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Azhikal port (W India)

Azhikal port (W India)



Azhikal, with a thriving timber trade, lies on the S bank of the river, about 1 mile within the entrance. Boundary pillars, NW and SE of the river entrance, define the limits of the port.
Presently the port has only one wharf, 50m in length, that can accomodate one vessel up to 2,000 dwt, with a maximum length of 30m, a maximum beam of 10m, and a maximum draft of 3m.
Pilotage is not available.
Vessels should advise the Port Officer Kozhikode of their ETA 24 hours in advance and then confirm their ETA 2 hours in advance to the Port Officer in Azhikal on VHF channel 16.

Anchorage can be taken, in a depth of 9m, sand and mud, good holding ground, about 2.5 miles WSW of the river entrance.

Azhikal port (W India)
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Cannanore Light (W India)

Cannanore Light is shown from a white, concrete column with red bands 1 mile WNW of Fort St. Angelo.
A red conical buoy is moored about 0.5 mile SE of the fort from October to May and marks the approach to the inner anchorage for small craft.
The coast between Cannanore and ...
15 Mar 12

Kotte Kunnu (Mount Dill) point (W India)

Kotte Kunnu, a bluff point 52m high, at the SW extremity of a headland, is joined to the more elevated land by a low neck; a fort lies on Kotte Kunnu. Mount Dill Light (Kotte Kunna Light) is shown from a white triangular stone tower with red bands on the bluff point.A stranded wreck ...
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Tellicherry Light (W India)

An ancient fort stands on rising ground near the coast. Tellicherry Light is shown from the NW bastion of the fort.Bilikulu, a natural breakwater of basalt, 6m high, lies parallel to the coast, about 0.5 mile SW of the fort.
15 Mar 12

Sacrifice Rock (W India)

Sacrifice Rock, 18m high and conspicuous, lies about 6.5 miles WNW of Kadalur Point. It consists of granite and, having a white appearance, can be seen 10 miles in clear weather.
The passage between this rock and the coast is free of dangers, but vessels using it should keep near ...
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Kadalur Point (W India)

Kadalur Point, low but prominent, is covered with palm trees, over which will be seen a large round tree. Hills gradually rise NE of the point; the nearest summit is 78m high, about 1.3 miles NE of the point.The coastal reef extends about 1.5 miles W and 1.3 miles S from the point. ...
16 Mar 12

Elattur Cape (W India)

Elattur Cape, about 4 miles farther SSE, is low and rocky, with coconut palms close inland. The mouth of the Elattur River, a shallow and rocky river, lies about 1.3 miles N of the cape.
16 Mar 12

Calicut (Kozhikode) port (W India)

The port of Calicut, also known as Kozhikode, is an open roadstead of considerable commercial importance. Cargo is worked at the anchorage by lighters. The port is unusable from the beginning of June to the end of August.
Depths—LimitationsReliance Shoal, with a least depth of ...
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The port of Beypore (Beipur), an open roadstead, lies off the entrance of the Beypore River (10 Km south of Calicut) at  and is considered a wharf of the port of Calicut (Kozhikode).New Beypore Light is shown from an octagonal masonry tower, with red and white bands, on the SE ...
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New Mangalore port (W India)

The port of New Mangalore, a major all-weather port, is situated about 5 miles NNW of the old Mangalore port.
Fairway Lighted Buoy is moored about 4 miles W of the port. Range lights, in line bearing about 079°, at the E side of the port, mark the approach channel through the ...
15 Mar 12

Suratkal Point Light (W India)

Suratkal Point Light, with a racon, is shown from a 36m high white masonry tower with black bands standing on Suratkal Point, about 5 miles S of the entrance to the Mulki River.
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Ponnani port (W India)

The coast between Beypore and Ponnani, about 24 miles SSE, is low, sandy, fringed with palms, and backed by red laterite hills.
A light is shown at Tanur, an important fishing village, about 11.5 miles SSE of Beypore. A tableland, covered with palms, lies about 1 mile NE of the ...
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Saint Mary Isles (W India)

The coast between Coondapoor and Malpe, about 17.5 miles S, is fringed by coconut trees and broken only by the mouth of the Sita Nadi River. The Saint Mary Isles consist of Coconut Island, Middle Rock, Entrance Rock, and the Darya Bahadurgarh Islands.Passage between the islands is ...
12 Mar 12
Local Area

West coast of India

Between Diu Head (from N) and Cape Rama (to S), there is the gulf of Cambay and the largest sea-port on the W coast of India, the port of Mumbai (Bombay), the largest seaport on the W coast of India.
An extensive offshore area is being developed for oil production.
Numerous ...
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Arabian Sea

Arabian Sea
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Indian Ocean

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6 Apr 12

Black rocks Two Rocks Outer Rocks (W India)

The coast between Malpe and New Mangalore, about 26 miles SSE, is straight and fringed with coconut trees.
Black Rocks, 13m high and conspicuous, lie about 4 miles S of Malpe.
Two rocks, 3m high, and two rocks, 5m high, lie about 0.5 mile NW and 0.2 mile WSW, respectively, of ...
13 Mar 12

Saint Mary Isles (W India)

The coast between Coondapoor and Malpe, about 17.5 miles S, is fringed by coconut trees and broken only by the mouth of the Sita Nadi River. The Saint Mary Isles consist of Coconut Island, Middle Rock, Entrance Rock, and the Darya Bahadurgarh Islands.Passage between the islands is ...
12 Mar 12

Belekeri (W India)

Belekeri Bay (Roads) has depths of less than 5m. Foul ground extends about 0.7 mile W of Belekeri Point, a low, flat, and rocky point at the head of the bay. Several small islets lie close N and about 0.2 mile WSW of the point.
6 Mar 12
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