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Approche Cap Corse

Approche Cap Corse



Weather coverage to go to Corsica is essential. Local weather is not important, important is the weather off shore.
Crossing from continent to Corsica is not possible if:

     threat of east wind,
     beginning of period Mistral.

The crossing is possible if:

     end of Mistral
     weather permitting, by solar wind regime.

Returning from Corsica to continent, the course is impossible by Mistral. When E wind, we must ensure that there will not reverse of N wind.
The small island of Giraglia is above the Cap Corse, it is exposed to winds from the north, the Mistral from northeast and northwest Libecciu.
With its tower it still seems to keep watch, what was once its function, because this narrow peninsula, oblong-shaped finger-pointing has been exposed to invasions.
From 1530, under the leadership of the republic of Genoa, ninety towers were built on the Corsican coast, including thirty-two at Cap Corse to fight against the attacks of Barbary and all hazards from the Wed
La couverture météo pour aller en Corse est indispensable. Ce n'est pas le temps local qui est important, mais celui du large.
La traversée continent-Corse est impossible si:
  • menace de vent d'Est,
  • commencement de période de Mistral.

La traversée est possible si:
  • fin de Mistral
  • par beau temps, par régime de vent solaire.
Au retour, le parcours est impossible par Mistral. Par vent d'Est, il faut s'assurer qu'il n'y aura pas renverse de Noroît.
La petite île de la Giraglia précède le cap corse, elle est exposée aux vents soufflant du Septentrion, le Mistral du nord-est et le Libecciu du nord-ouest.
Avec sa tour elle semble encore faire le guet, ce qui était sa fonction autrefois, car cette péninsule étroite et oblongue, en forme d'index pointé, a toujours été exposée aux invasions.
A partir de 1530, sous l'impulsion de la république de Gênes, quatre vingt-dix tours furent édifiées sur le littoral corse, dont trente-deux au Cap Corse afin de lutter contre les attaques des barbaresques et de tous les dangers venant de la mer.
Approche Cap Corse
Approche Cap Corse. Vue du large, le Cap Corse au petit matin. Sur babord l'Ile de la Giraglia 2005-07-17 Bearing:110°
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Sites around Approche Cap Corse
Flying distances - Direct line

Cap Sagro - Bastia

Capo Sagro is located at 11 NM. S Finocchiarola islands. He has a signal station and a semaphore rises N of it.
Mount Merizatodio, 778 m high, is 1.5 MN to W Cape and dominates the immediate area. The village of Erbalunga, situated 1.5 miles SSW of Capo Sagro, stands on the S ...
6 May 12

Isola Capraia

Capraia is one of the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, on the road between Cape Corsica and Elba. It is an island of 335 inhabitants (the Capraiesi) of the Province of Livorno. It lies 64 km from Livorno, 37 km from Gorgona and 31 km from Corsica. Its area is 19 km2. It has ...
26 Feb 14

Golfe de St Florent

The Gulf of Saint Florent form a large body of water open to the North to NW winds, but sheltered by the mountains Libeccio of Balagne.
Strong wind blows from east sometimes jump off the mountain which is extended by the Cap Corse and a rise in the Gulf chop rather unpleasant.
The ...
6 May 12

Cap Bianco

Capo Bianco, the NW extremity of the peninsula of Cap Corse, has a whitish appearance, but the coast to the N of it is rugged and black.
We can anchor between cape Bianco and Centuri. Sheltered from E wind, but open at from the offshore.
4 May 12

Cap Grosso anse de l'Arinella

La cala di Arinella or Arinetta is located E from the signal station of Cape Grosso.
During good weather it is a beautiful place and there is never anyone!Yuo can anchor in front of shingle beach, there is enough water.
Grosso cape, 127m high, is located 1.2 miles NE of Capo ...
30 Apr 12

Ile de la Giraglia

Giraglia island lies N of the peninsula of Cap Corse, 1 mile NNW of Punta d’Angelo. This small island lies at the N end of the coastal bank and is steep and surmounted by an old square tower. A light is shown from a prominent tower, 26m high, standing on the N part of the island.It ...
4 May 12

Ilot de Capense

The iset Capense (isula di Capezza in Corsican) is a small island (about 2 ha) bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and located on the village of Centuri in the Cap Corse, off the port.

The islet Capense was fortified in the same time of the harbor at the twelfth or thirteenth ...
5 May 12

Marine de Tollare

The marina of Tollare is located in the district of Ersa (135 inhabitants), in the extreme N of Cape Corse.Tollare, at the mouth of Granaghjulu river, extends its old houses around the chapel of St. Anne and its Genoese tower built round slate.

Do not exceed the tower raised ...
4 May 12

Baie de Centuri

The approach of the bay and harbor of Centuri's easy. Avoid the north of the Isle of Capense on the right marked by a north cardinal.
The boats anchored between the Isle of capense and the port of Centuri by wind from the south or SW.

By NE wind we will anchor off the South ...
29 Oct 14

Port de Centuri

Nice small harbour, used by yachts and fishing boats, fronts the village of Centuri and is protected by a mole for local fishering.

Feu marquant l'entrée du port.

shallow draft 0.3 m to 2 m in the harbor for boats under 10 m.
Town Hall Information: T / F: 04 95 35 ...
5 May 12

Marine de Morsiglia

Morsiglia is a small town located on the west coast of Cap Corse few miles south of Centuri. While not being quite at sea, the town has a navy: Mute the beach with a diving and camping.
It has the distinction of hosting six square towers of Genoese period, ancient dwelling houses ...
5 May 12

Marine de Barcaggio

Barcaggio is a large bay without protection and without depth. Opposite, at north, rises the island of Giraglia. Winds often change direction here. The breeze from east-southeast stops there and that of W-SW returns there. Barcaggio is a peaceful little port at the bottom of a bay.

Port ...
4 May 12
Local Area

Nord Corse - North Corse

N side of Corsica is a narrow peninsula of about twenty miles long that points to the N. This is the kingdom of Aeolus that, for no apparent reason can become hysterical.

The island Giraglia scans the horizon of his powerful light, allowing an easy landing for those who have ...
3 May 12

Cap Corse

Cap Corse (Corsica Capicorsu) is a peninsula located north-east of Corsica. Its inhabitants, the Capcorsins, call it "the island within an island" ("l'Isula inde l'Isula").

Cap Corse is a mountain in the sea which was called by the Romans "the sacral promontory." Its strategic ...
9 May 12

Corse - Corsica

Corsica is a French owned island with a strong sense of identity and pride. Corsica is beautiful, unspoilt and old-fashioned, and with its white sands, mountainous cliffs and transparent water, it is the perfect getaway destination. Although it is strongly influenced by ...
24 Mar 16

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15
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