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Antibes - Port Vauban

Antibes - Port Vauban



Antibes (Port Vauban) is an ancient town standing on a promontory which separates the harbor from the small bay to the S. The harbor has extensive facilities for pleasure craft, yachts, and fishing boats.

Vessels can anchor E or NE of the harbor entrance, but the bottom of fine sand is a poor holding ground and they are advised to anchor in Golfe Juan. Vessels can also anchor, in depths of 10 to 20m, E of the town.

The town is surrounded by fortifications and flanked by two large square towers. Fort Carre surmounts the point on the N side of the harbor and is prominent.

Antibes - Port Vauban
Antibes - Port Vauban
Entré du port avec le feu de musoir et le Fort Carré.
Accès délicat par fort vent d'Est.
Port Vauban is the largest pleasure boat port in Europe! Visit Antibes at any time of year and you will soon realise that Antibes is about yachts, expensive yachts and very expensive yachts.
The Old town is a must to visit with its narrow streets and varied restaurants.
  • Reception: near from BP st.
  • 1700 berths
  • Grande Plaisance Basin: 19 berths (<70 to 150 m)
Antibes - Port Vauban
Antibes - Port Vauban
Janvier 2009 - Antibes Port Vauban
Port bien protégé dans une anse naturelle à proximité de la ville et des remparts. 1er port européen par la capacité à accueillir des navires de plaisance de grandes tailles.
  • Accueil près de la station d'essence.
  • longueur maximum des bateaux : 130m
  • 1700 pl.
  • tel 04 92 91 60 00
  • Fax 04 93 34 74 04
  • Bassin de grande plaisance: 19 pl. (<70 à 150 m)
  • tel 04 93 34 30 30
  • Fax 04 93 34 27 52
Le quai Sud-Est est réservé à la grande plaisance.
Antibes - Port Vauban
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Baie de Cannes

Cannes bay is located between Pointe de l'Aiguille and Cap de la Croisette, 4 miles ENE, from which the islands "Les Îles de Lerins"  extends up to 2 miles. The E side of the gulf is occupied by the town and port of Cannes well known by it's film festival, where the houses form ...
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Golfe Juan

Golfe Juan is entered between Cap de la Croisette and Point de l'Ilette, 3.8 miles ENE. This gulf is sheltered from the SW by Iles de Lerins and from the S by shoals and is one of the best roadsteads along this part of the coast. In the approaches to the gulf, the currents are weak ...
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Anse de la Salis

Mouillage en face de la plage de la Salis et au nord les remparts du vieille Antibes.
1 May 12

Port de la Salis

Small port. Danger: The "Petite Grenille" rock at 350 m on the N of the port. Open to E wind. 220 berths inc. 10 vist. Maximum length: 6 m
17 Jul 11

Cap d'Ail - Cap Martin

Le Cap d'Ail marque la séparation entre les baies de Beaulieu et de Monaco. Les abords étant malsains, il faut s'en écarter assez largement.
Le cap Martin est couvert de pins d'où émerge un sémaphore blanc sur les hauteurs.
1 Dec 07

Phare de la Garoupe

The highest point of the Cap d’Antibes peninsula. It dominates the E shore of  gulf Juan. A light is shown from a square white tower with a red lantern, 24m high, standing on this point.
A signal station and a prominent chapel are situated close NE and close SW, respectively, ...
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Baie de Beaulieu

The Presqu'ile de Saint Hospice , 40m high, forms a peninsula which extends E from the center of the E side of the Cap Ferrat promontory. It is surmounted by a chapel and a conspicuous tower Pointe Saint Hospice, located 1.2 miles NE of the Cap Ferrat Light, is the E extremity of ...
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Anse de la Garoupe

Anchorage can be taken, in depths of 18 to 20m, sand and weed, good holding ground, within Anse de La Garoupe, which is entered between Cap Gros and Pointe Bacon, 1 mile N.
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Port du Crouton

Situé au sud du port Gallice, à l'w du cap d'Antibes. Un épi en Y protège l'ancien petit abri de pêcheurs du Crouton dont l'accés est indépendant.
Mouillage possible au sud du port.
Protégé du Mistral.
Le restaurant de la Maison du Pêcheur sur le terre-plein qui ...
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Port Gallice

Port on the West side of the cap d'Antibes . The port entrance is marked by two lights (red-green). Facing S-S-W, its entrance opens to N-N-W assuring totally calm waters within the port which is completely protected from all winds. 524 berths incl. 50visit. Lenght maxi. 45 m

17 Jul 11

Anse de l'Argent Faux

Safe anchoring place from Mistral except with E wind. Cove widely open to the sea and subject to the swell. This beautifull cove is frequented by many yachtmen and Eden Roc residents.

Anchoring forbidden for ships over 20m long.

27 Jul 19

Mouillage de l'Olivette

Au Nord de l'abri de l'Olivette se trouve une bonne zone de mouillage bien protégé du vent d'Est.Attention aux 2 fermes aquacoles surtout lors d'une approche de nuit.
13 Jul 19
Local Area

Baie des Anges

"La Baie des Anges" = The Bay of Angels is a Mediterranean bay that stretches from the city of Nice, with the Promenade des Anglais  at Cap d'Antibes. Nice-Cote d’Azur Airport in the middle is situated close E of the Var river mouth and is conspicuous at night because of its ...
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Hyères - Menton

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Côte d'Azur - French Riviera

The French Riviera (French: Côte d'Azur, Occitan: Còsta Azzura) is part of France's southeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, reaching from Cassis to Menton, at the border with Italy.
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Méditerranée - Mediterranean

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Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
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