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Bahia de Rosas

Bahia de Rosas



Rosas bay lies between Rio Muga and La Bateria (or Blancals) point.
La baie de Rosas s'étend entre le Rio Muga et la pointe de La Bateria (ou Blancals).
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Port Santa Margarita

Santa Margarita is a network of navigable channels, composed of private marinas.
The Nautic Center, starboard on the Grand Canal, is a water sports center offering services and moorings.Warning: waterways are narrow. At the mouth and in the main channel, navigate close to ...
8 Jul 12

Marina d'Empuriabrava

Empuriabrava is called "the largest marina in the world", an area with more channels on the water than Venice itself. Boat owners have their moorings in front of their houses.
This marina was built on a swamp in 1968. Today the site covers an area of ​​over 503 hectares, of ...
8 Jul 12

Club nautico de Roses

The Yacht club is N fishing harbour, with a S entrance. The width of the harbor entrance is about 70 m. and depth 9 m.Tel. 34- 972 154 412Fax 34- 972 153 768e-mail: info@portroses.com483 b. incl 110 visit. (6 to the 45 m, 65 <18 m)Depth: 6/3 m
8 Jul 12

Cabo de La Bateria (Roses)

La Bateria point has the Rosas lighthouse, white tower 11 m high, built on the side of a hill crowned by a ruined castle.
8 Jul 12

Cala de Canyellas Petitas

Anchorage, in about 14 m, sheltered of Tramontane.Beware S at Los Branchs Canyellas rocks.
8 Jul 12

Los Branchs Canyellas

The rocks Los Branchs Canyellas (Canellas) are 8 to 10 m high and lie in front of the Canyellas Petitas cove.You must pass them at a minimum of 100 m.
8 Jul 12

Cala de Canyellas Grosas

This cove is separated of Canyellas Petitas by peaks overwhelmed by roks.The sea breeze usually on a rock awash located to the W of the cove.You can anchor in front of the sand beach.
8 Jul 12

Cala Monjoy (Roses)

A very large cove well protected from the North but still a little roller, easy anchorage or in East Cove (Cala Pelosa), or before the village's beach holiday-dive very busy because accessible by road.
9 Jul 12

Cala Rustella (Roses)

Cala Rustella is SE cala Monjoy. It is one of numerous natural coves that we found under Norfeo cape, and it is beautiful.Anchorage under sand and rocks depth.
9 Jul 12

Cala Murtra (Roses)

Anchorage by good weather.The beach, more easily accessible by boat is fairly deserted.
It is 150 m long and 10 m wide. This is a nudist beach.
9 Jul 12

DANGER Haut-fond Montjol

Attention à ce haut-fond mal signalé
10 Jul 17

Cala de Jonculls (Roses)

Just N Norfeo cape, Jonculls (Joncols) cove is deep, and the bottom suddenly rises to 5m near the small beach.
The scenery was beautiful, in the immense cliffs. It is somewhat sheltered from the swell.
It is possible take a buoy for free if you are at lunch in one ...
3 May 14
Local Area

Golfo de Rosas

Golfo de Rosas lies between Punta Trenca Brasos and cabo Noffeo, 9 NM NE. It is the bay most N of the Catalan coast.

W point "Guixeras" port "El Estartit" is built along a small cove.

Over N are the ports of Empuriabrava, Santa Margarita, finally the sailing club of Roses.
7 Jul 12

Rosas - Guillola

After Trenca Brasos point the coast down towards the marshy plain bordering the Gulf of Roses. The NW Gulf of Roses form the Bay of Rosas, in the bottom of which lies the village and harbor that are invisible from the sea.
E coast of the bay is high and ends with the ...
7 Jul 12

Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is the name given to the Spanish coast on the Mediterranean Sea, north-east of Catalonia, in the province of Girona. It starts from the French border, Portbou, S Cape Cerberus, and extends over 70 km to Blanes.
It is bordered to the north, by the Vermilion ...
14 May 12

Espagne Est - East Spain

At S and E, Spain is bordered by the Mediterranean sea, except for a small land boundary with the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.The boundary between Spain and France lies in the vicinity of Punta Falco, which is located 1 mile NE of PortBou. In the Mediterranean ...
14 May 12

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15
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