SW Coda Cavallo Cape the port Brandinghi (Brandinchi) provides a good anchorage, except in cases of E winds. To access to anchorage ...
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Sardegna East

Du Cap Ceraso au Cap Coda Cavallo: Le Cap Ceraso est dominé par le mont Mandriolo qui porte à son sommet un signal en forme de tronc de pyramide. Le cap est débordé à l'E et au SE par des rochers et des hauts-fonds. Ces dangers sont balisés à leur extrémité NE par une bouée ...
25 Oct 08


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia was made a self-governing region of Italy in 1948.
Sardinia offers coves and beaches relatively quiet. In the North as in the South the sailor will find there many anchorages.
The northern beaches are ...
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Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
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