West coast of India

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West coast of India
West coast of India
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20 Mar 2012 13:20
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West coast of India - 20/03/2012
Flag_En Between Diu Head (from N) and Cape Rama (to S), there is the gulf of Cambay and the largest sea-port on the W coast of India, the port of Mumbai (Bombay), the largest seaport on the W coast of India.
An extensive offshore area is being developed for oil production.
Numerous oil derricks, oil production platforms, single point moorings, etc., obstruct navigation within the area. Other unlit objects, pipelines, submerged obstructions, and well heads, sometimes marked by buoys, exist in this area; these features are not all charted due to their compelxity and frequent change.

Recommended routes have been established by Indian authorities to aid traffic transiting the area, as well as vessels bound to or from the port of Mumbai (Bombay).
The Indian government requests that vessels remain 1 to 2 miles to starboard of the tracklines shown on the chart, consistent with safe navigation, and the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

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West coast of India
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West coast of India

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West coast of India