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The beach Each of Achill Beg
Christophe Mouze
Summer 2008
Marks the South entrance of Achill sound. The fishing harbour at Cloghmore (at the very south tip of Achill) offers good shelter in all weather, but the bar East of Achill beg may break especially on the ebb. In bad westerly weather with swell the south entrance of Achill sound is safe only at the end of the flood. The area South of Achill beg can also get quite rough with a Westerly swell running against the tide, although it is still better than on the South side of Clare Island if you must get into Clew bay in a Westerly gale. In reasonable weather with no swell, Cloghmore can be entered at all time as it it is well lit (leading lights) and there's enough water over the bar for a yacht, even at LWS.
Tide in the channel between Achill and Corraun turns about 1 hour after HW in Westport and runs at over 4 knots.
There's a lovely anchorage off the beach East of Achill beg.
The Achill beg light also signals the North entrance to Clew bay, where the small drying harbours of Westport and Newport offer opportunities for shopping. There are a number of excellent anchorages in the bay.
The southern entrance to Clew bay, South of Clare Island, is not well lit, and shouldn't be attempted at night unless one is sure of their position.
Le phare marque l'entree sud de l'etroit passage entre l'ile d'Achill et Curraun. Le petit port de peche de Cloghmore (a l'extreme sud d'Achill) offre un abri sur par tous les temps, mais la barre a l'est d'Achill beg brise par grosse houle au jusant, et l'entree dans ces conditions n'est possible qu'a la fin du flot.
La renverse entre Achill et Corraun se produit environ une heure apres le pleine mer a  Westport, et les courants atteignent 4 noeuds
Il y a un mouillage tres sympa en face de la plage a l'est d'Achill beg (voir photo).
Le phare d'Achil beg marque aussi l'entree nord de la Clew bay, au fond de laquelle les ports d'echouage de Newport et Westport permettent de faire des  courses (et du tourisme). Il y a egalement de nombreux mouillages bien abrites et tres pittoresques dans la baie.
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Clare Island

Clare Island is an  island guarding the entrance to Clew Bay. The permanent population is around 120 people and the island has a shop with a post office, two bars, a restaurant, a few BnBs, a primary school and a daily ferry service to Roonagh quay.
The island is the highest ...
2 Jan 17

Clare Island harbour

The harbour on Clare Island offers good shelter from all wind with West in them, but is completely open to Easterlies.
Do not come alongside the new (outer) pier, which is used by ferries. It is possible to dry out alongside the inner pier, or indeed anywhere in the inner harbour, ...
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Marks the entrance to Rosmoney pier (where the Mayo Sailing club now has a floating pontoon) and the main entrance to  Westport harbour. Good anchorage E of Inishlyre, where it is also possible to come alongside. It is also possible to anchor in the small bay East of Collanmore ...
2 Jan 17


White tower on dwelling. Character:Fl (2) WR 7.5s
19 Aug 07


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1 Jan 17

Eagle Island

On the 11th March 1861 at midday, the lighthouse tower was struck by the sea,l smashing 23 panes, washing some of the lamps down the stairs, and damaging the reflectors with broken glass beyond repair. So much water cascaded down the tower that it was impossible for the keepers ...
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White tower. Character:Fl WR 12s
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Slyne Head

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White towertwo black bands. Character:Fl 15s
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Cashla Bay Dir. Ligh

La baie est tres bien protegee, et accessible de jour comme de nuit par tous les temps. Par mauvais temps, Cashla bay est l'un des abris les plus surs entre l'embouchure de la Shannon et Clew bay.
Rossaveal est un port de peche et un des ports utilises par les ferries pour les ...
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Straw Island

Marque l'entree de Kileany bay, le seul abri sur des iles d'Aran.
Kilronan, a l'Ouest de la baie, est le port des ferries, et le petit port d'echouage de Killearny, 1 km au Sud (a cote de l'aeroport), est beaucoup plus sympatique, mais n'est accessible que deux heures de part ...
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19 Aug 07
Local Area


La cote Ouest de l'Irlande, entre Mizen head (la pointe sud) et Erris Head, offre un des plus beau bassin de croisiere d'Europe, Les courants de maree y sont relativement faibles, la brume rare, et de nombreux ports naturels (a defaut de ports de plaisance equipes!) offrent un nombre ...
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NE Atlantic Ocean

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The Atlantic Ocean has irregular coasts indented by numerous ...
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Clare Island

Clare Island is an  island guarding the entrance to Clew Bay. The permanent population is around 120 people and the island has a shop with a post office, two bars, a restaurant, a few BnBs, a primary school and a daily ferry service to Roonagh quay.
The island is the highest ...
2 Jan 17
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