Pulau Simeulue (W Sumatra)

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Pulau Simeulue (W Sumatra)
Pulau Simeulue (W Sumatra)
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04 Feb 2012 18:18
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Flag_En Pulau Simeulue, the northernmost of the large islands off 150 km of the W coast of Sumatera, lies about 65 miles from the coast.
It is hilly with Sibau, the highest peak being 625m high.
The coasts are mostly rocky, and there are many off-lying islands, islets, and reefs.
The reefs close to and between the several coral islets are steep-to and, except those near Pulau Sioemat, on the NE side of the island, show up distinctly.

The depths around the island vary greatly, so the soundings give little warning of the approach of land; a good lookout from aloft is advisable. Earthquakes and seismic sea waves occasionally occur, but minor shocks are frequent.

Surfers will find excellent reef breaks at various locations around the island.

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Pulau Simeulue (W Sumatra)
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Pulau Simeulue (W Sumatra)

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Pulau Simeulue (W Sumatra)