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Anchorage E Hauwandu

Anchorage E Hauwandu



There is a good anchorage E of the reef between Hauwandu and Umbala, in the SW part of the lagoon, in 33 to 37m.
This is probably the best anchorage during the Southwest Monsoon, but a heavy swell might reach it through Southwestern Entrance.
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Sites around Anchorage E Hauwandu
Flying distances - Direct line

Kelai (N Tiladummati)

Kelai, at the NE extremity of the atoll, was inhabited in 1970. Good radar returns have been reported from Kelai at 14 miles. The islet of Tinadu lies about 3 miles WSW of Kelai.
25 Oct 11

Maduni Faro (N Tiladummati)

Maduni Faro, a lagoon reef, forms the NW extremity of the atoll.
The islets of Marandu, Tukandu, and Miledu, the first two inhabited in 1970, lie, respectively, on the barrier reef between the N end of Maduni Faro and the islet of Gafuri, about 5 miles ESE. Gafuri ...
25 Oct 11

Digufuri reef (Ihavandiffulu)

Digufuri Reef (Digfurhi Reef), at the S end of Ihavandiffulu Atoll, has an islet at its E end; a small sandbank, with palms on it, lies about 0.8 mile ENE of the islet.
21 Oct 11

Warifuri Faro (N Tiladummati)

Warifuri Faro is a large lagoon with the islet of Warifuri at its S end. A lighted beacon lies on the N side of Warifuri Faro. The islets of Dedu and Warifuri are inhabited; the islet of Noradu lies between the latter two islets.
25 Oct 11

Ihavandhoo (Ihavandiffulu)

Ihavandu, one of the few islands within the lagoon, lies close N of Digufuri Reef and about 3 miles W of Gallandu.
The island is densely populated, and there is a landing on the S side.
21 Oct 11

Mulladu (Ihavandiffulu)

Muladu, about 5 miles SE of Ulegama, has a small village on its W side. There is a boat passage, abreast the village, through the otherwise unbroken reef surrounding the island.Between Muladu and Ulegama lie three small thickly-wooded uninhabited islets known from NW ...
20 Oct 11

Uligamu (Ihavandiffulu)

Ulegama, about 1.3 miles SE of Turakuna, is low, level, and thickly wooded. The village lies near the center of the island, surrounded by coconut palms and breadfruit trees. 
A narrow reef fringes the seaward side of the island; a beacon lies on this reef ...
21 Oct 11

Gallandu (Ihavandiffulu)

The islet of Gallandu (or Gallandhoo) lies about 3.5 miles SSW of Muladu.Sunken reefs lie about 1 and 2 miles, respectively, N of Gallandu.
21 Oct 11

W Uleguma anchorage

It's the best anchorage, in 28 to 37m, sand and coral, lies W of Ulegama.
24 Oct 11

Turakuna (Ihavandiffulu)

Turakuna the N island of Ihavandiffulu Atoll, was inhabited in 1970 with a small village on its N side.
On its S side, landing can be effected through a gap in the encircling reef.Good radar returns have been reported from Turakuna at 15 miles.
21 Oct 11

W Muladu anchorage

Good anchorage during the Northeast Monsoon may be obtained, in 46 to 55m, W of Muladu and Gumati in the E part of the lagoon.
24 Oct 11

Filadu (N Tiladummati)

The island of Filadu has an opening between it and Kelai, 1.5 miles N, and between it and Baura, 3 miles SSW, but the latter is encumbered by several rocky patches in the fairway.
26 Oct 11
Local Area

Barrier reef of Ihavandiffulu atoll

Hauwandu, about 0.8 mile W of Ihavandu, lies at the SE end of a section of the barrier reef which extends about 9 miles NW, then 3 miles NE; of the eight islands and islets on this stretch of reef, Umbala and Hatefuri were inhabited in 1970.
Umbala, with a large ...
22 Oct 11

Haa-Alifu ou Ihavandiffulu Atoll

Ihavandiffulu Atoll is the N atoll of the Maldive islands.It is divided into two administrative areas: Alifu Alifu N and S.
The Ari atoll, one of the largest in the Maldives with its 80km long and 30km wide, is divided into two administrative areas: Alifu Alifu N and S.
Ari ...
3 Nov 11


The Republic of Maldives is a SW Asian country. The population of the Islamic Republic is about 300 000 inhabitants. The capital is Male. The language "Devehi" comes in part from an ancient form of Sri Lancans mixed with Hindi, Arabic and English. English is the ...
16 Nov 11

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12
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